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  1. If your interested ! http://www. gardenhomegifts. co. uk/ let me know if it works nigel
  2. How about . ..... (drrrrrr drum roll) http://www. youtube. com/watch?v=0u5WjwUg_2A nigel or http://www. ankaka. com/optimax-mini-multimedia-projector-720p-hd-remote-4gb_p46965. html doesnt help with you power issues and amperage, but lovely toys
  3. Hi Togg, Just hacked (unlocked) one of my Tmob E583C and need a few mob bb cards CHEAP, so i can swap to suit coverage. Got a Tmob contract so thats Ok for now. Blo***y nightmare finding the right version og Dc Unlocker and its partner prog but happy now. Any pointers for ready loaded cards ? thanks nigel
  4. Well they have blocked reviews on another site finder that cant be mentioned, would you block good reviews ?
  5. WD40 has many uses http://www. wd40. com/..._2042538679. pdf http://www. wackyuses. com/wd40. html Fabric Softeners http://www. curbly. co. ..er-dryer-sheets http://www. snopes. co. ..hold/bounce. asp Avon SkinSoSoft for midges http://availablepitc. ..on-skin-so. html just a few things that have been posted long ago and with so many new members, thought some of these would be useful for future reference. nigel
  6. http://www. easywater. ..s_Hose_Set. html but not cheap ! http://www. amazon. co. ..s/dp/B0017KTL34 cheaper but not flow through http://www. johnscross. co. uk/products/-Flat-Water-Hose-food-grade-15m-Wind-Up. html food grade if your fussy nigel
  7. Personally i dont find my Ctek 3600 that smart. Well its fine on batteries, but it cant make me a cup of tea and bring me a newspaper in the morning. nigel
  8. Hmmm microwavable Penguin Poo, and i still think itll taste orrible nigel
  9. Most parks that have "Free WiFi" will shout about it on their web site. Its becoming a big draw as owners realise that even on Hols there are those that like to acess the Internet in some fashion. With the recent increase in free film streaming sites, more people are watching progs streamed from iplayer and the likes. There are those however that while away, the Tv is off, no laptops and some no phones. nigel
  10. Going down the A38 past Stover
  11. Oh Horlicks, its only another 20 mile to Twelve Oaks, but thought id fill up 30 min break etc before the A roads and lanes. BUT its a BP which doesnt accept either of ny Fuel Cards.
  12. 4th time round it on google and still missing the turning Wonder how TomTom with lane guidance would cope
  13. Id better have another google at that then
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