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  1. Just to confirm I have been informed that the site that we use in North Wales is open on the 11th .
  2. I have used the skates on my twin axle on two wheels only.the surface has to be smooth or you may have issues.it worked for me turning my unit round on its axis on one axle in a cul de sac
  3. I was thinking of replacing the header tank pump to the fitted one on the boiler. The kit from Aldi is expensive. ,are you doing this modification. Thanks Mike
  4. Thanks for the replys. I am aware that the fridge is pants on 12v ,I do as you do David have the fridge on for 24 hrs prior to departure. I will look into the pointers that you have all have said and get back . Thanks for your help . Mike
  5. ThThanks . I have a xc 90 2012 .On volvo owners forum I have just read this . Are you using the Volvo cable harness and trailer module with software upgrade? If not, that might be part of your problem. If you are, it may be that pin 10 (you Talk about wiring both sockets but pin 10 is on the single 13 pin socket) only becomes live once it senses a load on it, such as the fridge. So testing it with a multimeter won’t show any voltage. Thanks Mike
  6. Thanks for the advice will check those suggestions. On the caravan control panel above the door there the habitation panel does this have to be switched to car. Also if you put the awning light on should this go out when you connect up . Thanks for your time so far . Mile
  7. Hi I have a Swift conquerer 645 2013. I am trying to work out what I switch on if anything on the control panel to utilise the 12v system to work the fridge whilst towing. I understand the car had to be running when hooked up . When I put the fridge on 12v it bleeps and flashes red . You help would be appreciated. Thanks Mike
  8. Hi We have the 520 old style on a Bailey Pageant limousine twin axle ,we have now changed to Swift conquerer 645 about the same length. This awning we have had for about 18 months . We have the new 520 which is basically the same as the old one . A couple of issues with the old one ,if its pitched for a length time the curtains can suffer from degradation. Also the awning material can fade. For putting it up we took out the front and side doors this helped with the weight .On our van it did go over the window by the door.hope that helps Mike For the price o would be looking at £800 Glossop caravans are doing deals as this awning is now old stock
  9. As an alternative I have just purchased a Kampa Air 500 sun canopy and sides .very similar to the Fiamma i have. It will have its debut this weekend . The reason I have gone for this No Poles less likelihood of damage to caravan. Mike
  10. I had fitted SLS 2 years ago to my 2012KX3 which I thought had it,it was not fitted. It's a direct replacement with no change to the springs, this I confirmed with a KIA dealers in Swindon. The only downside is the price £900 ish .Try another dealer. Mike
  11. Is the switch on in the main control panel for heating and water.om my conquerer 645 it's a orange button I have to press for both functions. Mike
  12. I have changed from the Alko to 2 nemesis locks,less messing about trying to get the receivers lined up on the second axle . My insurance says 1 hitch and 1 wheel lock .I fit two wheel locks and a hitch it's that quick. See what you insures want. I purchased two second hand ones complete for about £80 each Mike
  13. Is the heating and hot water button on in the main control panel
  14. I would be interested in what size inverter you use . Thanks Mike
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