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  1. Fletch, whilst you are searching for a replacement grill, you could buy a Halogen Oven from Amazon for about £40+ and that will grill things for you. We take ours away with us when it's too cold to take the barbecue. They are so easy to use and there is no naked flame, so it can be used in the caravan or in the awning. Even at home I prefer to use the halogen rather than the cooker grill especially when cooking sausages, bacon or chops. It's so easy to set the timer so it doesn't overcook and burn like it sometimes does when I use the home grill. It's cheaper to run too. I have neve
  2. Gordon, I think the people arranging the vaccinations assume that everyone has a car these days or can afford a taxi. I agree with your second paragraph but would say that the NHS deserves the most praise because they organised the actual vaccinations of all these people. A mammoth task for them. I think the reason that my youngest son was offered his jab at the Isle of Wight or Portsmouth (both 43 miles away) is probably because the people manning the vaccination service probably don't live in the area and don't realise how far these places are from Salisbury. However, my son rang
  3. The garden features in the 2 for 1 offer, a booklet enclosed in the May edition of Gardeners World which has been on sale in the shops since 15th April. https://www.gardenersworld.com/.../plant-world-gardens-2-for-1-entry The magazine can also be ordered online for £6.99 from magsdirect.co.uk I thought I had better mention that the garden is quite steep and is unsuitable for wheelchairs or disability scooters as the paths are narrow. I was only able to go one third of the way down because of my arthritis but I could see lovely views of the garden from where I
  4. My youngest son, who lives in Salisbury, had a letter to ring for an appointment yesterday. When he rang up, there were none in Salisbury so they offered the Isle of Wight or Portsmouth. He doesn't have a car, has a very limited income because he has mental health problems and cannot work. How is he expected to get to one of those places? My eldest son, who lives in the centre of Southampton, also rang me last night and he said that when he rang up for an appointment, they offered him Salisbury! It just doesn't make sense!
  5. We stayed at Ramslade in June 2019. I am not surprised that it is full as it's a lovely, peaceful site. Whilst there we visited Plant World Gardens and Nursery, north of Torquay. What a beautiful, natural garden it is with a scenic café that sells delicious home made cakes and has speciality seeds for sale. It also has a large nursery with unusual plants. It's well worth a visit.
  6. I would have travelled for over 50 miles to get my vaccination done if it had disabled parking next door and I didn't have to leave my husband on his own at home. Given that he is getting more housebound, takes about 20 minutes to get in the car, is in pain every time I drive over a bump in the road and cannot walk more than a few steps, a home visit as suggested by the doctor, was the best option.
  7. It depends what you call "local centres". The cathedral is about 10 miles from where we live and some villages are further out than us! They haven't "moved away" from having local venues, as they just didn't have any local ones in the Salisbury area. They showed people queuing for their vaccinations outside the cathedral on TV. How can people queue if they cannot walk very far or stand for very long? My husband doesn't have a wheelchair as I wouldn't be able to push him because I am disabled too. I would say that at least 80% of our villagers are over 65 so something
  8. I had a call several weeks ago asking if my husband and I could go to Salisbury Cathedral for our vaccinations. When I enquired whether I could park at the entrance I was told that the disabled car park was 400 metres away but a buggy was provided to take people to the cathedral. I explained that my husband would not have been able to climb up onto a buggy. She asked if I could get my vaccination done at the cathedral and I mentioned I didn't want to leave my husband on his own for up to 2 hours whilst I drove to and from the City, found parking, got taken on the buggy to the entrance
  9. Being in our 70's, we too were having difficulty putting up our full Isabella awning so we bought a Vango Varkaia Connect air awning. It is very heavy so we have re-packed it in several bags so it is easier to handle. We found putting it up much easier than than our Isabella and didn't have a problem feeding it along the top rail using a dog lead.
  10. We bought a Vango Varkala 7 months ago and the storm straps came with it. I would ring Vango and if the awning was new they would probably send them free of charge. If you bought your awning second hand, you may be able to buy them from Vango or they may tell you where you can purchase them.
  11. I have just cancelled my booking in Cornwall at Tregarton Park, Gorran Haven (near Mevagissey), because my husband is not well enough to go. I thought I would put the details on here then if anyone is still looking to go somewhere, you may want to ring and book it whilst it is still vacant or book online. The dates are Thursday 6th May to depart Monday 17th May - 11 nights. It's pitch number 58 an XL Jumbo pitch with water and drainage. The shower block will not be open during this period but the water and waste points and chemical loo emptying places will be cleaned and
  12. What about a light weight aluminium tri wheel walker? It would fold down and not take up too much room. A cheaper alternative would be some crutches like these: https://www.amazon.co.uk/NRS-Healthcare-Double-Adjustable-Crutches/dp/B00667SYCM/ref=sr_1_50?dchild=1&keywords=walking+aids&qid=1618706551&rdc=1&sr=8-50
  13. David, thank you for your help. I found the Adria that you mentioned at Finedon, Northants. Unfortunately it is 4 ft longer than my Lunar and I would have problems getting it down the drive without it scraping the ground and damaging it. You said in a previous post "Not sure if this age had 15" wheels but most on single axle have, It would help with your ground clearance. I mentioned a while back on this thread that when I have looked at second hand caravans. many of them look much higher off the ground than others. Someone said that they were all the same size wheels but I found ou
  14. David, whereabouts did you find the two Adria caravans and what does C/F stand for please? I found some brand new Adria Adora and was very impressed but they are far too much money for me to buy.
  15. Shortage of stock certainly is a big problem at the moment. I expect there will be a few people reselling their vans because they don't like the life style especially if we have a wet summer. Some people we knew in the early 1990's bought an ex display model of a 6 berth Avondale and it was very expensive. They went away on holiday with it and then re sold it to the dealer when they came home as they didn't like caravan life. I can't imagine they got back anywhere near the price of what they paid for the caravan!
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