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  1. As Stevan says - it is not illegal to loop the breakaway cable round the towball on a fixed flange ball. Many towbars do not have fixing points for the cable. The issue with detachable balls is the chance of the ball fixing failing hence why you must have a secondary fixing point for the cable that is not attached to the ball. https://www.caravanclub.co.uk/advice-and-training/technical-advice/breakaway-cables/
  2. Hi all Thankd for your replies. Sorry for delay in replying, been to watch the London to Brighton Historic Commercial Vehicle Run. I bit the bullet yesterday and took the tap to bits and had a look at the cartridge and the washers. I think the water is coming back down the spout and 'bypassing' the washers / seals. We lived in a very hard water area until late 2017 so as was said, the O rings are probably beyond useful life. I will order a new cartridge and the 2 washers on the body. Cheers Les
  3. Hi all The kitchen tap on my 2008 Abbey Vogue 600 is leaking at the base. OK I guess I need to replace the tap. Can any of you kind souls let me know the make/model of the tap (or exact equivalent) as I am confused by all the brands, etc. I know it does not have micro-switches as it is a pressurised system but.............. Thanks Les
  4. Bet you don't There has been no Road Tax in Britain since 1937. Mind you, Vehicle Excise has to be paid. We always use the M6 toll and will continue to do so. Hardly makes a difference for the occasional tow up that way (and the caravan is free).
  5. Interesting topic. Last year we had to take our van away with our Volvo C70 D5 Auto. This has a towing limit of 1500kg. That set the mind thinking and got the scales out. The upshot is, even with a 4. 1m Fiamma Caravanstore and all loaded, the van left the weighbridge weighing 1480kg. We also found out the van weighed 1418kg empty - Swift state 1430kg. Roughly made up of 10kg gas, 10kg Caravanstore, no food, fresh and waste water carriers 5kg, toiletries 2kg, Clothes 20kg (3 people - didn't take a lot). Cooking and eating utensils (incl plates and pans) 4kg, bedding 8kg. All other stuff went in the car - but there was not a lot of that, mostly towels Don't watch TV abroad so didn't take that. OK - we had to buy stuff on holiday (cheap towels etc) that we threw away at the end of the hols but it was an eye-opener about how you could travel 'light' if you needed to. Mind you - the chairs and table never went in the van anyway and they can weigh an awful lot when there is 5 or 6 of you. . We have used the Volvo to tow a few times now and it is a fantastic towcar.
  6. Blimey I'm doing something wrong then. In over 30 years of tin-tenting I always call them tin tents. Never found the term derogatory and use my van a lot more than most.
  7. I think you misread his post. He said one thing he could do without was an electric ring. I have to agree with him. In 5 years I don't think we have used ours in the 'on' position
  8. I know Elddis are now doing that on at least some of their range as a no cost option for a 3 burner gas hob
  9. Hi Kevdsn You are never bonkers going away in February. We rally all year round and don't know what a 'season' is. We stay on Propane all year round and have a fitted solar panel for a bit of extra power. Long may you enjoy a wonderful hobby.
  10. Actually they are usually such poor quality I've used heavier tissues Truthfully, they are not that heavy as as our intended new van has one fitted (like our current van) we will keep the bread fresher for longer - although to be fair I can see where OP is coming from. As we rarely use electric it is a bit of a luxurious bread bin but, hey ho, the van came with it - and would have cost more to not come with it!!!!! - our bread stays fresh. It also works with cakes, flapjack, etc etc etc
  11. We are speaking the same language. We used to ask "what is that orange lead keeping that van tied down" and didn't understand why everybody else didn't want a solar panel or LED lights etc etc etc We still look for CL's/CS's without electric if we can. And we thought we were daft sleeping in a layby. .........................
  12. Now I love being a shorty even more . Never had to think of that. Mind you the missus has to close the blind over the top bunk as I struggle to reach it
  13. You are so right about the shower head. Fixed bunks was why we bought the Abbey, and the bottom one lifts up and we do carry our bikes there when towing. Hubby is definitely correct - a beer friendly fridge is a must have for us blokes like an easy clean worktop is for you ladies . Also the top bunk is a fantastic storage compartment now there is only the 3 of us. When we had to lighten the van last year for our holiday (4x4 issue) to tow with our Volvo my missus berated herself with what we were carrying - and I am so glad Mr VOSA never stopped us for a weighbridge special . She will take some getting used to taking less stuff, but she fell in love with the Affinity.
  14. At the October show, we liked the look of a Lunar van, but thought it a bit expensive at £22K on the road (or as near to as matters). THey have dropped that model (I wonder why) so to see what it 'appears' to be a superior Elddis equivalent at £19K was quite comforting (I think ). But the pinch is. ........ trade-in value is not a lot. ............so I will sell privately
  15. Looks like we are downsizing to an Elddis Affinity 530. We rally a lot and the end bathroom is a massive plus for that. Haven't had a single axle for many years (over 20) so when we eventually get round to it, it will be a whole new adventure. We bought our Abbey new (first new van) and can still remember the butterflies, etc, etc. Mind you they can keep their trade-in values And Marks has just upset me, as I wanted to get an eco shower head and forgot
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