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  1. I can outdo the majority of you: my day car is a double cab hilux (Toyota) which I bought new in 1992! Now on 280,000Km; my tow vehicle is a 2003 Toyota Prado with 236,000km. The Hilux fits me like a glove, is normally aspirated so it goes nowhere fast with a 2.4 diesel but the upside is no speeding tickets. I keep it in pristine condition and get many comments about its condition. Currently towing a local kiwi caravan - a 2008 model - short one at around 4.4m body length and which weighs 1500kg! The local builds are like the Aussie ‘vans - heavy and sturdy. They are slightly wider And have
  2. I would appreciate a contact where I could source some Seitz S4 Window Screw Caps (Cream) Best price in Australasia is designed to allow the seller to retire as a multimillionaire in a few months I have seen one listing for a pack/set of 12 at around 8 euros in the EU which is acceptable but the business is out of stock. I need 32. Lost by previous owner after windows were removed for repairs They are only sold individually in the Antipodes at a ridiculous price (see picture - that's about 2 pounds+ a piece!)
  3. Thought I'd sound out the experts here re a prospective inflatable awning purchase. I have a very short NZ made caravan with barely 2. 5m of straight awning rail at the roof line before it slopes away down at each end. See picture . At a recent RV Extravaganza (ie motor home/caravan show) I saw a very nice inflatable awning that had both vertical and horizontal tubes as the frame. Some I notice only have vertical tubes (I think). We seldom get to see the awnings erected so this was a good opportunity. I liked the bit of lighter colour too on the awning I saw instead of what seems to be
  4. Some time ago I sought recommendations re a caravan accessory shop close to London which I could next visit when on a brief visit to the UK in the near future. Outcome was Michael Jordan (now Marquis) at Gomshall. I have decided to buy 2 x Dometic Seitz Mini Rooflight vents (400x400) as they are considerably cheaper than here in NZ such that the exercise to cart them home is worth it. I can get them home freight free. Currently I await a response from them on price & have asked if they will deliver to my hotel in Kensington. Meantime Jackson Leisure Supplies have already responde
  5. I am looking at purchasing a Dometic mini heki rooflight (400x400mm) which going by most UK prices I have seen is retailed cheaper than the NZ price for just the base unit with the insect / night screens that I really need to replace. However the entire unit(s) in my van are a little tired so I feel a total replacement at UK prices incl VAT is justified. If I can find a good price I will even consider going up a spec to the Midi version 500x700mm. Who can supply & deliver a couple to my LHR hotel (Kensington) for a reasonable price?
  6. - As soon as i select the first link I get the NZ dealer Apparently there's some clever way to fool my computer into thinking it is elsewhere in the world - who knows how to do that? - Second link interesting: is M Jordan Gomshall still trading under that name or Marquis etc now?
  7. You are on to it - a spare day in LHR & I thought I'd take a leisurely train ride to Gosham, buy some parts from what looked like a well stocked spares/accessories dept at MJ's then return to LHR with my arms loaded Sounds like the place has reduced their offerings? I could mail order to my hotel to save shipping costs to the antipodes so one or two of the mail order places will be worth a try. who do you recommend? Ill need prompt service as time from order to pick up might be less than a couple of weeks.
  8. Driving myself spare here in NZ trying to find an email address for M Jordan Gomshall Branch. When I try to access their website (Marquis Leisure Ltd?) I am 'diverted' to a New Zealand link to an 'approved' local NZ dealer. I'm after some UK prices for a couple of Seitz Heki roof vents to replace some worn out older versions on my van. Silly prices locally & since I expect to have a spare day in LHR shortly I might as well acquire some there :-) Just want to be sure they will have some in stock. I could phone but want to send a photo or two of what I'm replacing. Does anyone
  9. Well due to the overwhelming comments here re damp I pulled up the carpet in the front corner & whammmo Quite wet & some mould so repairs are under way. Damage confined to the floor as the sidewall framing is alloy thank goodness; I'll have to cut out about a 90cm x40cm section of the floor to effect a good repair & find the leak ☔️ Got a fair idea & will re-seal around a side window frame.
  10. Gosh I hope not - it has an alloy frame but still plenty of wood in the construction. I have worked on the furnishings today & found a squab that appears to have had an oil/petroleum spill on it. Quite strong smelling but not I feel the cause of what we have. I have given it a real scrub but the petroleum smell remains. My brother suggests borax & I'm open to any ideas. This is a good idea too thanks; I'll task Mrs Lee to source that - most likely the essential oil where we are
  11. Hi everyone - must say how much I enjoy this forum & how much it has evolved over the years👍 My latest acquisition is a 2008 caravan, usual features with shower/toilet. It has a quite strong sort of musty (but not quite smell). If it were 'the new caravan smell' that would be fine but it's not: yet is about as strong. I have rubbed my nose in the carpet & upholstery but there is no particular strong point as such though the smell is everywhere. I would at least like to change it a bit or eradicate it which will I think be impossible. After awhile we get used to it but it is very n
  12. Yep Gloucester Road Kensington - pardon the geographical ignorance on my part Many thanks for the assistance - I'll schedule a visit to MJ on my next visit ✔️
  13. How far (in terms of time) is MJ from Gloucester Station? Sounds like the way to go for me. Thaks for the responses.
  14. Hi everyone from the antipodes, I occasionally get the opportunity to visit the UK but only for 48 hours at a time. I stay in London near Gloucester Station. I have one full day free of work each visit & am keen to find a place within range by train/bus where I can buy some accessories for my 'van. It's worth the effort to buy a couple of Seitz Heki roof hatch vents (400mm square) to replace some old ones on my van as the part (pull out blind/screen unit) which is unserviceable on mine retails here in NZ for more than the entire hatch unit in the UK :-) Besides a train ride out of t
  15. Thanks Gordon you may be right - I have been talking to a few & it may not be worth the effort to buy in the UK. Not sure I'll have the time to pursue this option but thanks for the idea. Thanks for those references. I am quite convinced on the merits, all I need now is to acquire one
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