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  1. there is a saying in my neck of the wood. .. "each til 'er ain, grumpies" lol
  2. resurrecting this a bit but to add my thoughts - i just carry a food grade hose which connect to the tap and the other end goes into the top of the aquaroll. It just means toppng it up every morning.
  3. just to throw my pennys worth into the mix, i would not have a problem buyng it so long as the seller got a service and i got a damp check prior to purchase. IMHO based upon my dealings with dealers, the warranty isnt worth anything past the first year. DEalers and manufacturers both try to get out of warranty claims. Better to find a good independent person to service and fix the van.
  4. I would say it is not on but could it have been that they were new to vanning and didnt know what to do. I must admit i have never seen this happen in any site - north or south of ireland
  5. H Merchant of Doom and welcome to this site. I had a quick look of your kerbweight on google and it was 1460Kg so 85% would be around the 1240kg mark. This would make the weight a tad low to get a recent caravan with fixed bunks. To get these lower weights you would need to look at old caravans (they tend to be lighter the older they are). My first caravan was a 1990 and it was a five berth (though I don't know how 5 could have lived in it!) If you can get a heavier towcar then I would recommend you get one with triple fixed bunks at the back and with a dinette the other side of the bunks. This would allow you and wifey to have the front of the van whilst the kids could have the back - great in bad weather.
  6. just to say that we have a 2014 580 vision and love it. I think that the quality is much better than the rivals and indeed it made us choose one over the bailey Pegasus we were looking at. Quality in them all could still be improved though as a lot could be solved with proper pdi.
  7. we have a kampa air 390. Bought it new this year but a 2015 model. Havent had any problems with it deflating as some people have stated above but it is definitely not as good to pitch as a conventional awning. We pitched up on a slight slope two weeks ago and the outer air beams bent to accommodate the slope. Awning felt sturdy enough but didn't really look well put up. With a conventional awning you can adjust the length of the poles to ensure a correct fit - this simply isn't possible with an air awning They are sturdy in winds but then again I had my previous conventional awning up in all sorts of weathers with no problems. I will be keeping this one and don't have many problems with it but wont get another when it is time to change.
  8. I got it online. Apparently any red/green led will work on it. Maplins would do it for you i would be sure of it
  9. ust an up-date to this post. I bought a red green led and my local caravan dealer gave me some het shrink for free. Repair done really easily and working now for the grand total of 70p! The price for replacement was between 25-50 quid. Only problem is i wired the led wrong so now green means red and red means green - still i know what it means!
  10. Thanks for the replies. Many thanks lee
  11. Hi All I hope someone might know this! My ATC LED has stopped working. The unit itself still works, it is just the LED light that has blown due to water ingress. It is a known problem with the ATC indicator light. I have priced the replacement part and it varies between £27-50 to replace it!!!!! I have dismantled the connector/led and it is only a two pin bicolour led. So for a couple of quid for heat shrink and a new led it is an easy fix. However my problem is that I don't know nor can I find on the Internet the specs for the led. Working voltages etc are hard to find and there is nothing on the led or its connecting lead. Does anybody know the spec for the led? Thanks in advance Lee
  12. Oh dear you have my sympathies. I have got a vision 580/5 and this has always worried me with long single axles. Years ago it would have been built on a double axle. I have noticed a small crack on my battery locker box. Don't know that could have happened and don't think that there is any stress cracks to the label but I keep an eye on it.
  13. Welcome to the forum. Loads and loads of info on here. Bit of advice I would give if this is your first van - go slow and mull everything over before making the plunge. Also I tend to go for vans that are a bit larger than needed - helps when friend and cousins want to go away too Lee
  14. Thanks for all the replies. I have tried the Irish caravan sites book but it does not tell you which are serviced and which are not. I am from the north of the island and know there are many sites that are serviced but finding out about the ones down south is proving difficult. BTW I am not disabled but just would prefer not doing the water run every day for our main holiday this year. Thanks Lee
  15. Hi All We are thinking off touring ROI this summer. Anyone know off any sites in Kerry or Galway that are fully serviced? I have stayed at woodlands in tralee befforewhich was lovely but want to try other sites. However I don't want to constantly fetch or empty water! Any ideas? Ta. Lee
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