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  1. We had a batch of Marina Estates and vans at work and they were possibly the worst vehicle we ever had. Unfortunately once we'd got them we had to keep them for five years (company policy on capital purchases). Our purchasing dept must have got a good deal when they were purchased but in the long long term any benefit we got in the purchase price was eroded in maintenance, repair and hire costs whilst they were off the road. They cost us a fortune to keep them running and the bodywork patched up - the the local bodywork shop loved us as we must have been their best customers.
  2. The h/v refers to Horizontal or Vertical and the indicator is the little square cutout that show you whether the aerial is lilted
  3. My Bro's Lexon has a delaminating floor which is waiting for the dealer to sort out (apparently, he (the dealer) has several Lunar vans all waiting for the floors to be sorted). So it's not looking everso good at the moment
  4. so do we, its always better to check that stuff works when it's not essential rather than finding summat wrong when it's needed.
  5. As David38 says, you'll need a good internet connection - at least 2mbit/s preferably 3-4 either via the site wifi or with a healthy data allowance on your phone or mifi unit. Watching stuff can gobble up a lot of data so you really need an unlimited data package or be prepared to pay for about 1gb per hour. Some sites take a dim view of video streaming so they may reduce their speed - I've noticed that most CMC sites seem to top out at around 1mbit/s and it's not easy to connect a Firestick direct to a site wifi network, your really need an access router
  6. No reason why not - you'd need to get a length of awing rail and fix it to the wall and then find a way of securing the base of the awning to the ground. OK if the awning is on grass but a bit more difficult if it's on concrete or paving but not impossible
  7. I squint through the translucent side of my GasLight cylinder to see how much is in there - a small torch helps show the gas level.
  8. It doesn't, it's the effect of chemicals that permeate the plastic and slowly cause the the structure to breakdown. Spraying or sticking stuff onto the window and then wiping it off leaves a residue that doesn't necessarily attack the surface but gets absorbed over time - that's why it can take months or years before it becomes apparent. There's not a lot you can do about it.
  9. Although you should get some charge into your battery whilst driving, it relies on the car being wired correctly with decent sized cables. Having the fridge switched on at the same time will reduce the amount of power available to the battery as will anything else that's switched on in the car As Eric points out, it takes some time to charge a battery, so you need to be driving for hours and hours to make any appreciable difference. The caravan charger will put back about 80% of the capacity of the battery when it's connected to the EHU but it will still take many hours to recharge a flat battery. There is no way you can recharge a flat battery in 4-5 hours without causing it considerable damage unless it's been specifically designed for that purpose (like a fork lift truck or milk float battery) A 100a/h battery should be charged with a 10 amp charger for 12-14 hours. If you've only got a 4 amp charger then it will take 30 hours or more. Just connecting a charger for an hour will not charge a battery, and if it indicates a fully charged battery after an hour or so then either it or the battery is faulty. You should never ever let a battery go flat as it will reduce it's capacity and ideally never discharge it below around 50%. Always fully recharge a battery with a stage or smart charger after it's been discharged. Most people just use the van charger which usually keep the battery in a reasonable state of charge but a battery needs a boost to 14.4-14.8v every now and again to keep it from gradually sulphating the plates.
  10. not a problem with freezing at this time of the year but most definitely empty the water system and toilet completely in the winter to avoid split taps, damaged pumps and other problems due to water freezing - it can work out to be very expensive (been there and got the T-shirt)
  11. As JTQ says, some cleaners, polishes, deodorants, insect repellants and even antiseptic or antibacterial kitchen wipes contain substances that that can affect acrylic windows sometimes months or even years later. Likewise sticking labels, stickers or badges, even those that just cling can do it as well - the only stuff I clean my windows with is water or Autoglym Fastglass which is specifically designed for acrylics. I had to change all my boat windows because a previous owner had used a substance that cause the acrylic to craze over time
  12. It's in the water heater, usually around 8 - 10 litres (just over 2 gallons)
  13. My water heater has a big label on it telling me not to travel with it full, my handbook suggest that I don't tow with the van full and I personally don't want to tow a load of surplus water around with me so I drain the water system and the loo before we leave site. In the end it's up to you to do what you want to However do not drain hot water tank onto a grass pitch, it kills the grass
  14. Is it just the key lock that's not working. Are you pretty confident that the mechanism that holds the towball in place is functioning correctly. As JC says, the lock itself usually doesn't really do anything except stop people from nicking it but make sure that the towball locates and locks into the towbar socket correctly and securely, you don't want it dropping out whilst towing.
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