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  1. i'm diabetic. so public conveniences are a must for days out
  2. Can anyone recommend a sat nav app for iPhone the is good for caravans ?
  3. I am on a 3500kg licence for medical reasons I am only 48. It refers to the towcar, not the train weight
  4. Just bought a Volvo XC90 Does anyone use a tailgate mounted bike carrier while towing a caravan ?
  5. It is nice site, and Chester is a nice pace for a visit.
  7. I havent used a standalone sat nav for some time now. I use my iPhone. Does the job well enough, have a couply of map apps and they are free.
  8. I have driven and towed with one. A very capable car, a bit noisy under load though.
  9. DFDS used to do a CC special Car and Caravan one way on a Sunday for £40. That seems to be a fond memory
  10. I want one ! My ladyfriend likes the Surveyor. ............ My Lunar will do. It is bought paid for and mine. And besides. .............. IT DISCOURGES HER FROM INVITING HER NUMEROUS GRANDCHILDREN :lol:
  11. Probably cheaper than the depeciation over two years? Anyway i am too mean and tight fisted. I am sticking with my 12 year old Jeep a bit longer if I can
  12. I would love a Touareg. But more likely my pockets will stretch to an L200 on contract hire
  13. My beloved Ruth bought me a days photo experience for my birthday. Stayed at the CC site. Loved it. My ticket was all inclusive. Personally, even if I paid for it I would consider it good value.
  14. I have seen a few. Personally I like them, but. .............. I'm skint
  15. Portsmoth to St Malo is pricey, but compared to the Dover routes it is a no brainer. Saves lots of driving, gives you more time on holiday
  16. I haven't been with the van, but I have been on a weeks holiday. . I can only say that I had a great time and would go again. Nice food, great people. Security was ok, but if the FCO advise against going, I wouldn't. I recentley went to Jordan, never felt safer !
  17. Not sur what ferry offers are available now, but we did the Dover Dunkirk route. it was very cheap going and returning on a Sunday.
  18. I would do the towing test. It would give you a bit more scope.
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