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  1. from a fellow Cumbrian.
  2. WispMan

    Waterproof phone

    My daughter has a dedicated sealable plastic bag for her smart phone and it has a lanyard attached. She uses it to take her children kayaking on Lake Windermere so she can make an emergency call if needed.
  3. I agree that newspaper works well and is quite fast.
  4. I've edited the title from your name but perhaps you could elucidate a bit on your post.
  5. Just in case any newby reads this in the future, the original poster has not returned to the forum since posting their problem. As always, this very active forum and its members have given many comprehensive answers but the original poster has not returned nor posted. We do like people to come back with results and how the problem was overcome. That is what forums do and the advice is the lifeblood of what we do. So come back and tell us the final outcome and a little thank you will always be appreciated by our members!
  6. Often caravans have two front lights that work off the mains, 240V supply. Then the rest work off 12V DC coming from your battery. Do you have mains hook up connected? And do you have a leisure battery connected?
  7. Geoff is right - the problem with your van is not with Elddis but with your supplying dealer. You can only deal direct with them.
  8. You need a dish on a tripod pointed at a satellite and then a box between the dish and the caravan.
  9. Are you using a satellite dish? Obvious question, but it must be asked.
  10. English caravans often have two 230V lights at the front and then all the other lights will be 12V.
  11. +1 for exactly the same for our local dealer in S. Cumbria.
  12. Their Govt has now rationed drivers to 25 litres each.
  13. Why didn't you use just emery paper? The ball looks scored to me.
  14. It is not down to price as there are other reasons we have made to have them cleaned. I agree that you show nothing about the cleaning products you may use. We have a member on here who is very successful at doing what you propose and I have used their services. I also know that they are excellent at their job and that every member on CT who has used them swears by them. They get business by word of mouth so I wish you well but you have to have a different way of doing business than that outlined above.
  15. No cleaning the teeth? No washing hands? No washing up? No filling the kettle? Washing up - I have considered whether to move one foot and wash up or walk 200 yds or so in rain, wind or cold and wait to do it at the washing station. It's a no brainer!
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