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  1. Get in touch with someone on the AWS scheme, who is qualified to work on gas. https://www.approvedworkshops.co.uk/
  2. I diverted ours, through the vents, so that it drips to the outside.
  3. "If its been adopted by the EU, all sites in the EU, should be using them" Just imagine the response from the anti EU brigade. "Big brother Grrrrr"
  4. May be an idea to buy one in the UK from a plumber's merchants, and put it in your "just in case" box. Ours seems to get more full by the year. Thanks John.
  5. Just out of interest John, would that be a universal thermocouple please ? Best regards, Jim.
  6. AS bikes sell zip around bags. I have one. Good quality.
  7. I have just ordered this Yuasa L36-EFB 100 Ah battery from Alpha Batteries. https://www.alpha-batteries.co.uk/leisure-batteries/?ab_brand=564 3 year guarantee. £119.99 incl delivery, but I mentioned http://www.aandncaravanservices.co.uk who had recommended the Yuasa, and I was given a £5 reduction and a "free" vent pipe. Normally £2.99. Well worth having a look at http://www.aandncaravanservices.co.uk as they have done quite a bit of testing on batteries. Also good info on the North Wales coats.
  8. When I was on the tools, it made me cringe if I saw other "trades people" use pipe grips on chrome fittings.
  9. That is the technique my father taught me: "look ahead, and keep it rolling slowly".
  10. It's only other people who get stopped.
  11. Nah, that's fake news. It's the USA: just ask the Donald.
  12. That happened to my mate's son in law. He came off his motor bike in Spain, was very badly injured, hospitalised, and ran up huge bills, but no insurance. Do not believe that EHIC covers everything: it does not. The family stuck him in the back of an old 244 Volvo estate, and brought him back to the UK.
  13. From your profile, you live in Hertfordshire. Are there any CT who would recommend any dealers near to there ?
  14. Or use a 50p piece. I have plenty for sale on fleabay for £5 each.
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