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  1. This item may be useful to vanners for small items like credit cards, cash, phones etc. https://www. aldi. co. uk/en/specialbuys/thursday-specialbuys-29th-august/product-detail/ps/p/compact-safe/
  2. Agree with all your comments and the only place for the tv is on the shelf in front of the front window.
  3. Seen some sporty towcars but never anything like that.
  4. Thought this might be of interest http://www. carscoops. com/2013/08/french-porsche-911-turbo-trailer. html
  5. OK. Just let me know if you have any problem with your clamp pads and want to give these a try. I have been using the grand aero but whilst I liked them for the size that itself created problems of blind spots at roundabouts etc. as they were higher than the car mirror. On my last car I fitted them to the bottom of the mirrors which lowered the them to a similar height to the car mirrors. On my last trip last week I fitted the original aero mirror heads back on to try and reduce the blindspot.
  6. I have milenco mirrors and recently changed to the new "V" pads as my mirrors have a step around the outside. there is a video on you tube fitting them on a Sorento. http://www. justmilenco. co. uk/epages/es134997. sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/es134997/Products/%223186%20MILENCO%20Aero%20Mirror%20V%20pads%22 If you fancy trying them for fit just let me know as I think I must live local to you.
  7. As said before, all this hassle just because Lunar don't fit the opening on new vans, even those at £20+k So you get the dealer to do it and hope its not damaged.
  8. It is difficult to feed in a Caravanstore from floor level, especially in colder weather when the material is much less flexible. As is any awning in cold weather with the plastic type roof.
  9. I am surprised this can be done on the latest vans with the white rail but thanks for the info.
  10. I have complained to Lunar about this several times but they take no notice. They say that the dealer will do it if you want it done. So you pay £20+k for a van and then get the dealer to open up the channel just so you can feed the awning in at a sensible height, though I have heard some people say they prefer to feed in at floor level. Now the latest Lunar vans have a white awning rail and I can,t see how this can be opened up without marking it. This and the narrow entrance door, made even narrower because the door blind intrudes about 25mm into the opening, are reasons I will be looking elsewhere when I next change. Shame as we really like our Clubman.
  11. I think most people who have the Alde heating are happy with it, we certainly are. A bit slow to warm up but a constant temperature after that. If its cold, pull up on site, plug in electric, turn on the heating then fetch water and all the other setting up jobs.
  12. I use Grand Aeros on my SF and I am quite happy with them, flat not convex.
  13. As Simon said above the key should have the number stamped on it and my local dealer has a rack full of them and I think they sell for about £3 or maybe a bit less. I always buy a spare which I use when setting up on site etc. then I don't accidentally set off the alarm. Can't help with the alarm fob though but the dealer will know the price.
  14. The towbar fitment was part of the deal so the main dealer arranged the fitting using a company they always use. I didn't ask for it to be fitted by a third party, that was their choice. As far as I knew the main dealer was going to fit it so any problems are down to them. Having said that the same applied on the last vehicle without any problems after towing several thousand miles.
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