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  1. New owners are Lunar Automotive Ltd which appears to be a new company set up a few days ago.
  2. I hope this works for you but suspect the only way to silence the heating system will be to fit the boiler mounted pump as fitted to recent Lunars.
  3. The maximum level is with hot fluid, if its cold the level should be just above the minimum level. The system will have several bleed points, my Lunar Clubman has four, 3 located next to the radiators and one on the towel rail in the bathroom. On my caravan there is one by each of the front seats and one by the nearside fixed bed. Just follow the pipework and located the radiators and you should find them. The floor mounted pump is set on 5 to push the fluid around quickly and dispel airlocks and is then normally set to position 2. Bleeding just involves unscrewing the bleed valve by hand and re tightening when fluid emerges. You may need a screwdriver for the towel rail vent. The bleed screws will look something like this -
  4. Yes use the key fob to turn it off. Note, it does stay on for a short time after setting or unsetting the alarm.
  5. Is there anyone on here with one of these units who has found a firm locally to carry out the regas service. Cool my Camper suggest it is regassed and checked for leaks every 3 years and offer this service themselves. Trouble is they are in Stamford and I am 200 miles away. They say any F Gas registered aircon engineer should be able to do it but those I have approached local to me are not interested. Can anyone recommend someone in the North West?
  6. Get yourself one of these which will show you the amps being drawn on each circuit. https://cpc.farnell.com/tenma/ten01046/current-tester-automotive-std/dp/IN04874?st=automotive current
  7. Just to finish off this thread, the repair has been done using new elbows with bleed valves. Interestingly, the valves are of a new design and have a short piece of tube coming off the bend into which the bleed valve is inserted and held with a spring clip. My originals had the bleed valves seated on the bend. Anyway, all done and new 5 year fluid installed. Now just need to get Alde to fix the night mode issue but that can wait till Autumn.
  8. Press and hold the set button until it beeps twice
  9. Hi all, my caravan is booked in with an AWS engineer on 17th and I will ask him to change the fluid for the 5 year version. Further investigation shows that I have 2 leaks both from the bodies of the bleed screws. Either I'm unlucky, its a faulty batch or some ham fisted installer has over tightened them when filling the system at the factory. Alde were helpful but could not do this job at their depot until August
  10. Thanks for the advise. I will be calling Alde today as my main Lunar dealer in Preston cannot do the work until August. Totally unacceptable level of service. I shall not be buying from them ever again.
  11. A685 is fine with a caravan. I sometimes use that route to get home to Kendal from Northumberland. It does go through Kirkby Stephen which can get a bit congested but nothing to cause much of a delay.
  12. My Lunar Clubman SE is 14 months old and had its annual service 3 weeks ago. We have just returned from a week away and whilst unloading noticed a cardboard container in the rear under bed locker was wet with blue glycol fluid. I traced the leak to a bleed valve on a rubber hose connecting a radiator to the aluminium tube next to the fixed double bed. Initially I suspected a loose thumb screw on the bleed valve and tightened it up but that has not worked. I have undone the bleed valve to flush out any grit and re-tightened but the seepage continues. I suspect its coming from the body of the valve rather then the outlet and it appears to only occur when the system is cold. I thought I had fixed it yesterday as the area below the valve was dry all day but this morning some kitchen roll I put down is wet with blue glycol. I guess its lost about half a teaspoon of fluid overnight. Has anyone else experienced a problem with a bleed valves. I have looked on Alde's website at the components and notice that this particular design is not listed so am wondering if they have proved to be problematic and replaced with a new design. I must admit I have had this system in previous caravans and never had a leak. My dealers workshop is booked out solid for the next month so no quick solution there and I suspect it will need a full drain down to replace the elbow. Anyone know of a quick fix?
  13. The advanced wiring system could enable all sorts of useful functions such as turning off rear fog and reversing lights whilst towing, enabling stability programs in the ESP, changing gearbox and ECU mapping, keeping "intelligent alternators" running to power the fridge with a decent voltage and properly integrating with the cars electronics for features like bulb failure warning. Yes a properly wired 13 pin socket will run the Alko ATC, fridge etc but you probably wont have the advanced features. Also, bear in mind warranty issues as if your car is still under warranty and you get electrical problems after fitting a third party kit you may have problems getting a dealer to sort it.
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