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  1. As already said the chance of theft whilst the 'van is stored here are pretty slim. (Even insurers recognise this is a low risk area our car insurance premium halved when we move to Criccieth from St Helens, Merseyside - car details unchanged apart from the home area.) Whilst the 'van is not being used the chances of accidental damage or liablity to a 3 rd person are virtually nil. Fire risk is, also, considerably reduced whilst the 'van is not in use. That's why I posted this originally.
  2. I agree with what you are saying that the reduction in risk is not easily assessed. I was not looking for a huge allowance but, rather as you say, a small reduction in the premium would be reasonable. I realise, as others have said, caravan insurance is not compulsory. However, I will definitely be insuring our caravan, although not necessarily with Saga! Every one of the 3 'vans, which we have owned in the last 20+ years, have been insured on a New for Old basis. I believe not to not do so would be foolish. Thanks everyone for all the comments.
  3. Whilst I recognise what you are saying most of our neighbours do not even lock their doors and the the crime rate here is one of the lowest in the UK. In addition if someone wanted to steal a caravan there are much newer 'vans around here. My original post was that because I regard the fact the my caravan is unusable at the moment must make it a lower insurance risk and I still believe, therefore, that the premium should be reduced as my understanding is that the cost of insurance is directly proportional to risk. As at the moment the only applicable risks from the "what is ins
  4. Thanks for all the folk who replied. I do not see the change to the servicing requirements as being reasonable but rather a necessity as there is no way that the caravan could be serviced in the foreseeable future thus rendering the requirement unreasonable. I fully understand some of the comments, particularly with regard to the car insurance covering damage to 3rd parties by the caravan whilst being towed. However, the caravan is stored securely in our garden in clear view of our house in such a position that it is IMPOSSIBLE to move it to hitch up to a towcar without us
  5. I have insured our 2007 Bailey Senator Arizona caravan with Saga for a number of years, mainly because of their New for Old policy for 'vans up to 15 years old. The Saga NfO policy includes a condition that the 'van is serviced by a NCC Approved Workshop annually. I have complied with this requirement using an NCC approved mobile workshop. The caravan is stored in a specially designed area in our large front garden in a very low risk area. However when my renewal documents, renewal is due on 29th May, arrived it still included the annual servicing condition. I queried the s
  6. Hi


    just read your articles on Du Letty Benodet.  I very much enjoyed them.  Not least because your history seems to parallel ours.  We went to do Letty regularly during the late 80,s and 90's when our son was growing up.  We had many good holidays there with some friends.


    interestingly we revisited just a year ago (40th wedding anniversary nostalgia).  This time our grandson was there too with his parents (their 10th anniversary).  The changes were good... the new pool complex etc... but the price was greatly hiked... and we weren’t on premium pitches.


    i notice you went to church while there.  We didn’t but our Christian Faith is central to our lives.


    interestingly, our first holiday as a married couple, our honeymoon, was in Criccieth.


    Keep writing.


    john (Thomson)

  7. Hi I've been working on our 'van today and I was wondering whether the motor mover rollers might need replacing. I've attached some pics - not very good I'm afraid as the wheels were on the 'van.
  8. My wife and I spent a VERY demanding afternoon getting our 'van off the loose slate stones area where we keep it in our garden. The van is stored at 90 degrees to the drive. We struggled to get the mover wound on by hand and had to resort to brute strength. With the help of gravity and 2 hours of sweat and struggle we finally managed to push and pull it around sufficiently to be able to hitch it to the car and pull it off. When we get back I have decided to get the mover changed to manual actuation - on each wheel (not cross actuation). At least then there won't be any more actuatio
  9. Whilst I am not keen on going over to manual actuation I have just checked my records and in the 7 years since fitted one of the actuator motors has failed and had to be replaced on 5 separate occasions already. Both motors were both last replaced in March 2013. We have not used the 'van much since then, although it has been annually serviced, so this repeated is failure is VERY annoying.
  10. I thought I'd give an update on our motor mover situation. I spoke to Powrtouch this afternoon. After a wasted couple of hours taking their advice and swapping the actuation motor leads at the control box and carrying out other "tests" P/T technical support concluded what I already knew that the actuation motor had gone AGAIN. The options are now (1) Change the fauity actuation £80 for the motor plus £85 for a P?T agent to come out and change it, ie, £165 (2) Change the mover to manual actuation, with a power bar, fitted by a P/T agent at £250
  11. Thanks for the 3 helpful replies. I think I will talk to Powrtouch on Monday and discuss the possible options with them. Thanks again. Tim
  12. I had a 2010 Powrtouch Heavy Duty mover with actuation motors fitted to our Bailey Senator Arizona (2007). I had a repeated problem with the actuation motors failing. Powrtouch replaced several of these under warranty and said that if one of the motors failed again in the warranty period I could opt to have it changed to manual actuation. We have not been away in the 'van for a couple of years as we've been having major renovations done to our new home and living in the 'van for some of that period. I tried the motor mover last week as we are hoping to go away
  13. Hi All Thanks again for the advice. I've now sorted the problem with the jockey wheel but as it was not what some had envisaged I thought I would post what the problem actually was and how I sorted it as it might help someone else in a similar predicament. The problem proved to be that the lower cut-out slots in the upper half of the jockey wheel post had become slightly splayed making it impossible for the upper part to slide down past the internal clamp. Firstly I jacked up the front of the 'van with my trolley jack under the hitch and then lowered the front steadies to
  14. Thanks Graham. I assume that is "yes" to the jack under the hitch!! Tim
  15. Hi All Thanks for the replies. In the light of day I can see what the problem is a bit more clearly. The top section of the jockey wheel pole has come above the clamp and the hole with the internal clamping plate is too tight to get the top section back below the clamping plate. I'm now thinking that I may be able to solve the problem if I use my trolley jack to raise the front of the 'van enough to pull out the bottom section of the jockey wheel pole and then see if I can get top part in whilst the bottom section is out. Would it be okay to jack the front of the van with
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