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  1. Try a 10 amp first. That is what was in ours, and the spare, ( stored in the holder), was also 10 amp. When I changed our switch, I could clearly see where part of the switch had melted.
  2. Any electrical wholesalers, or the likes of Screwfix. If it's not that, you've only lost a couple of quid. Cheapest/easiest first.
  3. On our 2010 Pageant Series 7 we changed the switch, (it is a known weak link), and it worked, and continues to work. We wired a white MK fused switch and fitted a 10 amp fuse, not the 13 amp as supplied from MK. Original was black, but that does not bother us.
  4. Good to read that you are safely on your way John. We have left El Pino, and are touring towards Portugal. First stop; near Anne's sister's. E32 per night, so only a two nights stop.
  5. Cheap return to the UK, (same day return), and start another 90 days. Ways and means act.
  6. The white plastic, below the live feed connection, had melted. The wires were securely fixed, so perhaps, as Wunny suggested, they may not be fit for purpose. I'll carry an MK spare in future just in case.
  7. Good news. Friend Martin changed the fused switch and all is OK, so a very cheap fix. Many thanks to Wunny and everyone else who replied.
  8. Wunny, I tried to send you a photo of the switch, but without success. Please send me a pm with you email address. Thanks, Jim.
  9. Thanks John. The "three setting" thermostat switch seems OK. It's the main on/off switch, with the 10 amp fuse, which seems suspect. BIL lands next Tuesday. I'll keep you informed John. Many thanks everyone.
  10. Many thanks people. I'll get my technically inclined BIL to check it.
  11. No green light, and no heat on electric. Have changed fuse. Previously, the switch was hard/very difficult to switch on, or off. Did managed to switch it down for on, but no success. BIL is hopefully bringing a replacement switch out to Spain next week. If that doesn't work, any ideas what to try next please ?
  12. It was a very enjoyable day. Everyone contributes some food, but brings their own drinks. Good weather, good food and drinks, and good company.
  13. Maybe he is a European Union supporter, because he is so knowledgeable about the issues involved.
  14. Rumour has it that the figure flatters Martin. I couldn't possibly comment.
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