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  1. And may have failed to read the handbook?
  2. Dangerous hasn't been back in the last two years so is unlikely to see your new post. Sorry
  3. What is a 550? My guess, for what it's worth, is that it is part of a wet heating system for the radiators. But have you not got the handbook??
  4. There are Emove videos on YouTube. Check them out.
  5. Why not save all that work and just look at the LED?
  6. Have you tried the solution offered on your first post?
  7. Been googling but is it called Emove or Emover? I think from Google you mean Emove.
  8. On a really good day with the wind behind you, I'd say £500
  9. WispMan

    Tow car?

    And still he has received no suggestions. I agree that he wants suggestions for a new tow car and hadn't asked about weights
  10. I think GAS left a couple of years ago.
  11. I would be extremely wary of a private sale.
  12. Thank you John and a very enjoyable read of places I intend to visit sometime.
  13. Click on your avatar and then scroll down to see all your recent posts.
  14. You have to check the wiring right through and with a multimeter making sure you check positive and negative return. Assuming your car's socket is OK. Will take a while but you'll get there finally as the fault could be anywhere
  15. What is this adaptor? Part of the cool box or caravan? A photo may help. Cool boxes I have seen have a cigarette plug for a car type cigarette socket.
  16. Hi Virginia. This thread is 7 years old. Can I suggest you start a new thread on this important subject. Good luck.
  17. You could have a long wait. If you want to take up caravanning do it now and you'll never regret it. Waiting for the market to drop is a crazy idea.
  18. Neither faster or more powerful. The higher the Ah then the longer it will last before running out of power.
  19. I certainly wouldn't put the information on where the tracker is, up on a public forum. Please don't!
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