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  1. Nearly every time a thread starts on TVs in caravans, then out come people like Ploddy above with the usual comments decrying those that watch TV. As I said before what others do in the caravan does not concern me and shouldn't concern anyone else.
  2. I'd prefer to spend less money and less time on a more modern caravan. But I wish you well.
  3. Quite often seasonal pitches are just that and are rarely available on a monthly basis. Also they often have a waiting list so I would be interested how you get on.
  4. Have you tried the first item in this Google search. Copying the page URL doesn't work - only clicking from a Google link works https://www.google.co.uk/search?rls=ig&source=hp&ei=gLDAXPfKNNTkgwfHu47gDw&q=tomtom+sat+nav+fails+to+reboot&oq=tomtom+satnav+fails+to+treboot&gs_l=psy-ab.1.0.33i10i160.1241.8791..11684...0.0..0.252.4130.6j24j1......0....1..gws-wiz.....0..35i39j0i131j0j0i10j0i13j33i21j33i160j33i22i29i30j0i22i30.Cir84U35Ne4
  5. That is NOT a 240 to 110 V transformer, which is what you asked for. What you have bought off Amazon is a standard 3 pin UK 240V plug to blue 3 pin socket. If you want 110V then this adapter you have bought will fry the caravans electrics.
  6. The question is Do you want confrontation?
  7. I think Gordon may mean the wastemaster.
  8. 110V in the UK is for commercial and construction use. You can get them from building supplies, screw fix direct etc. They are always yellow but note the socket end (yellow) looks like the standard caravan blue 240V one but the 'key' in the ring prevents yellow and blue from being mixed. But do check you actually need 110V as it is an usual caravan voltage.
  9. Then you didn't read my post. What people do in their caravans is not my concern and is of no interest to me. We are all different, thank God. So it shouldn't be of concern to you.
  10. David - please recognise that we are all different. When we went away in the caravan we took our Sky+ box from home and recorded programs nearly every day whilst we were out and about. We are in to road cycling and have been for 30 years. It enables us to enjoy this great hobby and then watch the cycling in the evening. I don't expect people to be like us or approve of what we do. I don't care what other people do - whether they never watch TV in the van or whether they watch all day. That is their choice and the above is ours.
  11. Now we know it is a Carver mover then spares and repairs can be obtained from www.erelectronics.co.uk so I suggest you contact them for replacement rollers.
  12. In a lot of areas in the UK, storage is hard to find. We ended up storing 20 miles away. They now have a long waiting list.
  13. We once flew Branston to Piccalilli Circus via Chutney.
  14. We used the same filter as we do in our house - I.e. nothing. So remove it.
  15. I believe that you can get new gritted rollers depending on the make and model of your mover,
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