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  1. Having had experience on all those , the xc90 wins hand down for comfort and towing capacity Apart from the fact the nose weight is on 90 kg on the 2012 . Having a high nose weight on the van , couldn’t get it down enough. Kia had a kx3 2012 the most uncomfortable car I have every driven . The custom although not as posh as the volvo suits my needs in towing and storage capacity . Hope that helps I have heard Ford and Vw are going a joint venture
  2. The tourneos is not restricted like the customs are . Albeit they have the extra seats these can be taken out . Had my first decent tow a couple of weeks ago 2000 kg . Was pleasantly surprised at how it towed . The manual gives you the extra towing capacity. As for issues I can not comment yet .
  3. Transit custom sport Dciv manual 185 bhp. Good towing vehicle. Plenty of room in the back for bikes and caravan equipment.
  4. As above I purchased 5 , one for each leg , and the 5th cut in half for the centre Rams .
  5. Have opened the doors still not sufficient. Thanks
  6. Thanks for the reply’s, yes I will keep everyone up to speed . I understand that All caravans have issues, But there comes a point where you think should I have purchased New. However it onwards and upwards as they say . Thanks Mike
  7. Hi Collected a brand new Buccaneer Bermuda last November. Going back to the dealers for Warranty work . front two small windows one catch on each won’t lock out . One window out of alignment. All soft furnishing not fitting correctly, the seat in the corner is 10mm lower than the other seat cushion, nothing lined up. Top cupboard door hinge not secure , screw holes to big , screws will not hold. Bathroom radiator small steel burr protruding on top which caused a cut finger. Heating bed vents fall out . heating in bedroom not adequate. Front grab handle not
  8. I have a Trek powefly FS7 with the Bosch Motor, had an issue with it not working properly in one of the Modes . Had a software update and it is all now good . Just like cars E bikes need updating too
  9. Thanks for the comments Mike
  10. Thanks Mark , for your help and making the transition easy Mike
  11. First tow with the new vehicle yesterday to the dealers for warranty work . Quiet surprised how good it was . Mike
  12. Thanks for the comments. It’s manual. Manual 2800 kg tow capacity Auto. 1800 kg tow capacity. It was fitted at factory with a Ford Tow bar @112 kg nose weight . Will be swapping it out for a detachable Towtrust @125 kg nose weight thanks
  13. Due to the Demand of new Ford Vans the time from order to collection is about 4 months . Purchased a 20 plate dealer demo with a few extras for collection in a couple of weeks . Thanks for all your help Mike
  14. Decided on New , pick one of these up in May same colour
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