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  1. Thanks for the replies. Re the bed make up there is actually nothing in the manual to tell you how to lower the bed! Re the mod to be able to pull table out a bit, i may still try to do it as would only be temporary arrangement when whole family are around the table. Re the outside sounds, my last van was a coachman and soundproofing was way better but it is maybe because the elddis has lots more rooflights etc all with their fixed ventilation and probably just something we have to live with. Ta Lee
  2. Hi All Finally getting round to going out for our first time in the Elddis 840. I have two queries and would appreciate others views. Firstly the table at the side dinette. How do you lower it to make up the bed? There is a lever at the side but when pulled it doesnt work. I dont know if it is just stiff or if it is something else for the table. Secondly i have noticed that even when all the windows and roof lights are closed, there seems to be a noticable penetration of noise from outside the van. So much so that it sounds as if the rooflight is open. Anyone else notice this. Lastly, again about the side dinette, the wall seat ks quite tight for an adult. I was thinking of modding the table so that it can slide forward slightly to be able to easily accommodate an adult at this seat. Anyone any ideas if this can be done?? TIA Lee
  3. Lee E


    Sounds like the seals have failed so check the walls too. But elddis vans of that era do tend to allow rain to run down and under the back even when the seals are fine to cause damp issues. Why would you need the bed removed? Surely just cut out the offending part and fix the new part into place?
  4. Had one of these caravans and both these issues happened to me after about 6 years. If he has repaired it properly then i would not worry.
  5. Hop over to ireland. The whole place is one big walk lol.
  6. I agree with you, the blown air on the ultraheat is wick. On my last van i lagged the ducting as you have done but also reworked the ducting with very good effect. Also you can change the flow forward to back depending ln your needs. For example in my van the bathroom was like a furnace and the front lukewarm. I firstly closed the bathroom vent which helped the bathroom but not much at the front. So i looked under the lockers and found that the ducting went straight to the bathroom, with the front T'd off from that. I switched this round so that the air to the front did not have to do a right angle and hey presto an acceptable heating (still not as good as the truma combi/whale heating though)
  7. Just dont do it. The high pressure will get into the caravan at best and do structural damage at worst. Bucket of soapy water and then rinse is the way to go
  8. I live in NI and tour all over the island. Do you want to go all south or a bit of both? If you want to do both, head north from larne and you can stay a night or two in carnfunnock caravan country park. Keep meandering around the coast over the coming days and you will eventually end up in the the south (but more north than NI - very confusing but it is ireland lol), in county donegal. Scenery is lovely up there. Keep working down the coast and you will eventually come to sligo. Strand hill is good to stay at in sligo. That will take a couple of weeks of energetic toruing. If you want to go south only. Stay a night in the north after getting off the ferry and then head down the motorway and A1 to dublin. Kerry in the west coast is the nicest county in ireland imho but it will take 6-8 hours of towing from belfast. There is lots of good sites in killarney but my favorite is woodlands in tralee. It is great family site but quiet, walking distance to town, shops and pubs and within easy drive of the ring of kerry, dingle and loads of superb beaches. Best beach that way is Inch beach. The goes waaayy out but if you time it right on a warm sunny day, the tide comes right up to the dunes, all the while being warmed by the hot sand. The result is the sea being REALLY warm. Much warmer than a swimming pool. Or go right down to cork. Loads to do there and blarney caravan site is really good too. Hope that helps. If you have an idea of your route post it up and then people will be able to give you better advice on sites to stay at.
  9. We used to tow at a near 100% ratio and it was very twitchy. Having said that i kept it for 2 years. My van did not have atc fitted then. The stabiser is designed to prevent a snake and the atc is designed to stop one that has started so you are very safe and all legal - you might just need to tow a bit slower than usual, like i had to.
  10. Agree with most of what was said above. Panels dont usually fail. If they fail then not usually the panel per se but wires or connectors.
  11. If there is no damp issues then marine ply is fine. Normal road spray etc will not affect it. Hlwever if there is constant damp, either from a cracked or leaking panel/rail then it will rot. My last Elddis had a design fault whereby it got damp and rot to the corner floor from rain seeping down tbe rear panel and getting underneath. The issue there was poor design. Even here though it took 5 years for the rot to take hold. Elddis vans now have a grp cover underneath to negate this problem.
  12. I would echo above what is said. Showering in a caravan is done differently. Set temp, wet your body. Turn of tap, soap up, turn on shower and rinse off soap. Done Doing it this way will allow 2-3 showers on one hot water tank. Hope this helps. Lee
  13. Welcome back to the fold
  14. For my two pence worth - good battery, 100W panel and watch TV via wifi or mifi on a laptop or tablet computer and you could easily last for weeks in summer.
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