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  1. matelodave

    Calor Lite & Flogas Gaslight

    The Gaslight cost have risen dramatically over the past couple of years, it always used to be significantly cheaper than Calor but it's now more expensive per kg, presumably because there are fewer outlets. The best deals were when Homebase had their 15% off days We've been using Gaslight ever since it was introduced (with free cylinders) and a10kg cylinder lasts us around 3 years.
  2. matelodave

    Small petrol SUV recommendations

    I'm guessing that if your wife is like mine, the more options you suggest the more she'll dig her heels in. I remember the first time we went to get a car for her (rather than us) and the patronising git in the showroom got more than he bargained for when he tried telling her what she wanted/needed - I felt quite sorry for him although he derserved all that he got. Needless to say we didn't buy a car from him. I've given up with suggestions nowadays and just let her do what she wants - it's easier and we've managed to survive for over 50 years together
  3. matelodave

    Distance between pitches

    Caravan sites need a licence to operate from the local aithority which generally states the allowable pitch spacing - here is a typical example https://www. cheshirewestandchester. gov. uk/documents/business/licensing/leisure-and-personal-treatment/caravan-and-camping-site-licences/site-licence-conditions/touring-site-licence-conditions. pdf See condition 3
  4. matelodave

    Moisture meter at Aldi

    They are fine if you use them as a indicator to compare reading around the van. If they are all roughly the same then either the whole van is soggy or you've got a good idea of what is normal for the van and it will identify areas which are different and which need further investigation. I'd doubt the veracity of the calibration unless you've got facilities to get it properly calibrated but they are good enough for £10
  5. matelodave

    Moisture meter at Aldi

    I've got an earlier verson which is OK but you really need a "hold reading" facility which mine hasn't got. If you are trying to measure in cupboards or other awkward places then it's not easy to read the meter whilst taking a measurement unless you can freeze and hold the reading and check it when you've taken the meter out . So I suggest you try it out first. I now use mine to check the moisture content of the wood for my log burner
  6. matelodave

    Small Porch

    Any sort of porch or awning might fail in very windy conditions. We were up in the Lake District during October and helped several people take down their porches & awnings before they blew away or got dmamaged in the high winds. WE've also been on sites where the porches have just flogged temselves to death. TBH the size of the porch or awning didn't really make much of a difference to how well it stood up to the wind but smaller ones took a lot less effort to control and get down. We chose not to put ours up in the first place due to the forecast, likewise we stayed another night rather than having the van blown over on the M6.
  7. matelodave

    Kia sorento Spare wheel

    I got a spare full sized matching alloy wheel for a previous S-max from E-bay, It came with a decent enough tyre for a spare and it cost me £30 and 35miles each way to pick it up. I'd carry it in the boot when towing or on longish journeys. It would just about fit, but vertically when I had the second row of seats in use. My present S-Max has an underslung space-saver which should be enough to get me out of trouble.
  8. matelodave

    Thermostat accuracy on a Whale

    Dunno, I've got ALDE and I fitted a remote sensor because the control panel is located above the hot pipe runs for the heating system. You might have to ask Whale or have a shufti on their website to see if they do as ensor for their system We had similar in a previous van where the control panel was fitted onto the wall in front of the heating flue. The wall used to get quite warm, so the temperature sensor just sensed the heat from the flue rather than the van temperature.
  9. matelodave

    Thermostat accuracy on a Whale

    Can you fit a remote sensor somewhere more sensible. A lot of vand have the sensor in the control unit and the control unit is situated where the hot air or heat from the heating unit, cooker etc blows onto it so locating a sensor somewhere lower down away from any heating vents, pipes or radiators will make a difference. TBH it really doesn't matter what the temperature indicator says, once you've found a temperature that you are comfortable with even if the dial says 28 degrees - then that's what you set it to. If you know it over or under reads by a few degrees, then add or subtract that number to get your setting temperature.
  10. matelodave

    Fuel consumption

    As Stevan say, what speeds do you tow at? Pulling a big lump of caravan is like dragging a brick through treacle and the faster you do it the more drag there is. It's a square law, double your speed and the drag increases four-fold. I'd also guess that a 3. 2 Shogun isn't the most economical of vehicles even when solo If you cruise at 60mph, try it at 50mph, it'll take you longer but you may well find that you could save 10% in fuel costs. Even with my S-Max & 1550kg Cadiz combination the fuel consumption rises dramatically over about 55mph. Crusing at 55 I get around 31-32 mpg. Do it at 60 and it drops to 27-28. I dread to think what it might be if I blatted along at 65. The same when solo, I can get 60mpg if I dont go above 50mph but it's boring, doing 60 drops it to around 55mpg and 80mph gets it down to around 48.
  11. matelodave

    Front centre drawer/table

    Our larger table is in the loft. We use the pull out front table when there are just the two of us and we have a roll-up aluminium one for when the grandkids come with us. The roll-up one is bigger, much lighter and stows in a bag so it's easier to shove under a bench or lie on the floor when we are travelling. We've actually got two - one small square one and a longer rectangular one like these https://www. amazon. co. uk/Costway-Aluminum-Portable-70X70X70-140X70X70CM/dp/B07BH228CX/ref=pd_lpo_sbs_86_t_0?_encoding=UTF8&refRID=V5MBCJZ9CA978MP6ATJV however we didn't pay anything like this price - about £25 for the smaller one and £30ish for the larger one. Don't ask me where though as SWMBO found them on line somewhere
  12. matelodave

    Reducing Pegging

    But most showrooms dont have howling gales or pouring rain or even snow to affect the stability of the frame.
  13. matelodave

    first trip abroad

    Is that not the same anywhere you go? There's good, bad, excellent and diabolical in any country you care to name - including the UK
  14. matelodave

    CMC bookings

    Couldn't agree moreIf I want to go somewhere specific then I try to book it early enough to ensure that I can, otherwise I'm flexible and go somewhere else instead.
  15. matelodave

    Reducing Pegging

    Have you ever tried screw in pegs on a CMC hard standing. I have to bash mine in and take them out with a drill. I've even tried drilling pilot holes.