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  1. I have used the Caravan Club before, but I have also booked independently. I used clubcard vouchers in the past to fund both ferry and eurotunnel crossings
  2. M, I now accept that my holiday needs to be longer than originally planned. However I am not planning on going peak season. I paid 70 EUR a night for a pitch back in 2009, in the Loire valley. I have done 4 different crossings to France and the tunnel is by far the quickest. I would however book the cheapest and plan around that. I know some caravanners are happy to overnight on the motorway aires, personally I wouldn't. I am now looking at taking the trip over 21 days, and as my good lady is starting a new job, that has to be taken in to consideration too. Thank you for your input Ian
  3. Never ventured further south than Orleans before. Being realistic, how long should I plan for when driving to the Cote D'Azur ? Not bothered about paying tolls etc. I would like to spend 10 days at my destination, but not sure how much travelling time I need either way. Based in Manchester so I would most likely do the journey from home to Dover and get the ferry or Eurotunnel and spend first night in France before carrying on. Any input would be much appreciated . Ian
  4. Not taken the caravan abroad now for 8 years, and I do fancy a venture to France. Whats the best way to book ? Direct with site, or is there any advantage to using the Caravan Club ?
  5. Its been a while since I posted, but I can't wait to get away. Got a trip booked for May and a week in July. Really missing my home on wheels. This ruddy pandemic has really thrown a spanner in the works.
  6. i'm diabetic. so public conveniences are a must for days out
  7. Can anyone recommend a sat nav app for iPhone the is good for caravans ?
  8. I am on a 3500kg licence for medical reasons I am only 48. It refers to the towcar, not the train weight
  9. Just bought a Volvo XC90 Does anyone use a tailgate mounted bike carrier while towing a caravan ?
  10. It is nice site, and Chester is a nice pace for a visit.
  12. I havent used a standalone sat nav for some time now. I use my iPhone. Does the job well enough, have a couply of map apps and they are free.
  13. I have driven and towed with one. A very capable car, a bit noisy under load though.
  14. DFDS used to do a CC special Car and Caravan one way on a Sunday for £40. That seems to be a fond memory
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