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  1. Just a quick question....we have a 2018 Coach man which is approaching it's one year service. Do I have to have the supplying dealer service it or can I get a Mobile independent which is approved workshop registered to complete the service without affecting the warranty. The dealer is 30 miles away so obviously the mobile is much more convenient.
  2. Yes, I did think that there may be an agenda by the buying dealer but I know they used to be a Bailey dealer as well until a few years ago. He explained that they grew tired of having customers with relatively young vans needing extensive warranty work, it undermined the cobfidence in making new sales. He said that when they reduced the warranty from 10 years to 6 they pulled the plug. ....even Bailey were lacking confidence in their product. All subjective, I know but it's put me off Bailey.
  3. I took my 2014 Pegasus GT65 Verona i for its annual service last week. We happened to be browsing at another dealer and ended up trading ours in for a new Coachman. I collected the Pegasus to be advised all the damp readings were normal, around 7per cent except in the rear corner near the wc where it was 20%. The dealer advised it was probably the moisture from the toilet being picked up but advised to return in 3 months for a re test. I didn't tell them I was trading in at another dealer. However the new dealer thought it was great that I'd just had it serviced until they did their own damp test to find readings over 30% in the wc corner and near the wheel arch on the same side. He showed me the readings on the device. He said that it appeared that the awning rail had failed. He also said tgat they had just taken on a fitter who had come from the other dealers who said that it was common practice for them to hide damp and say it was 20% so that customers would be brought back in 3 months when the workshop was not so busy. However the new dealer said such practice was despicable as 30% plus requires immediate action to prevent damage. On the plus side the new dealer has agreed to take the caravan at the agreed price and they will do the warranty work. I'm just really annoyed at the sharp practice and they can be certain I won't buy another new caravan from them
  4. You were spot on. .....thankyou!
  5. Currently away in my bailey pegasus gt65, it has a Whale submersable pump. Both taps give little more than a dribble but shower is fine. ...can't understand it!
  6. Yes indeed. The CC (CMC!) club site at Bridlington a case in point
  7. You may have a point - I'm sure it is a factor but I tend to use things like this as a guide - to get ideas for where to stay, I will do a few minutes research myself using reviews along with google earth and streetview to make a final decision.
  8. Could not agree more. ...I liked the previous club logo and colour scheme. I think it is a mistake to make such a huge visual change to an existing and (hopefully) trusted brand. I think it is too much in one go and I don't know who actually likes it, other than the brand consultants who have no doubt taken a big fee for their work.
  9. Having towed with both, I prefer Diesel, better torque, better economy and given that the majority of vehicles on our roads now seem to be Diesel I can't see any change to that overnight. As for the future - who knows - presumably electric in some way. Not a perfect solution however unless the electric is generated using renewable sources.
  10. I came across this after noticing that a CS in an area I intend to visit is no longer affilliated to the CCC but is linked to the above named club. I've never heard of it but it seems to have quite a network of sites and 5 van sites (CL type). http://www. freedomcampingclub. org/
  11. I'm finding it easier to search by map. ....a bit clunky but I'm making the progress I need to seek out CL's in a given area with the facilities I want. It's a shame. ...it would be quite good if it only worked!
  12. Is it just me but I find the CL search facility does not work correctly. ...tried searching for a cl in derbyshire with WC. ....'None Found'. Really? I found it worked ok before the revamp. Very frustrating. I'll wait for the handbook!
  13. I will give it another try before I take it in.
  14. Update; Contacted dealer again - they didn't ring back, I chased them two days later. Al-Ko have advised them that they (the dealer) have to reset it first before new units are sent out. Why this was not done back in August. ...or any time in between, I do not know. I refuse to get angry - it's a waste of energy. But I get the feeling that the matter had been forgotten about until I chased it the other day. Oh well. I've previously had good service from this dealer but I may reconsider when I come to renew the caravan. Now it is booked in for the reset! Well they don't know it yet but they can keep it until the work is done - either reset or new unit because it's a pain having to take it back and forth to the dealers.
  15. The fault is a constant red light. It did it once before but plugging it into the cars towing electrics overnight sorted it. Not this time though. I've not been to bothered about the wait as I've not had chance to use the caravan but now as we march towards Spring I'm getting a bit concerned. Rang the dealer today. Apparently it's another member of staff who is dealing and she was busy so currently waiting a call back! I have to say, I'm getting a bit peeved by the service!
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