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  1. I bought a nemory foam topper 2 inch thick x 4 foot wide three years ago and cut it in half to make two 2 foot wide singles. Like Scoobz, it was the second best thing I've ever bought ( the best was the mover!).
  2. I have an old Apache Porch Awning in which the frame upright steel corner poles have pointed plastic feet - these work ok on grass, but if on hard standings with large gravel they can tend to move about. Does anyone know of any alternative to these, perhaps something like a 2" steel nail instead of the plastic?
  3. Hello, Basil - sorry only just seen your message - you're just a baby compared to me ( takes me three months to read my messages!)

  4. should have said hello before now getting older dafter and grumpier

  5. I tried to book a week here in June, but it was fully booked so ended up staying at Moor View private site on the same road. We didn't manage to get a look at Broad Park but the approach road is narrow with passing places (perhaps that's what puts people off) so follow the Caravan Club directions from the A38 and don't try to approach from Modbury. We had a lovely time in this area (mind you, the weather was brilliant!) and there are lots of places to visit, we enjoyed a ride on the South Devon Railway from Buckfastleigh to Totnes and a visit to Dartmouth (parking was a bit of a problem) and
  6. Thank you for your birthday greetings, Ellen. I have only just seen them as I have been out most of the day (lunch on Severn Valley Railway). I didn't realise that you were away in the caravan and when you said last night that your dongle was running out I thought that you were cryptically saying that your blood sugar was getting low, hence the comment about Lucozade. Sorry!

  7. Happy birthday to you,

    Happy birthday to you,

    Happy birthday John,

    From sunny Bearsted CC. ..

    Playing with my dongle LOL

    Ellen x

  8. Hi John. Pleased to be your friend!

  9. I've fitted Grayston Spring Assisters to my Peugeot 405 (the coil spring type) and have noticed no difference when driving solo but I had to fit a drop plate to lower my towball as the caravan was riding nose-up.
  10. I agree - I only went to Scotland once and the midges beat me.
  11. I tried to get in the Southport C. C. site for the Air Show in September, at 11am on the first day of booking in December and it was fully booked and I believe that Rowntree Park is very difficult to get in to. It's ok if you want to go midweek in the off peak season but most of the popular sites are fully booked each weekend in the summer.
  12. I have a Truma SE which is a remote controlled model and it weighs approx 33Kg.
  13. Totally agree - The Truma SE is the best bit of kit that I have ever bought.
  14. Thanks for the advice, Path. I did try telephoning this morning, but couldn't get through. Got through this afternoon though after about twenty minutes wait. The booking I really wanted was at Southport for the Air Show in September but guess what - it was fully booked! 'Nuff said.
  15. I've been trying to log in since 9-00am and it's now 13. 54 and still no success. I'm really fed up with this annual fiasco and I don't think I'll renew my C. C. membership, I'll take my chances with the private sites. At the moment I can't see one advantage of being a member of the Caravan Club.
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