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  1. Hi Carol. I hope you get some feedback but bear in mind that this thread is about 18 months old. Here's hoping!
  2. Vauxhall Zafira 1.9 has, I think, a 1600kg tow limit. I used to use it as a tow car for my 1465kg Pageant.
  3. Why would the caravan be a write off +
  4. I think the re-opening of CMC sites is down to the Govt guidelines. I expect any site to open the moment they are allowed to. Tis not down to the CMC themselves.
  5. Talk to your insurance company but a good idea if you have two cars.
  6. No. Not in any way would that be classified as essential here in the UK.
  7. Will do when I get back to my desktop. Can't do it on a phone! Let's hope I can find them. ......... Ebay put in Awning Stops and its the first item at £4 or so. Very simple but we used them to position our porch awning so we always pulled the awning to the correct position every time. Just left them in the rail permanently. Hope this is what you were after. Put the item number into ebay 184143412974
  8. Yes on ebay for peanuts as they are tiny cylinders with a screw.
  9. JA - Welcome but bear in mind that this thread is about 7 years old!!
  10. You obviously know better than Google who give Tokyo's population as 9.2m We seem to be missing over 50m people in Tokyo.
  11. Yes we do have to thank Alde for their invaluable assistance to our members. Thanks Alde
  12. Just had my first Parsley Box meal this evening - lasagne and it was surprisingly nice. I thought it looked a bit small but it filled me up. £3 delivered. For me, a non cook without my wife at the moment, the real advantage is that they don't go in the freezer, have a shelf life of 6+ months and they are micro waveable. Off to order more tomorrow.
  13. Worry about it when it happens. There's enough other things to worry about.
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