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  1. We have never forgotten to add the blue liquid but I did wonder if the Domestos rim product could damage the plastic bowl of the toilet as it contains a lot of chemicals. I don't know the answer to that so perhaps I had better stick to using the pink rinse.
  2. Fortunately, I have never had black bits in the flush water and have always used the pink liquid. I have very little left in the bottle now but before I buy some more, I wondered whether Domestos 5 rim blocks would be suitable instead. I use them in our home loos. They cost £1 from most Supermarkets, give off a lovely smell and last for ages. Has anyone ever tried them in caravan loos?
  3. "Or you could just keep on pouring 'til the spout overflows and soaks your shoes." I will be very careful as the input for the loo flush water is on the outside of my caravan and if I overfill it, the pink and water mixture could run down and stain the bodywork.
  4. I haven't put any water in the flush but only because I don't want to fill it before we go away! At least I know that it's no different to filling the flush in the Lunar loo except that the water and pink liquid go into the hole under the flap on the side of the caravan.
  5. Thank you JTQ but it was thanks to you and all the other people who answered with their suggestions.
  6. I tried turning and pressing the hob control tap until I smelt gas but none was coming through. I rechecked the gas valves, the yellow switch on the regulator and decided to take the pigtail off. It wouldn't come off so I tried turning the black key but it wouldn't move. I then pushed in the little red thing on the black key as shown in the picture below and the black key then turned. Instead of the pigtail coming off, it snapped firmly into place. I went back into the caravan and .......... The hob lit straight away. I would like to thank you all very much for your help. I have learned a lot from you all in this post alone and am grateful it is sorted before we go away next month. Here is the pigtail in question showing the little red thing on the black key.
  7. You may have hit the nail on the head, Silversurf. The previous owner told me that they hadn't used the van for well over a year. It has a separate button for the spark so I will try turning and pressing the hob control tap until I smell gas. I haven't tried any other gas appliances other than the hob.
  8. Thanks for your post Griff. There is no mention of a crash sensor in the Baileys handbook. I will take a photo of it shortly and post it on here.
  9. Derby Clubman, thanks for your post. I have the handbook for the 2010 Bailey Pageant 7 Bordeaux and done everything in there to get the gas going. I also found this site a couple of days ago and read through it. https://www.baileyofbristol.co.uk/owners-manuals-and-service-handbooks/ Mr Plodd, thanks for your post. We have the the regulator with the yellow lever in your second photo. It says in the handbook that it should be switched off when travelling and doesn't say anything about "gas tightness". It is in the on position when we try the gas.
  10. What a job moving the caravan! it was so wet and the front wheel made a big rut in the wet grass. I kept having to put boards under the front wheel to stop it sinking in. Once it was back where I wanted it I realised that the football match had started and I didn't have time to put the steadies down and try the gas again. JTQ, I will put the steadies down tomorrow and try and light the hob again. If no joy I will take a photo of the regulator to post on here. Then with my bathroom scales outside, I will disconnect the bottle, weigh myself with it and then without it, so I can assess how much gas there is. If no joy and the bottle is full, I may order a propane pigtail and then put the red bottle on from our old Lunar. We prefer propane anyway and it is a lightweight bottle. If everything fails, I will have to call out a service engineer!
  11. Found the gas valves and they were all on, but we turned them off and tried it just in case we had read them incorrectly on the diagram. This time I tried lighting the gas and still nothing. No smell of gas inside the van or in the locker. I am wondering if we were sold an empty or faulty container instead of a full one. The man that served us though is the one that has always served us for years when we have exchanged cylinders so he should be able to differentiate between an empty and a full cylinder. We are going to move the caravan now, get it level and try the gas again. If it still doesn't work we will take the bottle back to the retailer and see what he says.
  12. Cheltenham Caravanner, I was using the cooker's igniter. I couldn't smell any gas at all. I am now back from a dental appointment so will now go and look in the caravan to search for shut off valves.
  13. Allan, it does have a flap on the outside and we were told it was where the pink liquid went. It wasn't until we got the caravan home three days later that we weren't sure if the water went in there as well or if it came from the main barrel and then mixed with the pink. Thank you for your replies, JTQ, Lost in the Wilderness and Streamdrivenandy. We didn't know that there were shut off valves! The only way we could turn the gas off in our old caravan was at the bottle. I will have a look for them tomorrow.
  14. Thank you everyone with all your suggestions. Now for the bit of bad news. We have the pigtail on securely and have turned the regulator on. We have the ehu in and turned the switches on just inside the door. The lights all work so we know nothing is wrong with the electricity supply. We tried to get the hob to work but it wouldn't light. I think I know why but I am not 100% certain. I think the caravan should be level for the gas to work. The reason I think this is that we had problems with the gas not working on our Lunar fridge once and it was because the caravan was not level at the time. When I brought the Bailey home, we parked it on some grass on a slope by our house. We didn't level it as we intended putting it in a different place the following day, but we haven't got round to moving it yet. I think the only way I will find out is if I move it or level it up. What do you think?
  15. Thanks Legal Eagle. Should the pigtail be taken off the bottle when towing please? I will go and try lighting the hob later when it's a bit dryer outside.
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