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  1. I would just like to let the members knoiw that today after 16 years I am leaving The Explorer Group to go to pastures new. I hope I have been helpful to members during my time on Caravan Talk. If members have any issues plase pm elddis customer care who are memebrs on caravan talk Regards David Whitehead
  2. The Waltons I can confirm that the law has changed and the Maxiumum width of caravan that can be towed behind a mormal Motor Car is now 2. 55m to bring the UK in line with the rest of Europe. They have however not changed the maximium length which remains at 7m (body length) exculding draw bar David
  3. Today marks 50 years since Elddis was formed as a Manufacturing Company May we take this opportunity to thank all our Customers who have owned an Elddis Caravan over these years. We hope you have very fond memories of using your Elddis Caravan. As a Company we continue to strive to improve all aspects of our caravans and are Customer Service. Again thank you for buying our product and we hope to continue to produce caravans that our customers can be proud off and to enable them to enjoy the freedom of caravans for years to come.
  4. Just to clarify the self leveling and underfloor heating are on the Buccaneer Ranges only
  5. NellyVan If you quote Elddis part number 06WIN0006 which is for the whole window (size 1000mm by 600mm) then the Retailer should be able to order the necessary part. David
  6. As a Company we do take your concerns very seriously, however it is not our policy to enter into open dialogue with Customers about their individual circumstances. Should you have any concerns or enquiries relating to your caravan we would ask that you contact your supplying retailer who will assist. In order for us to be able to assist fully and to totally understand your specific and individual requirements we will work in conjunction with your supplying Retailer in order to reach a full resolution. Assuring you of our best attention at all times. On behalf of our Customer Care Team
  7. Model HURRICANE EX2000 Number of Berths 2 Body Length 4752mm Shipping Length 6237mm Overall Width 2184mm Overall Height 2755mm Maximum Headroom 1953mm Interior Width 2032mm Wheel Rim 5 J 13 Tyre Size 175x13 (94N) Tyre Pressure PSI 50 Brake Size 200 / 50 Hitch Ball Height Fully Laden 427mm Awning Sizes Ground to Ground - Bed Sizes Option 1 1xSingle 1862x673mm 1xSingle 1805x673mm Bed Sizes Option 2 1xDouble 1980x1420mm M. T. P. L. M. kgs 1250 Mass inRunning Order kgs 963 Essential Habitaion Equipment kgs 74 Maximum User Payload kgs 258 Maximum Hitch Weight kgs 75 Hope this is useful
  8. Markdj I can confirm the following for a 2012 Supercyclone Max axle load is 950kgs per axle Max nose load is 150kgs Regards David
  9. Scotta1955 The standard Plated MTPLM of the 2014 Crusader Mistral is 1637kgs which can be uprated to a maximum of 1800kgs at the request of the customer. Therefore the standard product would be delivered with a plate stating an MTPLM of 1637kgs. Hope this is useful Regards David
  10. Markt1891 Mark if you could PM me with your caravan details serial number which retailer it is at I will look into it for you. Regards David
  11. Hi barlyn Answers to your questions. 1. The front windows are form a different supplier to the side windows are at present are not available with the locking system It is something we can consider for future product. 2. There were issues with some of the 1st Avtec aerials with fitted but these have now been resolved. The testing of the aerial we have done has shown it to be a 13% improvement of tv reception. 3. The Water tank is not fitted as standard purely due to weight considerations as fitting the water tank increases the MTPLM by 50 kgs. If your towing vehicle can tow the extra weight then it is possible to have the water tank fitted. 4. This is now an option and was a free show offer at the Factory weekend 5. The overhead locker handles are chosen for their looks and functionality. The issue that you raise of being harder to operate for left handed persons I will bring to the attention of the Development team so that they take it into account for future choices of handles. Regards David
  12. Millerhouse12 I have noted your concerns at the actual noseweight for the Affinity 550 and that we do no normally publish the unladen nose weight the reasons for this are outlined below. With the increase in the rear fixed bed layouts (Elddis designation 550) the potential for a high unladen nose weight has increased. These types of layout by their design have a higher nose weights than other layouts. This is due to the light back end with contains only the rear fixed bed and 2 small wardrobes. All the heavy items such as the Kitchen equipment, space and water heaters and toilet and shower room are either over or in front of the axle. In order to achieve a usable nose weight it is necessary to carefully load the caravan to ensure the nose weight remains below the Coupling head maximum of 100kgs. These layouts have a large storage area under the fixed bed which should be utilised to counter balance the items fitted and loaded in front of the axle. For example the placing of an awning under the fixed bed can reduce the nose weight by up to 30kgs. The unladen nose weight can be misleading as the laden nose weight can be altered dramatically by the way the Customers loads the caravan. Customers need to be made aware that the loading of their 550 caravan is critical and that the Industry and Caravan Club recommend an actual laden nose weight of 7% of the actual laden weight. This in most cases would be higher than the maximum nose weight of the coupling and the towing car, therefore the nose weight should be as high as possible without exceeding the Coupling or Towing car maximum nose weight whichever is the lower. At Elddis we look at all aspects of the caravan weight and the nose weight is one area where we have taken several steps to try to reduce the unladen nose weight, however the more popular layouts with our customers do lead to higher nose weight as explained above. Regards David
  13. Hi BFM I can confirm that the mattress of the transverse bed on the Rallye 644 is 6f by 4'5" Regards David
  14. Hi TheTravellingRooster We are not changing the Elddis chassis from BPW to Alko we have introduced a new range of Caravan Compass on the Alko chassis. Both chassis systems are tried and tested and have been in the industry for many years. However with our Solid construction the caravan body is also bonded to the chassis and therefore this gives better reliance to this type of issue.
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