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  1. Any more comments on the PIN number and if possible to change it?
  2. I know this one and it would disturb the piece on a quiet site. There was one on our loch side camp site last year.
  3. My pin is also very close, I have tried to follow this thread and I have not see a solution. I wonder how common this is? Not at all secure.
  4. We have had a tyrepal system on the van for about 4 years, never had a problem, always accurate on pressure. Last year I changed the batteries in the sensors as a precaution with out any problems, no loss of synchronization info.
  5. Thanks for the Tyre info. I did not know Asda did tyres.
  6. My 5 and a half year old tyres are Maxmiler GT 175 R14 C, 8PR LT, 99/98R. So 175 wide, 14 inch wheels, 8 Ply ? But what is the profile, it does not seem to say? I seem to recall 5 years ago being told is it is not shown, it automatically is?? Looking at replacing them and I need the full spec. if buying on line.
  7. This site seems to be down, and I wonder if they cope with Tyrons?
  8. I have been using Tyrepal for about 4 years with no problems. I recently changed the sensor batteries again with no problems. I have never had to re associate them with the display. I find that they display exactly the same pressure as a accurate digital tyre pressure guage.
  9. Me too, just don't loose your trousers while you are out!
  10. I zip the key fob in a zipped pocket in my trousers when I go out and forget it. Biggest danger is to forget it is there and then put the trousers in the wash ! not done it yet! Both the Fiesta and the Outlander have a back-up key hidden in the key fob and a key slot in the drivers door.
  11. I think the thieves drive the car to a quiet garage equipped with a laptop to make new key fobs. Apparently all available on line. Both our cars a totally keyless and they are great, we make sure the keys are a tin box with a tight fitting lid when in the house and the spare keys are well wrapped in foil. Importantly, all our keys are well hidden in the house and well away from the front door.
  12. My 67 plate Outlander is Euro 6 with no Adblue.
  13. To me it looks like an original design error if you can get a Green OK and the thing is not coupled. Companies have been sued for a lot less.
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