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  1. to our forum and I don't think Durbanite is a member anymore but your comment will be of interest to others.
  2. By the way, there are no silly questions on this forum. We all have learnt here oy by asking. So always ask away!
  3. No no no!!! It's lost it's cover and now I know why you asked! Fit a complete new plug which I pay about £3 for and available from almost anywhere. Certainly Halfords and eBay. Don't delay and don't connect up to the car nor tow with it in that condition. Make a note of the wire colour and the pin number. Or Google 7pin caravan plug and it'll show the pin numbers and colours. Best of luck 🤞
  4. The caravans 7 pin connector (that connects to the car for towing) cannot ever have mains power to it so you've no need to worry on that score. Everything powered by EHU is protected not by fuses but by Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCB). Of course when you put a plug into a household 3pin mains socket, then that plug will have its own fuse, just like at home.
  5. Because of Covid and the summer of 2020 when everyone bought caravans, they seem now to be in short supply and quite expensive. So a good caravan at a reasonable price is hard to find. Now the Caravan Club reckon 2021 summer will be even worse with stay cations and I can believe it when viewed from January. Caravans will be scarce and sites with vacant pitches will be even harder to find. That's my prediction.
  6. And mecamero was last on this forum over three months ago so it may be a while before he sees your post.
  7. Which connector, the one with pins (caravan) or the one with holes (car)? The car one should have a cover but the caravan one doesn't have one because they are generally pushed into a hole in the frame upside down so water can't get in.
  8. Don't worry it can be called many things! It stands for Electrical Hookup Up.
  9. to our forum. 230V AC is generally only available from EHU which is the name for what you call land power.
  10. If using 7pin towing leads, the caravan plug with visible pins doesn't have a cover. The car's 7pin socket with visible 'holes' does generally have a cover. Till it breaks off!
  11. Get a new plug as they are very cheap. I assume it is a 13 pin plug. Just make a note of the colours and pin numbers though Google will tell you the numbers and colours.
  12. I assume it's CAN'T Trace every inch of the positive cable from battery to leccy box. Inline fuse normally.
  13. Don't name and shame as it will be removed as stated in our T's and C's. But Stevan is right, what were the conditions of your booking? It was your choice to cancel so any deposit is subject to the booking conditions.
  14. and I hope our members can help with any queries or questions you may have.
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