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  1. Thanks for replying. I have used Hancocks on the car before and was pleased. Thanks Mike
  2. Hi My Swift conquerer 645 2013 is due new tyres. The ones on at the moment are 185/70r14 88t Has anyone any recommendations as to what brand please. Thanks
  3. I have this issue. Fridge is not too good on electric but good on gas. Watching the thread with interest. Mike
  4. Would a rear view camera surfice. I have one fitted and i can see very clearly. Mike
  5. That is the repair done at Vango under warrenty. The new tape was placed on top of the old that had come unstuck. So this is the repair i had done on all of the awnings sent back. The work was carried out under warranty, have you the3 year warranty. In the end i gave up and paid Trio Pair to stitch a new Lenght of awning beading on. This has now resolved any issues es. Mike
  6. I have one on my swift. 4.1m and have not had any issues. Mike
  7. I have had this issue that you are having now. The 2017 models where notorious for doing this having had three 520 changed and a 420 changed. The new Kalari have this tape which is now stitched on. Please check when you have had the repair done as Vango can not repair this issue. Mike .. This is the standard of repair from VANGO
  8. This is from a 2013 swift. It shows the strengthening points. Mike
  9. Great service from this company. Have used them twice, struts for the front locker and struts for the roof box. Mike
  10. Why will i push and pull when i have a car that i can use. Lets leave it at that shall we as you seem to no what is a issue thats not there.
  11. if i use the ramps then nothing gets stuck if i am going up the curbn the caravan is reversed in with the movers , if i am on site, i use the car to reverse onto where i am going then use the mover. i have just changed vans and the movers are on the front wheels , no issues when going up the kerb with the ramps. Mike
  12. I use a single mover on a twin and have done for the last 10 years. To get it up the curb into my driveway which is not dropped i use a pair off small caravan ramps. As for when on site, i reverse then use the movers to tweak the caravan into position Mike
  13. Purchased on Amazon 4 weeks ago. Fischer 18092 Dachlift Bicycle Carrier for 2 Bicycles. Mike
  14. Sent Purchased this lift and tilt roof bike rack after struggling to get the bikes on top of the Sorento. Having done 2 trips to Wales its has done great. Mike
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