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  1. I can outdo the majority of you: my day car is a double cab hilux (Toyota) which I bought new in 1992! Now on 280,000Km; my tow vehicle is a 2003 Toyota Prado with 236,000km. The Hilux fits me like a glove, is normally aspirated so it goes nowhere fast with a 2.4 diesel but the upside is no speeding tickets. I keep it in pristine condition and get many comments about its condition. Currently towing a local kiwi caravan - a 2008 model - short one at around 4.4m body length and which weighs 1500kg! The local builds are like the Aussie ‘vans - heavy and sturdy. They are slightly wider And have slightly more headroom than most UK ‘vans. What I don’t like is the joinery consisting of heavy solid MDF. The table (pictured) which does not have a stowage weighs 12.4kg for instance. I am proposing to take to the underside with a router and remove all but the parts of it which Support the legs. I’m thinking I could probably take out 6 kg of surplus MDF!
  2. I would appreciate a contact where I could source some Seitz S4 Window Screw Caps (Cream) Best price in Australasia is designed to allow the seller to retire as a multimillionaire in a few months I have seen one listing for a pack/set of 12 at around 8 euros in the EU which is acceptable but the business is out of stock. I need 32. Lost by previous owner after windows were removed for repairs They are only sold individually in the Antipodes at a ridiculous price (see picture - that's about 2 pounds+ a piece!)
  3. Thought I'd sound out the experts here re a prospective inflatable awning purchase. I have a very short NZ made caravan with barely 2. 5m of straight awning rail at the roof line before it slopes away down at each end. See picture . At a recent RV Extravaganza (ie motor home/caravan show) I saw a very nice inflatable awning that had both vertical and horizontal tubes as the frame. Some I notice only have vertical tubes (I think). We seldom get to see the awnings erected so this was a good opportunity. I liked the bit of lighter colour too on the awning I saw instead of what seems to be a constant variation of grey. Why are they all grey? Anyhow as is usual with middle men importers taking their cut here in NZ we have to get our choice right as they charge a fortune for them. Purpose of this post is to ask if there are better brands or brands best avoided? Are horizontal tubes just nice or do you consider them necessary? I think the one I saw may have been a Vango brand. It is almost twice the price of another I am looking at: https://www. trademe. co. nz/Browse/Listing. aspx?id=1552149337 It's called an Airdream & potentially too long at 2. 6m. Is that brand sold in Europe? Without having fitted an inflatable awning will a slight drop on each end if the awning is say 10cm too long affect it much if at all. It should to my mind still look OK I would have thought? I notice a few unnamed inflatable awnings listed on the Chinese version of eBay (Alibaba) but wonder about quality issues buying direct though they are all made there aren't they?
  4. Some time ago I sought recommendations re a caravan accessory shop close to London which I could next visit when on a brief visit to the UK in the near future. Outcome was Michael Jordan (now Marquis) at Gomshall. I have decided to buy 2 x Dometic Seitz Mini Rooflight vents (400x400) as they are considerably cheaper than here in NZ such that the exercise to cart them home is worth it. I can get them home freight free. Currently I await a response from them on price & have asked if they will deliver to my hotel in Kensington. Meantime Jackson Leisure Supplies have already responded with a quote for delivery to my hotel. My question now is who else should I seek a quote from? Is there another supplier worth approaching? Thought I'd seek advice from this forum. I'm impressed with Jackson's fast response. Mind you the pressure is on as I need the delivery completed by the 17th of this month (Nov) as that is when I am in London for 48 hours.
  5. I am looking at purchasing a Dometic mini heki rooflight (400x400mm) which going by most UK prices I have seen is retailed cheaper than the NZ price for just the base unit with the insect / night screens that I really need to replace. However the entire unit(s) in my van are a little tired so I feel a total replacement at UK prices incl VAT is justified. If I can find a good price I will even consider going up a spec to the Midi version 500x700mm. Who can supply & deliver a couple to my LHR hotel (Kensington) for a reasonable price?
  6. - As soon as i select the first link I get the NZ dealer Apparently there's some clever way to fool my computer into thinking it is elsewhere in the world - who knows how to do that? - Second link interesting: is M Jordan Gomshall still trading under that name or Marquis etc now?
  7. You are on to it - a spare day in LHR & I thought I'd take a leisurely train ride to Gosham, buy some parts from what looked like a well stocked spares/accessories dept at MJ's then return to LHR with my arms loaded Sounds like the place has reduced their offerings? I could mail order to my hotel to save shipping costs to the antipodes so one or two of the mail order places will be worth a try. who do you recommend? Ill need prompt service as time from order to pick up might be less than a couple of weeks.
  8. Driving myself spare here in NZ trying to find an email address for M Jordan Gomshall Branch. When I try to access their website (Marquis Leisure Ltd?) I am 'diverted' to a New Zealand link to an 'approved' local NZ dealer. I'm after some UK prices for a couple of Seitz Heki roof vents to replace some worn out older versions on my van. Silly prices locally & since I expect to have a spare day in LHR shortly I might as well acquire some there :-) Just want to be sure they will have some in stock. I could phone but want to send a photo or two of what I'm replacing. Does anyone have an email contact address for them? Thanks JL
  9. Well due to the overwhelming comments here re damp I pulled up the carpet in the front corner & whammmo Quite wet & some mould so repairs are under way. Damage confined to the floor as the sidewall framing is alloy thank goodness; I'll have to cut out about a 90cm x40cm section of the floor to effect a good repair & find the leak ☔️ Got a fair idea & will re-seal around a side window frame.
  10. Gosh I hope not - it has an alloy frame but still plenty of wood in the construction. I have worked on the furnishings today & found a squab that appears to have had an oil/petroleum spill on it. Quite strong smelling but not I feel the cause of what we have. I have given it a real scrub but the petroleum smell remains. My brother suggests borax & I'm open to any ideas. This is a good idea too thanks; I'll task Mrs Lee to source that - most likely the essential oil where we are
  11. Hi everyone - must say how much I enjoy this forum & how much it has evolved over the years👍 My latest acquisition is a 2008 caravan, usual features with shower/toilet. It has a quite strong sort of musty (but not quite smell). If it were 'the new caravan smell' that would be fine but it's not: yet is about as strong. I have rubbed my nose in the carpet & upholstery but there is no particular strong point as such though the smell is everywhere. I would at least like to change it a bit or eradicate it which will I think be impossible. After awhile we get used to it but it is very noticeable when first entering the 'van. So far I have tried sprinkling baking soda over all the fabrics and carpet which I left overnight & have vacuumed off the following day. Interestingly the smell is still in the van with all the furnishings removed. It's is not the toilet as I have completely cleaned & refreshed that plus the smell, is not localised to the bathroom area. I don't think it is an animal/urine smell either. I'm thinking I need to introduce a new smell to counteract the existing smell but what do you recommend? I'd like a bottle/bucket of new caravan smell 👍😄Does anyone have some? I don't want to sell this beauty, the smell is not bad enough to justify that option. I am ventilating the 'van at every opportunity as it is stored at home. It's a Kiwi brand that is well loved, alloy construction, foam sandwhich fill & wallboard panel interior much like the English vans I have owned in the past.
  12. Yep Gloucester Road Kensington - pardon the geographical ignorance on my part Many thanks for the assistance - I'll schedule a visit to MJ on my next visit ✔️
  13. How far (in terms of time) is MJ from Gloucester Station? Sounds like the way to go for me. Thaks for the responses.
  14. Hi everyone from the antipodes, I occasionally get the opportunity to visit the UK but only for 48 hours at a time. I stay in London near Gloucester Station. I have one full day free of work each visit & am keen to find a place within range by train/bus where I can buy some accessories for my 'van. It's worth the effort to buy a couple of Seitz Heki roof hatch vents (400mm square) to replace some old ones on my van as the part (pull out blind/screen unit) which is unserviceable on mine retails here in NZ for more than the entire hatch unit in the UK :-) Besides a train ride out of the city would be interesting for me. Interested in an inflatable awning too - any comments on those yet? So can anyone recommend an outlet with stock that I would be able to get to and back on a day excursion?
  15. Thanks Gordon you may be right - I have been talking to a few & it may not be worth the effort to buy in the UK. Not sure I'll have the time to pursue this option but thanks for the idea. Thanks for those references. I am quite convinced on the merits, all I need now is to acquire one
  16. I am researching the availability of the diesel heater featured in the link. It's a new release of an existing model with a few refinements. They are commonly fitted to caravan/motorhomes here in NZ particularly where the 'vans are used "off grid" ie no 240v power hook up capability. Often referred to as "freedom camping". It looks as though the product featured here is a new release & as usual it wont reach the antipodes for some time It so happens I will be in London due to work requirements from 10-12th Jan next staying in Kensington & thought I might investigate the prospects of acquiring a unit to take home to NZ. As I am "geographically embarrassed" due to a lack of local knowledge of the UK could anyone on the forum please advise the nearest good value stockist of the product to Kensington. (Pref on a tube route). There is much discussion in local forums of the merits of the erberspacher & webasto product & it appears to me that each is as good as the other. Chinese "clones" are prevalent on ebay etc & about 1/3rd -1/2 of the price of the Webasto but some concerns prevail when we are relying on good reliable performance of what effectively is a small but very fierce furnace operating on board Here is the link to the product: http://www. webasto. com/gb/markets-products/motorhomes/heating-solutions/space-air-heaters/air-top/ Anyone able to supply should PM me
  17. I can appreciate that aspect is an issue that won't be resolved by re-sealing joints. What is being done in the way of repairs to cracked panels? I need to consider this in view of my next acquisition.
  18. No doubt in my mind that what springs to mind is the weight advantage European vans offer over any of the local (in my neck of the woods & the USA). Trade off is the inevitable "flexing" that must occur in the lightweight vans & consequent requirement to closely monitor them for seal failure. I don't own one at present but will again one day & I will spend a lot of time renewing sealant to ensure water tightness is maintained.
  19. Isn't that the answer? Renew sealant periodically to ensure continued waterproof integrity❓
  20. Have you considered what the Aussies call "around the block?" . ..... Full circumnavigation of Aussie - only takes a year Despite Mrs Lee being an Aussie she won't have a bar of the idea
  21. Thanks for that - I have noticed a few comments about that issue - what I meant was that the coupling head has rotated about 30 degrees off the vertical & seems to be prevented by something that I cannot figure out from returning upright. the handle appears to be working OK. The van has had minor impact damage where the front right boot has been damaged (Gel Coat front panel cracked :-( ) & I wonder if the force of that impact however unlikely might have somehow distorted the hitch mechanism? Worst case scenario in my view is a new hitch assembly
  22. Any comments on this model? I have an opportunity to purchase one with minor external panel damage the repair of which won't break my limited budget. It has the winterhoff 3000 hitch which I have never used before (previous caravans have been Baileys). The hitch is slightly off vertical I notice & I cannot seem to get it upright. It is well greased where it needs to be & I haven't applied too much force but wonder if there is some "trick of the trade" to free it up? Any general comments about this model? It is one of the first German 'Vans I have seen that has the door on the "correct" side 👍
  23. Bearing in mind the reply above from Bailey: Why then going back a model or two to my (at the time) series 5 senator was extra framing installed in the rear wall of the 'van specifically for the purpose of mounting a bike rack??? <_< -_- They even sent me a diagram of it which was headed up as "bike rack mounting area" or such like. i never did fit it though. John Lee
  24. Barrions just closed down - the owner (David Hold-ex Barrons UK) has died. JL Agree - the EU vans would struggle in the outback. Jayco are also a lot roomier - I know as i have owned both types. I wouldn't expect you'd find much difference in price by the time you land one in Aus <_< Certainly true here in NZ anyway. They're about the same price even if you import one yourself. JL
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