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  1. What about the winter wheels that have a padlocked cover over the wheel nuts, would that not count as a wheel lock?
  2. Hi all, wheels on or off the van for winter? I know some will say they use the van over the winter months but I don't any thoughts? Dave
  3. dtg

    Caravan movement

    Thanks for the replies, have owned this van for 15 years, currently on a grass pitch have been for the last 3 weeks the ground is very hard even after all the rain we have experienced, never really noticed before. Dave
  4. Hi , strange question but when any one moves in the van it is really exaggerated and I can feel it all the way through the van, is it possibly because I have the steadies to tight or loose? AT the moment they are wound down fairly tight and retightened to allow for settlement, have not really noticed it this much before. Dave
  5. Hi all, I have a 2002 Pageant Bordeaux and I would be interested to know if anyone knows where I could source the concertina roof blind for the front rooflight? the one in the van has gone a bit thin with years of use, thanks in anticipation. Dave
  6. Government should not have done a lot of things, doesn't make it wrong or right, that is your personal opinion Dave
  7. Why would I want to pay more tax on fuel when my car's emissions are low enough to qualify for zero road tax, Dave
  8. dtg

    Kuga towbar

    Evening all, probably been discussed before but here goes, changing cars at the weekend to a Kuga on a 15 plate, what i am Interested in is if I have a swan neck towbar fitted rather than a fixed flange is it likely to trigger the reversing sensors ? I know a detachable would answer my problem but I really don't need the extra expense, also any recommendations for mobile towbar fitters in the Somerset area? Any help or input would be greatly appreciated Dave
  9. dtg

    Caravan recovery

    Thanks to all, yes the wife is included on the insurance but there is no way she would feel comfortable towing , I am with Green flag at the moment and it is coming up for renewal so I will discuss it with them, if push comes to shove I have a son with LGV license but depending on how far away we are would be a factor, thanks all again Dave
  10. Hi to all, not been here for a long while and I am sure this topic has been discussed before but here goes, my wife is concerned that if I became I'll or unable to drive whilst away on a site somewhere how would we get the caravan back home? Although she can drive she is not willing or really able to tow the caravan back home any thoughts would be welcome Dave
  11. dtg

    Car electrics

    It was a 10amp fuse, hardly man enough like you say, will not be using the van for a while so will definitely find a better feed, thanks again Dave
  12. dtg

    Car electrics

    Hi all, have sorted the problem and thanks for all the input, the problem was a blown fuse in the main fusebox and for some unknown reason the feed was taken from the live wire that feeds the brake lights which is a permanent live even when the ignition is off, so for some time and not knowing I had no stop lights, the ECS light was another problem but not associated with the lights, thanks again Dave
  13. dtg

    Car electrics

    The feed has definitely been taken from a red wire in the loom but I cannot find what the red wire is a feed for because everything else seems to be working fine as far as I can see
  14. dtg

    Car electrics

    The feed is taken from the wiring loom via a scotchlock type connection but it is dead, there are 2inline fuses in the boot for the delays but the power is not reaching them, I suppose I will have to remove every single fuse one at a time and check
  15. Hopefully someone can shed some light on this problem, connected 12n plug to van yesterday to find that there was no power at all, lights indicators nothing, checked the bypass relay and there is no 12v power going in, followed the 12v feed through the car and find that it has been connected into the main wiring loom under trim drivers side, now I suppose a fuse has gone somewhere but where the connection to the red wire in the loom is made it is dead, obviously the red wire must feed something else but can't find anything else that is not working, with such a cluster of wire how would I know what fuse to check, also ESP light in illuminated on dash not sure if that is significant, car is Kia, any thoughts?
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