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  1. No Marks we have used them for the last 18 months
  2. Yes have had the same problem on a 520 this year. We have put it down to sun degradation. We will save the all the air beams and take the rest to the tip. We have a 420 so the spares will do for that. Mike
  3. Not changed mine yet, but when they go I will use these SGS ENGINEERING West Side Park Belmore Way Derby DE21 7AZ Replaced the front gas locker struts from them. Mike
  4. For replacing the valves without taking the tyre of the rim l, I have successfully used one of these to do the 4 on my van.I went to the local tyre shop an 4 new valves for £4. Mike
  5. Thanks for the response. I purchased the caravan private. Will look into the covers . Thanks for your time. Mike
  6. Hi all I have a Swift conquerer 645 2013 model and would like to replace all the wheel bolts,they are all rusty on the face .are these the size I require please. WHEEL BOLT M12 V 10.9 CARAVAN Thanks Mike
  7. Would the vango kalari annexe dark grey inner tent fit . I have one that I will be disposing off at the end of October. The only issue is there is a slight tear the at the top where the zip is . You are welcome to it free of charge just pay postage. Mike
  8. Hi

    Hope you don't mind me asking in 2014 you placed a topic about your caravan tyres.i have the Same van and would like to ask what brand did you go for. Mine are due to change 




  9. 183924381184 Try this on the bay this is where I purchased from
  10. I have just purchased these of the bay. I am away and they have arrived at home.sk will try them when we get back . Mike
  11. Thanks for replying. I have used Hancocks on the car before and was pleased. Thanks Mike
  12. Hi My Swift conquerer 645 2013 is due new tyres. The ones on at the moment are 185/70r14 88t Has anyone any recommendations as to what brand please. Thanks
  13. I have this issue. Fridge is not too good on electric but good on gas. Watching the thread with interest. Mike
  14. Would a rear view camera surfice. I have one fitted and i can see very clearly. Mike
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