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  1. Thanks for your comment richardandros. We have booked into the CMC this year. It looks the best option
  2. Which site is the prefered one for Christmas and New Year. Camping and Caravan club site or the Caravan and Motorhome site. Are there any activities on at either of them
  3. Thanks Geoff. I have found all the positive cable and only have a connector in the line. Apparently the fuse may be in the PSU
  4. Cant seem to locate this inline fuse
  5. Thanks guys for your replies I will check it out on Thursday
  6. My 2016 Lunar Clubman SB is in temporary storage. I charged the battery up at home and have been to refit it. But I accidently tried to cross over the positive and negative posts. Now I have no power and wondering if there is a fuse blown. There are 2 20amp fuses but is there another inline one somewhere.
  7. Bought a new battery 2 weeks ago and it was showing 12. 5 today it showed 11. 8 is this normal as my van is in temporary storage due to building work. I have removed the front of the radio and not put the alarm on. is this normal and if so will there be enough power to move the van with the motormover
  8. now bought a Numax 105amph. A very tight fit not yet put solar panel on. Thanks everyone for comments.
  9. Can any of you fellow Loony Lunars tell me the dimensions for a new leisure battery for my van. 2016 Lunar Clubman SB. Battery has gone flat while in temporary storage
  10. Have you tried levelling the shower tray when setting up on site?
  11. Where do you choose to get your van level. Have tried several points and still cannot get a truly level van ie water still lies in shower. Is this another Lunar botch up
  12. A stone in a plastic bag and fixed to the end holds it down. Never had a problem
  13. Does anyone know when this site opens and any comments.
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