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  1. That would make my meter spin to destruction! And think about the thickness of the charging cable.
  2. When I changed mine on the T31, I first connected my spare caravan battery in parallel then changed the battery. I think the radio is coded by means of the chip in the key fob. A simple job, unlike my wife's Fiesta battery which needs to be programmed into the car, something that now seems common with ECU controlled alternators.
  3. I wish mine would, streak remover and lots of elbow grease required on mine.
  4. I have always disconnected my CTEK when "all the lights come on" Being Corvid bound I have also been doing some measurements and with all the CTEK lights on it is still charging at about 300mA for many hours (overnight+) then it reverts to about 20mA. So I will always leave my CETK on for a long time. Thanks for a reminder, I bought a cheap data logger some years ago, used it once then put it in a draw. must dig it out. Corvid 19 is great for doing the jobs that you have been meaning to do. My spare caravan battery (12 years old) is in the van at the moment probably totally flat and I'm itching to get at it when I'm allowed.
  5. There will be a lot less to vaccinate, they'l all be dead. I wonder if Trump will try his advice out first?
  6. Can you not just look down the hole? that's what we do.
  7. I find my cheap Lidl / Aldi meter gives results very similar to the dealers results
  8. On a similar note, site to caravan hookup cable is also a mine field. A quick look on Amazon and you will see a lot of them are 1.5mm cross sectional area, not the preferred 2.5. Some of the adds simply state such as "Caravan / Camping Hook up Extension Lead Cable with 16 amp Blue Plug and Socket" which in my experience is 1.5 mm area with 16A connectors. Buyer beware.
  9. You infer that previously every thing did work OK, but now doesn't. Has anything changed? (other than it not working), where is the van connected to? Are there other vans on the same supply.
  10. Smart charger such as a CTEC once a fortnight is my routine.
  11. +1 It is noticeable on the engine when you take the torque converter load off when waiting for the lights to change.
  12. It seems that most modern cars get to a lowish battery level after about 3 weeks, some being much worse than others. The trick is to monitor regularly and charge as necessary if you want a reasonable life out of a battery. I bought a clip-on current meter a couple of years ago which I find excellent in checking for battery drain and monitoring my solar panel when off-grid.
  13. Thanks for that, my CTEC get quite warm in its initial phase (3 leds) and could be a problem, I also have to use a mains extension lead so also have a problem with that connector. I do note the reply from "onewheelonmywag"
  14. If the ignition is off, would the battery monitoring system be operating? Edit. Just checked, Outlander (17 Plate) and Fiesta (14 plate) both have a BMS on the negative, The Outlander I charge at the battery posts and the Fiesta at the battery post and the body earth via CTEC easy connect. Both charge normally to fully charged. Both needed a charge after standing 3 weeks, volts quite low. I like the idea of using the 13pin connector on the Outlander, but can not think of a way to ensure the CTEC doesn't get wet if it rains.
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