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  1. It is so locked off. For other post click HERE
  2. If you ever buy a new battery, check its size in all 3 dimensions first before you buy to ensure it fits in the battery compartment.
  3. In 2017 about 24,000 touring caravans were sold new into the UK market - from the NCC
  4. 2 reviews on ukcs and both are from fishers and both are 10/10, but both are from 2016. Tripadvisor reviews are newer and are excellent.
  5. Ask around the Brits on your site as some caravanners carry a spare pump. Or borrow a pump to check if the problem lies with the pump itself.
  6. Welcome but this thread is 8 years old. I suggest you start a new thread in the Static or Gas sections. Also I suggest you get the engineer back to fix the problem and pay for the gas.
  7. Could it be frozen as the temp is -5?
  8. Welcome from another Zafira owner.
  9. I suggest you put it in the For Sale section in the Social Club.
  10. It's not your money that was spent, it was mine - I am a SLDC rate payer.
  11. You could look Here
  12. The 240V mains should go through MCB's (miniature circuit beakers) to provide protection. Are these switched ON and make sure the trip is also on. That then means the 240V should get to the heater units. Handbooks here Swift Handbooks
  13. The reviews this last autumn are not at all good.
  14. Have you tried claiming on your insurance?
  15. Perhaps use cheese wire to cut through the silicon on the mirror back.
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