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  1. Speak to E&p direct, still having this issue even tho the handset has been replaced. Awaiting as above software update.
  2. I have used one of these without any issues for the e bikes, when I had the xc90. I then changed to a custom sport Lwb and fitted the Thule bike rack in the back.
  3. We visited last month and there where no issues, the site is owned by the council. It was new when the Op first stayed. 2 years on and the major of issues are now sorted
  4. It all done , on the way out you now have to go left, to the roundabout where the new Amazon building is and back up to joint the A1
  5. I used the Durham service last week , parked in the Coach bay due to the Hgv being full. Had no issues
  6. You will be on the limit weight wise, if it’s a new Buccaneer. Nose weight I can only get mine down to around 125kg that’s with the battery behind the axle . Check also insurance with the caravan about the caravan weight being less than the car . I swapped out a 2012 xc90 because of the nose weight to a custom van
  7. I have the Bermuda and by moving the battery behind the axle I can just get it to 125 kg . With the poor pay load it difficult to get it down . I changed vehicles to accommodate this this .
  8. To close the sliding doors you have to use a bit of force for them to lock .The sliders themselves are loud . Being one of the whoosh bang brigade I try just to use the front doors
  9. Looks nice , how long did it take you to put up thanks
  10. Having had experience on all those , the xc90 wins hand down for comfort and towing capacity Apart from the fact the nose weight is on 90 kg on the 2012 . Having a high nose weight on the van , couldn’t get it down enough. Kia had a kx3 2012 the most uncomfortable car I have every driven . The custom although not as posh as the volvo suits my needs in towing and storage capacity . Hope that helps I have heard Ford and Vw are going a joint venture
  11. The tourneos is not restricted like the customs are . Albeit they have the extra seats these can be taken out . Had my first decent tow a couple of weeks ago 2000 kg . Was pleasantly surprised at how it towed . The manual gives you the extra towing capacity. As for issues I can not comment yet .
  12. Transit custom sport Dciv manual 185 bhp. Good towing vehicle. Plenty of room in the back for bikes and caravan equipment.
  13. As above I purchased 5 , one for each leg , and the 5th cut in half for the centre Rams .
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