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  1. I retire I two weeks and we were off to Scotland for a month Oh well, its not that I will be waiting for my next holiday slot anymore. Charlie C
  2. We have and Elddis Crusader Mistral. , bought new in 2016. We also tow it with a 17 plate Discovery Sport auto. We did have one issue with the Elddis, which, they didn't seem to be that bothered about, however, i told the deslership exactly what i thought of the shabby service we were getting and hey presto, all sorted quickly. It was Elddis who were dragging their feet, not the dealer. The Disco Sport. Well, i know that the vehicle is one that people love to slag off, but, i chopped in a Touareg for it and couldn't be happier. 20k miles in 11 months and, well nothing really except two front tyres and tows just as well as the Touareg, except it doesn't have the grunt of the VW obviously but still tows with authority, ans does 28 mpg with the van on the back. ( 18-22 mpg with the VW) If there is a fault, the fuel tank is a bit small, but i'm ready for a stop at 250 miles anyway. Charlie C
  3. We are heading out again very soon and have been thinking of Blackpool which is another UK location we have never been to. Our dilema is that the C&MHC site at Blackpool South seems to look like a gravelled car park next to an industrial estate. Are webeing unfair? Has anyone got any opinions on the site please. Many Thanks Charlie
  4. Thats me sunk then. Also have an inflatable awning and a Cadac, so i am waiting to be strung up. However. Currently on a site in North Wales, guess what? Everybody speaks, no-one sneers or moans. The only thing we have been queried with is how the Disco Sport tows. Very well as it happens. Having a lovely time. Charlie C
  5. Oh dear, are we not a fickle lot. We tend to tow at 60+/- a couple of mph on motorways and dual carriageways all the time. Very rarely do we get overtaken by caravan rigs, or motorhomes, or HGV's for that matter, but, we seem to overtake them all the time. I should imagine that we get tutted at all the time, but, i'm not doing anything wrong and am driving well within my limits, though it seems that my SUV registration will be appearing sometime. If somone decides to blast along at 70 mph+ fully loaded, let them get on with it, after all,compared to the antics of thousands of solo driver who's driving habits are somewhat stupid, ( i speak from high work related milage observation ), speeding caravaners are very much in the minority. To the OP. I'm sure you have the best of intentions, but, publicising someones registration on a public forum is a surely very wrong and should be removed, unless you have their permission. Between this thread, and the snobbery thread, i feel very annoyed, do we really need to snipe and moan about each other ???? Charlie C
  6. Thanks everyone. SWMBO fancies Stirling instead for July now and Bunree in September or October when the midge threst has lessened. Unless Stirling is as bad. Charlie C
  7. We have wanted to go to Bunree for years but never got to go for one reason or another. We have 3 weeks in July and are thinking of making the treck. However, we have now been told that July is the height of the midge season. Its two days each way for us and we really don't want to go all the way there to get eaten alive. What is the experience of forum members?? Many Thanks Charlie C
  8. First tow with the Disco today. What can i say. Nothing actually. It just does it. Ok 0 to 100 is a bit slower that the old Touareg, however, its doing 28 mpg, something the VW stuggled with solo. So, happy bunny. Next time out could well be to Bunree, that could take a while. Charlie.
  9. I'm getting 400 ish miles solo, so 340 with the wobble box on the back would be fine by me. Thanks for that. Charlie C
  10. We have had the Disco Sport for three months now. At first i missed the performance of the Touareg, however, the Disco isn't slow and i havegot used to it now. In everyday use, the Disco is streets ahead of the Touareg and i use about 25 quids worth of fuel less a week. The downside is i wish the fuel tank was a bit bigger and i hope it isn't an issue when we are towing. Going to sort out a towbar in the next few weeks. Thats not gonna be cheap. We'll see how it goes. Charlie C
  11. This is what finally reassured me and Mrs C Charlie C
  12. I hope i don't have you. Thank you. Charlie C
  13. Same here, next Wednesday all being . 6 months old, 2,400 miles, service package and ready to tow. Charlie C
  14. Thanks for your thoughts guys. Disco Sport being ordered in the morning. Charlie C
  15. Thanks for that. Been reading some reviews this morning. Found nothing bad all. Charlie C
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