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  1. 135 miles one way so it could cost a fair bit.
  2. Hmmmm a 250 mile trip is a bit too far! We were there in mid to late Oct and it was just too hot but then the weather changed. We'll be reading your blog whilst there.
  3. Enjoyed the read. I'm flying to Granada tomorrow and then on to Tabernas for 2 weeks with the family. If you're near we could always pop over
  4. Been watching Sky all afternoon without any problems. P.S. I assumed you meant TV, or do you mean phone or mobile or internet?
  5. Or even CT's For Sale Section HERE (except BOAC beat me to it!)
  6. Try magnets. The neodymium ones are very strong.
  7. For others, the hospital postcode is NE7 7DN. This sounds to me you need a caravan site near the hospital to keep visiting a family or friend there for quite a while. Would you therefore accept a CL or CS which are basic sites with electric and water? Or do you want full facilities with loos and showers etc? How far are you prepared to travel? I have removed your postcode location to the area for your own security. Best of luck and
  8. Your 843 cm size is ONLY for a full awning so as mentioned above you need to know the length of the straight part of your new caravans awning rail before you buy a porch awning.
  9. WispMan

    Bike lighting

    And who, pray, will check the working bells on the approx 20 million bikes in this country?
  10. Welcome. Links to sites for Avondale manuals are in a sticky topic at the head of this Avondale section.
  11. Babs, may we enquire how much this course costed as it sounds like an excellent towing course?
  12. Yes but if you read the posts you will realise that Stephen has posted a question which members are replying yo.
  13. It is a choice and decision that only YOU can make.
  14. There is a simple solution to your problem of obtaining Spanish registration documents, which is likely to be impossible. Buy a car in Spain with UK number plates.
  15. We go to Southern Spain often and are amazed that you found some MHs on a camp site! I thought most were parked illegally anywhere.
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