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  1. There you go - Prima looks quite reasonable https://www.leisureshopdirect.com/caravan-accessories/caravan-door-fittings/thetford-cassette-toilets/thetford-service-doors-spare-parts. I dont actually know who makes the Bailey (it's not the same as the Thetford ones ) one but I guess you'll have to look hard to find one to match. This is similar but I'm not sure that it's the same - note it's unboxed surplus stock - https://www.olearymotorhomes.co.uk/dometic-sk5-service-hatch-locker-door-750-x-300-3158-p.asp or you could try here http://nationalcaravanbreakers.co.uk/external-doors-locker-boxes
  2. You dont actually heve to buy it from them - find out who makes them and get one from a dealer or caravan shop somewhere.
  3. Subtle difference between holding them to account and raising panic unnecessarily and concentrating focus on some of the trivial things. Theres a lot of good stuff being done but it's not as newsworthy at the things that aren't actually going as planned or hoped - this puts some of the whinging about trapped tourists who feel that the FO isn't doing enough into perspective - https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-52093009
  4. Thats a pretty negative attitude In my view if your house is on fire do you really care whether the fire appliance that attends and puts it out is a shiny bright new one or a Green Goddess from the 2nd world war. The same with stuff in hospitals, there's no way they could have fully geared up for all of this in the timescales, just be thankful that some of this outdated stuff hadn't been dumped or destroyed. I don't think I'd be bothered if the respirator that's keeping me alive had a shiny new digital display or had an electric motor from the Titanic if it was doing the job. Likewise stuff that has a date on it isn't necessarily unsafe or unusable but it's easy to make a point or capital out of it especially if you've got your own agenda. And dont forget that whilst people are trying to defend or explain their decisions they really cant get on with the job they are supposed to be doing, which is hopefully trying to save lives - we'll all be a lot wiser after the event
  5. I guess they'll be lucky to get any of it it's usually only the mainly law abiding who have inadvertently transgressed who pay up in full. A big heap in the middle who'll pay in installments, some of which can be derisory (like £5 a week) and a pretty large minority who'll never pay what ever you do and if they get locked up for not paying then their fine is cancelled
  6. You do have to accept that Waitrose is a better class of supermarket than Morrisons so that's to be expected
  7. Nothing wrong with bleach, I use it in my caravan loo every now an again, I just rinse it all thoroughly after using it. I dont use it neat a or leave it on the seals and stuff for a prolonged period. The loo wont suffer because you cant get expensive Thetford stuff but it will if you use an abrasive cleaner like Cif
  8. So you don't find it informative or entertaining then?
  9. I'd also suggest that most of those scuttling back (or forth) wouldn't have got their magazines out there anyway and I don't really see how delaying the publication (as suggested in a previous post) would have helped either getting the info this week would have been too late and another week or so really wouldn't have made the situation any better or clearer I'd have thought that most people would have come straight home as soon as possible rather than waiting until the magazine was published to tell them. I also suspect that a lot people stayed on as long as they could expecting that they could finish their holiday or that it was a storm in a teacup and would all blow over. but that's just my opinion you understand.
  10. It will only happen when people start doing as they are told and not stretching or flouting the rules. I guess that places where people are more used to doing as they are told will get it under control a lot faster than those where everyone is standing up for their human rights to do what they want and interpreting the rules in a much more flexible way than they are meant.
  11. I'm sorry but do we really need to be taken by the hand and told what to most people should be obvious by now - I sometime do wonder My English Heritage handbook and magazine also dropped through the door and they haven't mentioned it either but it hasn't caused me any problems or worry as I'm pretty well aware that their places are closed and I cant visit them - I didn't need reminding in the magazine
  12. what would you have expected them to say?. What could or should they have said Most sites were probably still open when it went to press and the situation was still a bit flexible only a couple of weeks a ago, it didn't really fully kick off until a week or so ago
  13. If more people concentrated on the bigger picture rather than the minutiae of their own lives they'd realise that there was a lot more that could be done to help the situation rather than heaping worry onto someone else. Just my opinion you understand, but a lot of the selfishness that is going on, (hoarding and panic buying for instance) isn't helping the big picture.
  14. I know it might rankle a bit but I'm guessing not quite as much as losing your job, your income, your business or even your life because of the situation. Just think of the money you'll save by not driving over to it and the additional costs that being there might entail. As Gordon says a lot of people will lose out a lot more than the cost of a few weeks of site fees and your alternative is to shift the van off to somewhere else whom I suggest will also charge you for the privilege of planting it on their land unless you can put it onto your own. I'm also guessing that if some people do pop their clogs then the site owner could be saddled with one or more van's blocking his pitches and for which he wont be getting any income at all. He'll still be paying his rates and other fixed costs - they might get deferred but they wont get waived There are always two sides and TBH not being able to go to your van and expecting a rebate should be pretty down on your list of things that are important
  15. Thats not quite the same as having it done - if you look at the tick sheet and they are all nice an evenly done I'd suggest that its been done all in one go, either at the beginning or end of the PDI, not actually when each job has been completed
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