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  1. Does anyone have experience of the suncamp type of awnings? and if so, what are your opinions?
  2. Hi We have recently just bought a new caravan having lasted approx 6 months of 'never touring again' and selling our old van(nneded a change anyway!) but the new 'van doesn't come with an awning so we are buying one separately. Firstly, we totally use our awning. We have a table set up for the kids eating and we are hoping to put some sort of 'bedroom annex' on to this one and we also use part of it for the dogs cage and the kids bikes so as you can imagine this is almost as important as the caravan! First one is a suncamp. I like the fact that it's easy to put up, the tent insert looks great and airs without leaving 'bits open'. Also, we would be buying this new. I don't like the fact that it doesn't look as much space and dare I say, looks a bit flimsy compared to proper awnings. The second one is a second-hand NR awning. Its huge and will take OH at least 3 beers long to get up with the help of darling son. But it's huge and we know where we are with a proper awning. I guess what I want to know is are the suncamp kind any use or am I going to be advertising mine next week? All advice and suggestions are gratefully recieved.
  3. Hi. This year may be our first year travelling abroad with the caravan. I'm not yet too concerned with any of the details as I wonder how viable the idea actually is you see we have 4 small kids and are travelling from Scotland. I think it is too far as the furthest we have travelled was Bournemouth and that took 12 hours through the night(great weather that holiday though!). I would love to have a sunny holiday abroad and show the kids a bit of the world but what is your advice with regards to ; 1. The actual drive shared between 2 drivers. 2. How many stops/sleepovers(little as poss as I would rather get there and relax) 3. How do you keep everyone occupied during the long drive? If you can think of other things that I haven't, feel free to add your opinion and a great big thanks in advance!! PS Thinking Southern France into Northern Spain in August.
  4. Old whingers with nothing better to do with their time than moan about dogs, children, noise, fun!! Thats what bugs me about caravan sites. You lot are welcome to the CC sites as they are boring anyway but don't book into a Haven then moan about folk having fun. My family caravan because it is a inexpensive holiday for us. It would either be that or we wouldn't get away. But I think not only have most of you forgotten what your family was like when they were younger but you would actually be more suited to renting a farmhouse/cottage miles from civilisation. It would certainly be better for the rest of us who holiday to have a good time and enjoy ourselves. And yes, I am the family that was parked next to you with the loud kids playing with bikes and balls and walking their dog(she is their responsibility after all). And no, I make no apologies, you old whingers!!
  5. Thanks for all your replies. Don't really want to go down the 4x4 route as I really need a car which is economical to drive all year as well as touring. Having a look at the Kia's but they look massive. How do you guys cope on the school run? My OH had problems driving a cit synergie!
  6. Hello folks looking for some advice i,m looking for a new towcar needs to be diesel, at least six seats, at the moment i tow a bailey beechcomber 5 berth but will be looking to buy a 6 berth van possibly 2010 so will need a car with a high tow weight what would you guys recommend was looking at the peugeot 807/citreon c8 but have heard reliability problems with these any advice would be appreciated p. s. at the moment we tow with a renault grand scenic dci
  7. We stayed at the Marton Mere for a week during the summer and the touring pitches are far enough away from the 'action' to be quiet but close enough to walk to the shop. We pitched beside the lake and they have walks for miles which all join up which our dogs would've loved. Clean toilet facilities too so I totally recommend this site and will be back(when we can afford to take the kids to Blackpool again!!)
  8. Just another idea for you. We really needed a 6 berth but the car couldn't have towed that kind of weight so we have a 5 berth Bailey discovery and have a tent insert inside the awning for the older kids. Maybe you could manage with a smaller van and the tent? By the way, it was a dodgy static that got us into caravaning too, best thing we ever did!
  9. What's the point of travelling all that way to sunnier climates to cool yourselves down again .
  10. I live in central Scotland and can't remember the last time I saw a white christmas! There is a deer farm about 10 miles outside Oban though but I think it's more for meat than Santa. ...... I would get a ferry crossing and head into France?
  11. I think with haven you have to know what you are getting. We go to these sites cos they have great facilities for the kids. We explain to the kids that if they want to use the arcade then they will have no spending money left for day trips/souveniers, we have bought the huge tiger cups a few trips ago and keep them in the caravan and fill them with lemonade before going to the disco and same with the sweetie containers, they get their photos taken with the bear/tiger but with our camera not havens so our kids get it all just our way! We make great use of the parks and pools on site and totally avoid any 'extras' and it works fine for us. We have also never been far away from the entertainment site or toilets and seem to be closer than a lot of the statics. We have recently returned from Marton Mere and absolutely loved it and if it weren't for the fact you need a mortgage to visit Blackpool, I'd go back in a heartbeat. Also we stayed for 6 days and it cost £75 for van, awning, 2 adults & 3 kids. Bargain!
  12. I'm not really bothered about time scales of erecting the awning as me and hubby seem to be a good team with this as it normally takes about 30 mins with our old, stiff, ripped one. I have been looking on ebay and their seems to be a lot of second hand awnings for sale. What do you guys think of second hand awnings? I could get a better quality awning for my budget as oposed to a lesser quality brand new. What are you guys thoughts?
  13. Thanks for all the replies! It's really helpful when you have tried and tested and are willing to share your opinions. I think awnings are really expensive but we are going to wait till winter and see if we can get a bargain and we really make use of out awning space what with having 5 people in the caravan and we have the table in the awning too as the kids are not allowed food in the caravan as where you eat is also where you sleep so I don't fancy laying my head where the kids have spilt juice! And as baby number 4 is on the way the older kids will be going into the tent insert you can add to the awning next summer so if you see us remember and park a bit away!!!
  14. We've just returned from a lovely week in Marton Mere, Blackpool and it was fantastic. The only problem is our awning has seen it's last trip! It is starting to rip when going round the rail and is not as waterproof as it should be so we've decided to get a new one as the kids will be goin out into it to sleep next year so I'd love to hear what everyone else uses and what is not recommended. We'd prefer one with a zip on sleeping compartment and I love the ones with the opening windows but any advice welcome.
  15. We just booked Marton Mere outside Blackpool for 6 days in July and we got it for £70 and that's an electric pitch and all the passes included. Two adults and 3 kids, I think that's a bargain but then again they'll get all the rest of my cash off me when I get there!!
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