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  1. Hi Trelfa the water problem was the noise emitted from the on board pump in a previous topic I described it as a Lancaster bomber rear gunner, really embarrssing. Tried all suggestions from the forum but still no difference. Bob
  2. Hi peeps. Have narrowed down my search for replacement caravan of which the top runner is a Unicorn cadiz 2 2013, what I would like is as much info as possible on living in it towing and general using it, any bad points what to look for have they sorted the water system out for this model
  3. Well spoke to soon the noise is back but this time it is like I have a brace of rear gunners in there, to say that I am miffed is an understatement and am now at my wits end. Seeking help desperately. Help please.
  4. Good evening all have spent some time working on the van catching up on odd jobs and following advice on here have managed to reduce the noise level to mildly irritating, big Improvement over last month. Many thanks to all who supplied me with advice hints and ideas.
  5. Good afternoon all Wow what a response so many tips/tricks for me to try out, my apologies on my lateness on prying but away at the moment with the wife and the rat pack. But have got plenty to work on when we go home, which could be a while just discove ring what it feels like to be retired and no rush to go home for work. Many thanks for your replies shall update when have tried all suggestions. Regards Bob.
  6. Morning all The age old topic of the internal water pump in my Seville, have had a new pump fitted the noise is still the same it is so embarrassing it sounds like a rear gunner in a Lancaster bomber. I am seriously thinking of changing the system completely to an external pump in the water carrier, what I am looking for has any one taken this action is it viable what is the approx cost. If this cannot be cured I am seriously thinking of changing the van. I have tried all the usual fixes no pipes are kinked have placed extra cushion under the pump. This is seriously doing my head in, help all suggestions will be taken in the manner they are sent. Bob.
  7. Hi Sue we have the 300 version with the air annex and to deflate it all I did was unscrew the inflation point I could not find the familiar deflation valves as per the rest of the awning.
  8. Evening all have checked the setting on the pump and it is set on 2 so I guess I may be acting a bit over sensitive about the fluid in the header tank, will soon know when I take the van out again next week. Many thanks for the help and advice offered here on the forum.
  9. Thanks guys the pump is on the side of the boiler shall check that next but results from the high temp run is the van was like a sauna when I went back in the temp had risen to 26. 5 in just 15 min although the header tank fluid had risen above the max mark just what I would call a rolling boil if I was cooking. Regards Bob
  10. Thanks for your replies and help I have now got the heating working but the fluid in the header tank is still bubbling however not as bad I bled the rad in the bathroom and dislodged some air that calmed the bubbling down considerably. Now I am wondering if I am looking to far is the fluid supposed to bubble in the header tank or not can't say that I have noticed before. Have turned the temp right up to 30 to see if I can purge any more air later but rads are heating up nicely now, so fingers crossed and hope for the best will report back after trying to bleed again. Regards Bob
  11. H me again, this is a follow on from yesterday's post . I finally managed to get a full display on the control panel,so this morning have tried the unit out to see if it works OK. Well switched on and can hear the pump working and also a little extra noise on checking the tank in the wardrobe is bubbling away like crazy as soon as the system is switched on turn it off and the bubbling stops have not tried to run this any further in case of causing damage. Any help welcome just starting to pull out what little hair I have left.
  12. Evening all while reading different posts I found one that mentioned 2 fuses on top of the heater below a black plastic cover this just lips of and the fuses green in colour round glass ones similar to a radio fuse. Well the left hand one had blown so a quick trip to Halford and picked up 2 for less than £1. 50 replaced the blown fuse and bingo the panel lights up with a full display so am a happy little chap now but will still carry some spares just in case. So thanks to everyone for their help and advice.
  13. Hi have checked all fuses visible in the van everything else is working OK fridge microwave and sockets have also made sure the switch for heating and water is lit up and on.
  14. Hi My first post so here goes, we were at Sandringham CCC site last week and had a cold snap at night so put the central heating on there was no difference in heat/temp after 1 hour went to check the panel and heard a bubbling noise from the bathroom when I saw the coolant in the expansion tank was bubbling so switched the heating off and went back to bed with the intention of sorting it out In the morning it was then I noticed the symbol for 240v hookup was missing left it at that as we were returning home that morning. However now the van is on the drive I have connected to the mains and I have no display at all on the control panel, although the volt mater shows 13. 5v and all other items work on the mains lights sockets etc no tripped switches so am at a loss as to what the cause is. Any ideas or suggestions gratefully received.
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