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  1. If you don't know what you are doing and not skilled with a multimeter, then leave it to a specialist.
  2. Your NRV is leaking back into the Aquaroll. Had the same problem myself. You'll see no leaking but as it goes back, pressure drops and pump starts to get pressure back up.
  3. A multimeter, £7 off eBay, is invaluable in the car or caravan, permanently. For sorting your problems and neighbours on site. So useful.
  4. I don't know who would have the statistics. Even the police. I suggest you get good insurance, abide by the insurance requests for security and forget about the risks of it being stolen. Just enjoy this great hobby and stop worrying
  5. WispMan

    The M6!

    Posts repeating comments about Brexit will be removed - not because all the management are in favour of Brexit but because this is a caravan forum and not a political forum. My daughter and her children moved to Spain 14 years ago. They have residenzia and so are not limited to 90 days. As LE says, countries have conditions whereby you can live there full time.
  6. To switch on: Battery, panel and then load. To switch off : Load, panel and then battery. My controller's display changes from Panel (PV), battery and load. The panel voltage is that put into controller, not to the battery. The battery is that sent to the battery by the controller.
  7. Only been a day so let's hope they return. But I do agree it is a continuing problem.
  8. And may have failed to read the handbook?
  9. Dangerous hasn't been back in the last two years so is unlikely to see your new post. Sorry
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