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  1. Might be simpler to add an inline NRV, that's what I did when my onboard Whale was leaking back, the no return being part of the pump. Is yours not still under warranty?
  2. I seem to recall reading that longer A frame give a more stable tow. The ones in my storage compounds seem to have a big practical advantage of being able to stand on them to clean the front windows.
  3. In the States they usually have a big "Wrong Way" sign a few yards down the slip road..
  4. As well as a new full sized UK sticker, do you have to cover the GB symbol on the number plates? I have seen small sticker on sale.
  5. Did mine last Wednesday on line, it arrived this morning, Monday. 5 days including the weekend, well done DVLA. It was a 70+ renewal with no medical issues and no need for a photo as they had my passport number. I expected a long delay so ordered it the 90 days in advance that you are allowed, so I now have a licence valid from 2 days ago for almost 3 years 3 months.
  6. 10 amps at main voltage, is 2.3kW. Your pump only takes a tiny fraction of that. You have a different problem.
  7. We always thought our Elddis was a Friday afternoon job, I not realise it could have been Monday though Friday!
  8. Last week I reseal one of out windows and found brake cleaner very good at cleaning the sealant to my surprise, but it does also soften the sealant to an extent- which did actually help me as I was re-sealing.
  9. Guide bracket for the brake rod, come unscrewed (the L part) and rotated 180 down wards?
  10. Problem solved. I had more problems with the Maypole connector. Falling apart at a stop over site, then arriving on site on Mull with the pins trailing on the ground. Probably came off exiting the ferry. I had a replacement connector delivered (not Maypole) and that has worked fine. Just been in the garage to investigate further and found (difficult to explain not being able to show pics) that the end plastic moulding was not properly screwed into the mid moulding properly. It was not possible to screw it in correctly until I released the gland nut from the third inner moulding to allow for it to be screwed together properly. I suspect that it was never assembled correctly in the first place. I now tow with the side lights on rather than the auto setting so that I can see the caravan sidelights in the mirrors.
  11. Coming to a halt towing with a very hot engine and letting the auto stop - stop the engine is not a good idea for the turbo.
  12. Thanks. Shortly off on a long stay caravan holiday in Scotland so will put up with it till after then. However from memory, the two wires disappear into the electrics in different places under a locker and although I am a retired electrical engineer, it is not a physically easy job to do.
  13. I spent five minutes sitting down at the car / van and realised that I must have been twisting the whole of the plug, not just the collar. I took a photo but can not see the insert option? I have inserted into posts before.
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