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  1. Do you have a fully charged leisure battery fitted?
  2. I think joanie is right.
  3. It will be in your messages. Click on your avatar, then the envelope. But no email addresses on the open forum, please.
  4. Has it worked before or is this a new van to you. Tripping is a sign of overcurrent or a short circuit.
  5. Bailey Unicorn Vigo 2014 from their profile.
  6. Do you have a leisure battery fitted?
  7. Roller blinds come with their own instructions, or at least all the ones I've fitted. Just be careful with the excess cord as it can be a hazard to toddlers. The instructions will give good advice on this hazard.
  8. Then let's wait till you pick it up and read the manual and even attach a photo for discussion. Otherwise it is purely guess work.
  9. I suspect you will find that you are in for a big hit. Be prepared!
  10. Give us the make and model of the loo cassette and someone will tell you where the pump is. It probably will not be in the holding tank but could be very close to the buttons where you sit.
  11. I'm v guessing yours is a static. Am I right?
  12. I have found the bypass relay and it is fed with +12V via a 15A fuse. The fuse is fine but I would need to remove the relay from its mounting to check any further. The tow bar/relay system is 18 mths old. It's too difficult for me to remove the relay so we gave decided instead to put a std bar and 12N socket on my wife's Corsa. Local price £550. Indespension is £337. No brainer. Thanks all.
  13. Yes we can edit any post but don't people read their posts after pressing Submit? You can always ask a Mod to edit a post and we will do if the edit is required cos it's serious. We wouldn't want to waste our thyme altteringg speeling Miss Takes.
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