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  1. Thanks George&Ade. It's good to have confirmation. I think I was muddled for two reasons, the pictures are upside down and I mistakenly thought the left of the caravan was on the nearside.
  2. I was towing on the A303 driving east yesterday evening when I came to a roundabout to find that the A303 road was blocked off by Police. I was in the left hand lane so I took the next exit on the left. I ended up on very narrow single track roads, some with grass growing up the middle. I had no idea where I was and ended up in a lane with seven or eight cars coming towards me so I pulled over as much as I could. A local farm worker stopped and directed the traffic past me. They had to drive over long grass to get by and were only inches from the rear of my caravan. Fortunately, they all got by without incident. The farm worker asked me to drive forward to get away from the bank on my left but I couldn't move. I then said I would try to reverse and fortunately I was able to do that. There was a root sticking out of the bank that had taken off my awning skirt end cap and was stopping me going forward. I realised that the cars coming towards me were also seeking a way back onto the A303 so after ending up where I started, I had to do most of the whole route all over again but this time made sure I took the right turning and was able to get back on the A303. Fortunately, apart from a couple of minor scratches which may or may not have been there, losing my awning end cap was the only damage. I can replace it as it appears to be kept on with just a screw which is still in there and maybe some mastic. However when I found the bits I wanted on line, I wasn't sure which one I needed. I believe they are upside down in the photos on the link below but I think the end cap on the left is the one I require for the nearside front, so would be grateful if anyone can confirm this please? Where a spare part refers to left hand or right hand of a caravan, I always assumed it was from standing in front of the van looking through the front windows and that the door was on the right but I think left and right must be determined from the inside looking out of the front windows! Here is the link: https://www.primaleisure.com/category/caravan-exterior-panels-and-fittings?listprice=0&listprice=1544&page=1&sort=bestsellers&vin=&model=
  3. Thank you Joanie. We are over the moon with our new caravan despite having a few problems because of our age, disabilities and in my husband's case, his illness. We prefer the freedom of a caravan though as we have been to a few self catering cottages over the years where beds were so uncomfortable that we couldn't sleep. In hotels we have been woken up early for someone to clean the rooms. In the past 28 years we have been all over England, Wales and France with our caravans and stayed in a variety of beautiful locations. I wouldn't swap it for the World.
  4. Joanie, I measured the wardrobe today and it is only 60 cm across. Fitting a hanging storage unit would only leave a 30cm space to hang all our clothes. In the end I decided on a large storage bag to sit at the bottom of the wardrobe to hold my husband's clothes. See: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B019MAV9FS/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=A2TZPO9711QRPU&psc=1 I have also ordered the hanging storage bag organizer with 13 Pockets to hold all our knick-knacks. See: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B08HRY5ZMB/ref=ox_sc_act_title_2?smid=A26OUSIUZNAD9G&psc=1 I now have to find homes for those things that were at the bottom of the wardrobe! Those we don't use often can go up in the cupboard above the fixed bed. The rest will fit in at the front of the caravan especially if I add shelves in two of the cupboards.
  5. Which site in Devon did you stayed on PR1? It does depend on the layout of the site as to how overcrowded it appears and some pitches are worse than others. We have stayed at sites where children have continuously ridden their bikes or run through our personal space next to our caravan. The worst sites during school holidays do seem to be in Devon or Cornwall and near the coast. However, there are a few good sites around and despite being full, give a feeling of space. Look at the site maps before booking and ignore those where caravans are in rows and no hedges to separate tiers. Some commercial sites allow the booking of actual pitches and that can be a great advantage in finding a quieter part of the site.
  6. Joanie, as far as the table is concerned I will do something similar, though the new table will probably travel in the car. A while ago my husband and I were talking about alterations to the wardrobe. He reminded me that there still needs to be access to service the fire below so a permanent fixture was out of the question. I then showed him the Maidmax hanging storage which I had put in my Amazon basket and that is what we have decided upon. I was amazed that you had suggested the same thing! I have opted for the heavy duty one. In my basket I also have a waterproof hanging storage bag organizer with 13 Pockets. I thought this would take all the odds and ends such as spectacles, scissors, my sewing things, chargers, a torch, notebook and pens, in fact everything that ended up on the floor or cluttering the small drop-leaf table when we were away. I will fix the organiser bag to a hanger and that can go in the wardrobe against the wall on the left. All I have to do now is measure the wardrobe to see if these two items fit in. I think I just have to organise the rest of the things at the bottom. Thank you very much for your help, Joanie. The biggest problem has been solved and that was having a place for my husband's clothes, a place where he can reach them. I didn't really want to get into taking the cupboard doors off and there is now no need to have an opening on the side of his bed.
  7. I have been thinking of doing something to reorganise the wardrobe, Joanie. I don't wear dresses so only half the wardrobe is used with t-shirts, trousers, blouses, shirts etc. When we were away I had our first aid kit, 6 x weekly dosette boxes plus other medication, an ice cream carton with various creams in, the folder containing leaflets and the caravan booklet as well as spare shoes. It was a bit of a mess really and I realised that there was a need to reorganise it. I am uncertain whether to have a partition going down the whole length of the wardrobe and then dividing it into separate compartments as we had in our Lunar. My husband could then have his socks, pants, pyjamas and jumpers in there. I could make it with wood and plywood. My husband has a huge workshop with every tool imaginable, but he is unable to use it now. He has made fitted wardrobes in our bedrooms so he can make sure I am doing things correctly. At the bottom of the wardrobe I could make a half shelf for shoes and put the medication in shoe boxes with labels to show the contents. The weight I would save by taking out the heavy caravan table may allow for these alterations.
  8. Mimo, thanks for your reply. I am now thinking of buying something with pockets to hang in the wardrobe rather than adding to the weight.
  9. Flatcoat, thanks for your suggestions. I only use 2 cupboards in the lounge area for clothes and another one has tea towels, cleaning cloths, spare sheets and pillowcases etc. I am thinking of moving the latter to under the bunk. I like your idea of contacting an independent caravan repair workshop about installing an access under the bunks instead of having to lift the cushions or mattress. There is already an external access under the fixed bed but if we haven't got the awning up, it would mean going outside, perhaps in pouring rain, to get my husband his underwear.
  10. Joanie, thank you for your reply. I hadn't thought of taking the doors off the cupboards around the fixed beds but will look into it. Having access to the large storage space under the fixed bed without lifting the mattress would mean John could keep his socks, pants and pyjamas under there in a couple of trays where both of us could reach them. All the racks in the crockery cupboard will be removed once I have something to put in their place. I can't use the shower as a storage space as we have to walk through it to get to the loo but I am thinking of buying one of those hangers with pockets as there is plenty of wardrobe space.
  11. WispMan, thank you for your suggestions. I have been looking at spice racks and kitchen roll holders to see where they would fit. I also would like to put a wine glass holder up too but I haven't worked out where yet. When we were away we bought an extra lightweight table for the awning to replace the heavy one that we have had for several years. We are now looking for another light one to replace the one that is with the caravan. Where did you keep your bedding WispMan if you didn't store anything under the front seats? I have 2 topper mattresses and a sleeping bag under one of mine and the other one has spares such as toilet rolls, towels and a multitude of other things including the spices and herbs! My husband doesn't shave as he has a beard so we won't need another mirror.
  12. A month or so ago we replaced our 25 year old Lunar with a 2010 Bailey Pageant Bordeaux Series 7/530 caravan which we are delighted with but there are a few difficulties. Having just returned from 2 weeks in Cornwall, we are now looking at how we can improve a few things. First I would like to mention the things we are delighted with. My husband says that his bed is very comfortable. This is the most important thing and the reason we wanted a fixed bed as he has spinal cancer. The hob, grill and oven are almost brand new, the kitchen sink is a very good size and the wardrobe has plenty of room. I was doubtful as to whether the shower would be big enough but it turns out to be more roomy than it looks. So what are we having problems with? One of the difficulties is that we both find it difficult to reach the cupboards above the fixed bed. I cannot kneel as I have knee replacements and my husband has difficulty stretching. Once the cupboard is open, my husband can take out what he wants by using his mobility pick up stick. Getting the cupboards open in this area is therefore the main problem. Any suggestions welcome. I would also welcome any tips on how to get a mattress cover and fitted sheet over this bed. Once on they stayed on for our holiday and didn't come off. The sheet was from Waitrose and was very deep which helped. I did wonder if attaching some wide elastic to the sheet could help as I could pull on it to get the sheets down the sides of the mattress. Another problem with the fixed bed is that there is no drawer or cupboard to get to the storage area inside the caravan without lifting the mattress. Has anyone on here ever added an opening and what did you use to access this space? Now for the kitchen area where there are two problems. The crockery falls out of the cupboard every time I open the door as the metal plate holder is useless. I am going to measure the space up and make a different one. We have some deep pasta and dessert dishes and they just don't fit in the present holder. I have been thinking of making a wooden one using 12 inch dowels cut to size for spacers. I could adjust the distance between them to suit the crockery. Has anyone made a bestoke wooden plate holder? My husband has suggested that something made of plywood is another alternative. The other problem is that there are very few shelves in the kitchen cupboards and very little space for kitchen equipment and food. I have my spices, herbs and several other kitchen things in the storage area under the front seat which has to be lifted every time I want to get something out. Again, some doors or drawers at the bottom would have made things easier to get to. Now for my biggest problem. The seats are not long enough for me to sleep on as a single bed. For the first two nights I made the bed as a double but when I am tired, I find moving the seat cushions difficult. For the rest of the holiday I pulled the slats out three quarters of the way and put the 4 armrest cushions on the slats. I then doubled over a 1 inch mattress topper and tucked it in around them. I put my 2 inch mattress topper going across the seat cushions and armrests and it was comfortable. The only downside is that the armrest cushions were losing their shape a little by the end of our holiday. I have been wondering what to do to make this area better. I may be able to get a memory foam seat cushion made that fits the gap. It would only need to be 4 x 2 ft. I could leave the seat backrests at home to save on weight, but then the extra cushion would need to be about 4x4ft. A final problem in that same area. I use the shelf with the slats attached to put my wildlife books, camera, binoculars and handbag on but I have to take them off overnight. The floor is also cluttered and the small table is too. In the Lunar, we had a chest with 2 drawers and a cupboard for shoes beneath. Has anyone ever added one in their van? I must stress that I love this caravan. Not only is it a dream to tow but when I take it down the drive, because it is so much higher off the ground than the Lunar, the steadies do not touch the ground. I look forward to hearing from you with your comments!
  13. We have never forgotten to add the blue liquid but I did wonder if the Domestos rim product could damage the plastic bowl of the toilet as it contains a lot of chemicals. I don't know the answer to that so perhaps I had better stick to using the pink rinse.
  14. Fortunately, I have never had black bits in the flush water and have always used the pink liquid. I have very little left in the bottle now but before I buy some more, I wondered whether Domestos 5 rim blocks would be suitable instead. I use them in our home loos. They cost £1 from most Supermarkets, give off a lovely smell and last for ages. Has anyone ever tried them in caravan loos?
  15. "Or you could just keep on pouring 'til the spout overflows and soaks your shoes." I will be very careful as the input for the loo flush water is on the outside of my caravan and if I overfill it, the pink and water mixture could run down and stain the bodywork.
  16. I haven't put any water in the flush but only because I don't want to fill it before we go away! At least I know that it's no different to filling the flush in the Lunar loo except that the water and pink liquid go into the hole under the flap on the side of the caravan.
  17. Thank you JTQ but it was thanks to you and all the other people who answered with their suggestions.
  18. I tried turning and pressing the hob control tap until I smelt gas but none was coming through. I rechecked the gas valves, the yellow switch on the regulator and decided to take the pigtail off. It wouldn't come off so I tried turning the black key but it wouldn't move. I then pushed in the little red thing on the black key as shown in the picture below and the black key then turned. Instead of the pigtail coming off, it snapped firmly into place. I went back into the caravan and .......... The hob lit straight away. I would like to thank you all very much for your help. I have learned a lot from you all in this post alone and am grateful it is sorted before we go away next month. Here is the pigtail in question showing the little red thing on the black key.
  19. You may have hit the nail on the head, Silversurf. The previous owner told me that they hadn't used the van for well over a year. It has a separate button for the spark so I will try turning and pressing the hob control tap until I smell gas. I haven't tried any other gas appliances other than the hob.
  20. Thanks for your post Griff. There is no mention of a crash sensor in the Baileys handbook. I will take a photo of it shortly and post it on here.
  21. Derby Clubman, thanks for your post. I have the handbook for the 2010 Bailey Pageant 7 Bordeaux and done everything in there to get the gas going. I also found this site a couple of days ago and read through it. https://www.baileyofbristol.co.uk/owners-manuals-and-service-handbooks/ Mr Plodd, thanks for your post. We have the the regulator with the yellow lever in your second photo. It says in the handbook that it should be switched off when travelling and doesn't say anything about "gas tightness". It is in the on position when we try the gas.
  22. What a job moving the caravan! it was so wet and the front wheel made a big rut in the wet grass. I kept having to put boards under the front wheel to stop it sinking in. Once it was back where I wanted it I realised that the football match had started and I didn't have time to put the steadies down and try the gas again. JTQ, I will put the steadies down tomorrow and try and light the hob again. If no joy I will take a photo of the regulator to post on here. Then with my bathroom scales outside, I will disconnect the bottle, weigh myself with it and then without it, so I can assess how much gas there is. If no joy and the bottle is full, I may order a propane pigtail and then put the red bottle on from our old Lunar. We prefer propane anyway and it is a lightweight bottle. If everything fails, I will have to call out a service engineer!
  23. Found the gas valves and they were all on, but we turned them off and tried it just in case we had read them incorrectly on the diagram. This time I tried lighting the gas and still nothing. No smell of gas inside the van or in the locker. I am wondering if we were sold an empty or faulty container instead of a full one. The man that served us though is the one that has always served us for years when we have exchanged cylinders so he should be able to differentiate between an empty and a full cylinder. We are going to move the caravan now, get it level and try the gas again. If it still doesn't work we will take the bottle back to the retailer and see what he says.
  24. Cheltenham Caravanner, I was using the cooker's igniter. I couldn't smell any gas at all. I am now back from a dental appointment so will now go and look in the caravan to search for shut off valves.
  25. Allan, it does have a flap on the outside and we were told it was where the pink liquid went. It wasn't until we got the caravan home three days later that we weren't sure if the water went in there as well or if it came from the main barrel and then mixed with the pink. Thank you for your replies, JTQ, Lost in the Wilderness and Streamdrivenandy. We didn't know that there were shut off valves! The only way we could turn the gas off in our old caravan was at the bottle. I will have a look for them tomorrow.
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