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  1. Hi, I've not got the van at my house, so can't get to it right now. The fridge vents look like a good point to access the tap, though there's a heat sheild built around the top one (to direct out the warm air), and it's right over where the tap is. I've looked at un clipping it, though I'm not sure it can be done from outside. Again as I didn't want to break stuff I held off pulling it about too much. The caravan is an Elddis Typhoon GTX 1998. Regards, A. K.
  2. Thanks for all the advise. The sink is over the fridge. So if I need to get under it to remove clips, I'll also have to work out how to get the fridge out. Not too sure that's an easy job either. The vans now back in storage, I'm looking to get an much advise as possible before fixing or getting it fixed in the next week or two. Any one with further advise please feel free to post more info. Best Regards, A. K.
  3. Before I start breaking stuff, I need some guidance on fitting a new tap to my Elddis Typhoon. The current one is a Whale Elite, and has a crack in the base. To access under it I'll need to get the sink out, or I can get to it from via the outer upper fridge grill (if a heat shield can be removed). The sink is held in by a rubber seal, and the only visable screw is in the plug hole. The heat shield at the back of the fidge seems to get clipped together, though it's not clear if it can be removed from the outside. As the current tap has split I'm keen to look at fitting a metal one instead of the plastic one. So. . How does the sink come out, and or how do the heat grills come out. And are these Whale taps prone to cracks, and are metal ones better? Any help on this would be great. Many thanks.
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