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  1. Just Checked and on main menu there is a symptoms button taking you to tick what symptoms you have and then to book a free test. So you Can book a test from the App but daren't try it out. But then the 2 week countdown starts and that's where the Beeb website highlights the problem. The App will need an update.
  2. I apologise LF as the BBC has a story about some faults with this App and the story infers you can book the test with it. Just not on the main menu so I assume it within the symptoms area.
  3. I have the App and there is nothi g about booking a test on it. Only a section to I put the test results.
  4. I suggest you contact your insurance company first.
  5. I don't think you can book a test on the app. That's not what it's for.
  6. WispMan

    Water pump failure.

    I just hope for two things. 1) When I reach your age I will be able to come up with new ideas and be able to put them in practice. 2) I reach your age. Well done you.
  7. The app icon is just like that but without the green and yellow border but I can't copy the actual icon on my phone!
  8. I don't know the routes but I wouldn't use B roads. Stick to A roads
  9. It is called NHS Covid19 and has a blue background with NHS Covid19 written on it.
  10. Search only for NHS Covid 19 and it should be obvious. Free to download and only takes a minute or so. You only get asked two things. The first part of your postcode and permission to allow scanning via Bluetooth. Once up and running, leave the app running all the time.
  11. Tourershine are best contacted by phone. His mobile is on his website.
  12. Try asking your neighbours on site. 95% will help.
  13. Are talking here about a timed served skilled man like a fitter or turner? Or a proper engineer with a degree in engineering?
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