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  1. Your battery should be fine unless you have a tracker or alarm. My battery is fine after 6 months in storage and able to move my caravan.
  2. WispMan

    Electric shock

    I suggest you disconnect the positive terminal and then get the servicing company to check it.
  3. WispMan

    1st caravan draining water tank problems

    Generally it is under the seat near the water heater and is a small yellow toggle switch. Up to drain and down to stop. But I am not familiar with your van. Welcome.
  4. WispMan

    First Caravan

    to a great forum!
  5. WispMan

    Spain - Nov-2018 - Feb-2019 ---- 7

    What fun!
  6. WispMan

    the white peg

    Holgates is not the Lake District. It is on the border of Lancs and Cumbria. It is specially designed for high end family experience and our stay in September with 2 grandchildren was cheaper than £50. You are paying for facilities.
  7. From the specs on your caravan on this forum the awning size is 1048cms but I always advise checking with string through the awning rail on level ground.
  8. WispMan

    12 volt Electrical problem

    To continually blow the fuse there is a short circuit somewhere or something is drawing in excess of 20 amps. My guess would be a short so you would need to use a multimeter to track down the fault. If not familiar with a multimeter to trace a fault of this type, get an competent electrician to do it. It could be something quite simple to fix. Or not.
  9. WispMan

    Parcelled Pitch?

    Having Googled it I think a parcelled pitch is a pitch as we know it in Britain rather than taking a space somewhere on a grassed area.
  10. WispMan

    Caravan insurance

    There is no best insurance company as insurance costs depend on so many factors. Also the vast majority of us never have claimed so we don't know how our insurance company would perform in the event of a claim. Because of the above, we use the CMC for peace of mind.
  11. WispMan

    Newbie - What's a CL site ?

    Why is abbreviation such a long word? Why doesn't abbreviation have an abbreviation.
  12. WispMan

    Advice for newbie

    2 excellent replies and I've had Swift, Elddis and Bailey.
  13. WispMan

    Vauxhall Amongst The Most Unreliable Cars

    We have had a Corsa for 7 years and my wife loves it and I have had the Zafira (now 10 yrs old) fir nearly two years as a tow car. The Zafira has performed better than I expected and I have been pleased with it as well. I have no complaints with VX.
  14. WispMan

    Ebay 15% Offer

    Minimum spend £20 and only specific product categories. No way are my products on eBay discounted!
  15. WispMan


    My Pageant (2009) doesn't have any lights on the microwave. His sounds like a series 5 Pageant. We need more info as it sounds like the trips are down or the cable from the EHU socket to the electrical box under the front seat has disconnected.