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  1. Thanks to all who have replied so far. We prefer quietish sites, though we realise it's a busy area as we have visited the area once before when staying at Estartit one Easter. We know how windy it can get, but we really liked the area around Roses, Cadaques and Cap de Creus, hence our desire to return.
  2. We are starting to plan next years holiday in Spain and have decided on the area around Roses, Costa Brava. We will be going late August and staying until late September, travelling with a 7.4m (shipping length) caravan. Any recommendations for suitable camp sites in the area would be most appreciated.
  3. We're now booked into Rookesbury Park. Thanks to everyone for your help.
  4. We will be arriving back from Spain into Portsmouth ferry port at 8.45 pm in mid August. As our onward journey is to the NW, we would like an overnight campsite close to Portsmouth ferry port that is happy to accept late arrivals. Can anyone please recommend such a campsite?
  5. Before we bought our 12 plate 245PS Touareg, we tested most 4x4s and shortlisted the Touareg, ML350 and Discovery 4. Disco was great to drive with air suspension but not as 'sporty' as the Treg. The ML350 was lovely inside but smaller than both the Treg and Disco. The Disco was a lot more to buy than the Treg and its running costs were more, so we bought the Treg. Never looked back, great to tow with and as a family car, superb.
  6. I ran a 2008 320CDi E Class estate (SLS) for 4/5 years and while it was a great tow car with our Lunar Lexon SE (1400kg) as soon as we changed over to a Lunar Clubman SE (1490kg) the towing characteristics changed completely. As soon as we got near 60 mph the outfit became very twitchy and very susceptible to cross winds, passing high sided vehicles etc. , to such an extent that we were never happy towing with it. We tried everything we could think of, and everything this forum could think of, but it never felt stable at higher speeds. In the end we changed to a Touareg (245 bhp) and it's like there is no 'van on the back - never thought I would actually say that. The Merc OEM tyres were Michelin and they lasted about 20K on the rear and 25K on the front. We managed low 20's when towing and could get 40mph solo. The Touareg has done 30K miles and the still has 4/5mm on it's OEM Continentals, just as well as they cost £250 a corner. The Treg gives low 20s towing (seen high teens on some French autoroutes without excessive speed) and high 30s solo.
  7. While away in the summer I noticed that there was a drip from a plastic pipe underneath the caravan (2010 Lunar Clubman SE). Investigation showed it to be from the domestic hot water connection on the Alde boiler, apparently it has a non-return valve in it that allows air into the boiler when draining. I ordered a new one from Alde, fitted it this morning and it still leaks from exactly the same place! Any ideas anyone? Seems odd that a new one would have the same fault. If it doesn't get sorted by Monday I'll give Alde a ring and see if any there can help. Thanks in anticipation of a fix.
  8. We are towing 1500kg with a 12 plate 245 bhp Altitude Touareg. It has an aftermarket Westphalia towbar fitted but do not have the uprated cooling fan. Last year we took the outfit to Provence and never had a problem with cooling temperatures and we are going back again this year. In the past we have towed in 40C temps without extra cooling fans, though not in the Touareg either a 165 bhp V70 or a 225 bhp E Class estate and neither showed any signs of overheating.
  9. Been using an 12 plate V6 Touareg (245) for over a year now and can say it is a very good tow car. Loads of power/torque for towing and the lack of SLS has not been a problem. Rock steady at motorway speeds, here and in France, but only low 20s when towing 1500kg. Much better than my ex 08 Merc E 320 Cdi estate. Can only assume the equivalent Porsche or Audi would be just as good.
  10. That's the way to do it. thanks to all for your help and advice.
  11. We have a Lunar Clubman (2010) with a mover and a 4 yr old battery which has served us well and hopefully will continue to do so for many more years. We only ever use pitches with EHU so the battery is always being charged by the caravan charger, but AFAIK due to EU (?) rules they cannot charge with a high enough voltage to 'de-sulphate' the battery cells. To offset this, I sometimes remove the battery from the caravan and top it up using a CETEK charger, but this can be a bit of a pain. Can I charge the caravan battery with the CETEK without removing the battery from the caravan and without disconnecting it from the caravan electrics? When towing the battery is being charged from the car's charging circuit, will it be charging at a high enough voltage to 'de-sulphate' plates in this situation?
  12. Replaced a Merc 320 CDi estate with a 12 plate 245bhp Touareg. The Merc twitched too much with the 1500kg on the back, whereas the same van on the Touareg is extremely stable. Excellent in all respects except mpg. Best I've had towing was 23 mpg, solo 41 mpg - driving like a granny apparently! My Altitude does not have air suspension, but the 'van has little affect on it, the outfit remains very level. There is loads of space in the rear of the mk3 Touareg as the rear seats can be slid back and forth like the fronts. I spent a lot of time test driving Touaregs, Merc MLs and Discos before choosing.
  13. I really wanted to replace our E Class with an ML350, but we couldn't find one at the right price, hence the Touareg.
  14. I towed with an 08 plate 320CDi E Class estate, it towed the Lunar Lexon well enough, but when we changed to a Lunar Clubman SE the outfit became more unstable, especially around the 60+ mph mark (autoroutes!!) and as stated earlier, lorries, motorhomes,large vans etc would cause a large 'twitch'. The car was great but towing with it became a chore, and I couldn't get it to tow the Clubman as well as it had towed the Lexon no matter what changes I made. I believe it was due to the large overhang. In the end we changed to a Touareg and all towing problems are a thing of the past.
  15. When we bought our nearly new Touareg, it came with a can of grunge, but I refused to buy it unless they threw in a spare as part of the deal, because if ordered with the car when new they are about £200, if you buy it later it costs nearer£700!!! It turns out it is a collapsible space saver, so you get a flat spare with collapsed walls and an electric pump! What will they think of next and how much will they charge for it???
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