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  1. Can't say that I really notice much delay. We use the TV's inbuilt DVD player quite a bit and that's OK but some programmes are fine and others aren't but it's not consistent bwtween channels or even programmes on the same channel even without using the BT link For instance we are watching the Chelsea Flower Show at this very moment using Sky HD at home without any intermediate kit and there's quite a pronounced lag on the audio so I reckon a lot depends on how much digital processing gets done between the original souce and when iy appears on your equipment
  2. Amazon Prime do next day delivery https://www.amazon.co.uk/TaoTronics-Bluetooth-Transmitter-Portable-Transmission-Black/dp/B00Q2EGQQU but you might be a bit late to get it by tomorrow We use a BT transmitter plugged into the back of the TV to drive a small BT speaker to improve the sound and enable us to keep the volume down. It also uses the TV's USB connector to provide it's power supply (it just dangle off the back of the telly). Ours is a cheap and cheerful one from SevenDayShop
  3. If the hot water tank is not full of water and you've not checked that the heater is switched off then you'll burn out the element - a bit like turning on an electric kettle with no water in it. Likewise with a gas kettle, empty it, then put it on the hob and light the gas and it will burn the bottom out of the kettle. It's really easy to just connect up the mains before filling the water system or not check the isolating switch before you do it and it can be an expensive mistake
  4. TBH the fridge supply from the car will just about keep it cool if it's already cold but dont expect it to cool the fridge down. You need to run it on gas or mains leccy to get it cold. Likewise the cars doesn't really charge the van battery so make sure that it's fully charged by plugging in the mains overnight when the van is at home. It will take at least ten hours to charge a flat battery so don't just put it on for an hour and hope that it will be enough. MAKE SURE THE WATER SYSTEM IS FULL OR SWITCHED OFF BEFORE CONNECTING THE MAINS CABLE. I forgot once and it cost me £70 for a new water heater element
  5. You need to look under the seats to find the water boiler unit - have a look outside to see what sort of flue its got and the heater will be inside. Check what the grill looks like, probably either a Carver Cascade or a Truma - they look different. As said make sure that any flue cover is removed. There will be a controls inside the van - have a look to see whats written on them and even what colour they are. Takea photo Have a shufti here to see if there's anything that you recognise https://www.olearymotorhomes.co.uk/carver--truma-products-37-c.asp
  6. The fridge will have an igniter button. Tells us which fridge you've got or look it up yourself on google and download the instructions Generally you have to turn the fridge onto gas, then hold in the control knob whilst operating the ignitor. Theres either be a tell tale window in the bottom of the fridge so you can see the flame or on later fridges there is a little meter that move a pointer to show that the pilot has lit. Hold the operaing button in for up to 30 secs to ensure that the flame has properly established. dont forget to turn the gas on at the cylinder and make sure that any isolating valves are open (look under the cooker to see if there's a gas manifold). Some fridges have an AA battery buit into the ignitor button and others just have a push button piezo which clicks. (same with the space heater) It willi take at least half an hour to heat the water, so turning it on for two minutes wont tell you much. Most water heaters work from the gas supply and some will run from the mains as well. Non of them will work from the internal battery so you need to make sure that the gas is turned on if runnig on gas or that the mains supply is connected and that any isolating switches are turned on. When on gas they do need the van battery connected to operate the gas valve. Do not opertate the wter heater unless the water system is connected and it's been filled with water or you burn out the element/heat exchanger Tells us a bit more about your van and what sort of heater, fridge and hot water system you've got and you'll get more help than us having to keep asking you questions. The really easy way though is to find the manufacture's website for the fridge, water heater and heater and download the operating instructions as PDF's, you can then either print them or save them on a laptop, tablet or even your phone and take them with you
  7. matelodave

    Van levelling

    Thats the same as me - the level is fixed to the a frame (just under the brake lever) using double sided syickly tape and has been there for over four years. A similar arrangement was used on my previous vans. I did try them on the front shelf in the van to check through the window but the A frame idea works perfectly well. I've also go one of these https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/Silverline-250471-Inclinometer-100mm-Roofing-Scaffolding-Angle-Finder/2254760949?iid=391407464599 but it's not really any more effective than the bubble level (looks good though). Digital clinometers are also available but so long as the water runs away and neither of us fall out of bed the bubble is good enough
  8. all dedicated electronics are not created equal. some aftermarket stuff will do half the job but wont necessarily activate all the functionality thats available. i had significant problems with a westfalia kit with a previous car. although it was dedicated it still needed to be scotchlocked into the can-bus, it also needed to be programmed into the vehicle cpu to enable the additional functionality and had additional wiring and a relay to activate the fridge the ford supplied kit plugged straight in but stilll neededto have the cpu coded to ensure full functinality. since then ive been extremely wary of dedicated aftermarket kits. get a manufacture supplied kit and you dont have to argue with a third party if there's a problem
  9. In over 50 years of motoring the only thing that I've not done on cars is welding. Everything else has been tackled, however now I can afford it I don't do it anymore. I'm not sure that I really got a great sense of achievement because i had to do it out of necessity although it was pretty satisfying when an engine would restart after being dismantled to it's component parts, likewise gearboxes and differentials. It now goes to the dealer for it's tfl.
  10. They haven't made it illegal, they've just made it a condition of their insurance. Its up to you whether that's acceptable or not There are plenty of other insurance companies who have other conditions/definitions which may or may not suit. That's why you need to check the t&c's very carefully for whichever company thatyouare with and not rely on someone else's opinion
  11. We've got a Dyson V6 at home which we got when our mains cleaner packed up., It comes away with us in the caravan with a second charger so we can top it up it if necessary. Had it for around three/four years and reckon it's pretty good. We can fully clean our bungalow on a single charge (unless we use the power boost function) and there's more than enough charge in it to give the van a good clean several times over. I replaced the motor in the mains cleaner but it's been up in the loft since I did it.
  12. My Insurance with Quote me happy just says "any trailer towed by the car" without any qualification on size or weight so it's probably best that the OP checks their own insurance documentation rather than relying on info from someone else's Thats not to say that they shouldn't be made aware of possible problems but their insurance will have different wording to many others and thats the one that will be effective
  13. We were at Ferry Meadows last weekend and half the site had to put up with someones very poor choice of "music" on Saturday afternoon. Fortunately we'd been out most of the day so only had an hour or so of it. I'm also a bit hard of hearing so we use a Bluetooth transmitter on the Tv with a small bluetooth speaker close to where we sit which improves the clarity and means or neighbours dont have to enjoy (endure) what we are watching. We've got a couple of pairs of these - https://www.7dayshop.com/products/evodx-bluetooth-4-2-headphones-headset-with-active-noise-cancelling-and-handsfree-mic-ev-052 although only one can listen at a time but they are good value for less than £20. I use them when I'm on the train to help reduce the sound of inane phone calls by those who feel that they've got to be in communication for the whole journey.
  14. You then end up with the caravan sharing the back seat with your passengers
  15. What about having to clean the van or clean grit and crud from the cover before you put it back on and came back home again, or did you just hope that it was clean enough. As others have said I'm happy enough to chuck a bucket of water over the front if it gets dirty
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