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  1. I have this caravan sat in my garden. The payload is as stated poor. However due to the layout and what the van is offering for a retired couple it suits our needs. When we collected my car was checked against the caravan for suitability in the database that the dealers use, and I signed to that effect. My car was also checked prior to purchase thanks mike
  2. Could I clarify that using this system would it also empty what’s left in the onboard water tank
  3. Couldn’t see the wood for the trees, two screws I think from underneath thanks mike
  4. First stumbling block , how do you take the tv of the mounting bracket in loung area please Thanks Mike
  5. Swift Conqueror 645 , the Xc is the 200 bhp with polestar upgrade. Although the the van was not loaded it felt okay Mike
  6. Collected the Bermuda today as it was ready for collection earlier due to not going away to the lockdown measure. The handover went well and a couple of small issues where rectified there and then, we received full part x price which was good . So all in all a good experience. I will have a few questions later about the levelling system later on thanks for your time mike
  7. Thanks we have had an L shape before many moons ago . No dogs lost both 18 months ago , it will only be two adults. This is a treat for both of us and as said the first New van in over 40 years so really looking forward to it . thanks for your help appreciated Mike
  8. Thanks for all the info , we could be in luck and collect next week
  9. Thanks for the assistance and advice, not sure why I am apprehensive as I have purchased a few second hand . I think it’s the amount of money that is being spent, looking forward to it . I think the newer models have the underfloor heating thanks for your time Mime
  10. Thanks , good tip about the phone. Total agree with your comments and some items on the van I have not had before. As for the Maiden voyage we are booked to go to Seahouses After collection, but due to the possibility on going into tier 3 this weekend it will not happen. thanks for your input Mike
  11. Just purchased the new Bermuda which we collect on the 18th nov. First new van in 45 years so a bit apprehensive. Any tips on collection day please will be appreciated thanks mike
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