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  1. Didn't you have the fuse board blow up and replaced?
  2. Why are you disconnecting the battery? On mains hook up, the charger will deliver 12V to the caravan and charge the battery. You will have to disconnect things in turn to discover what exactly is tripping the mains.
  3. We empty our flush tank before every departure. Don't others?
  4. I have to assume the van is 2016 not 1916 and I can edit this if the OP asks. But more detail is needed as no question has been asked. Welcome anyway!
  5. Welcome The road lights come from the black 12N not the grey 12S plug. But I suggest you change the grey plug as they only cost about £3.
  6. You don't have to register a card to use it on the Oyster system.
  7. I would replace it with any microwave that fits the space. I have never heard of microwaves rated in litres.
  8. There is the same model but 2005 on eBay for £5700 in Upminster which is east of London in Essex.
  9. I think the fridge may need a 12V supply to operate on any of the three modes. So maybe worth checking first that 12V is getting to the fridge. Could be a fuse blown?
  10. I think they may be speed limits for the military. On checking Google, it would appear they are load or weight limits for that road section. Welcome to Caravan Talk.
  11. No - but someone on this forum had their loo cassette pinched and found out when their child did number two's!
  12. Insurance is far more than just finding a stolen caravan. Do you want it back if some nasty person has ruined it inside? Insurance is about repair and/or replacement. In my biased opinion, I would go for insurance before tracking.
  13. Except that this post you quoted was from 6.1/2 years ago!
  14. WispMan

    It pays to ask.

    Wow! My TV at home cost less than that and the new sound bar from PC World (excellent quality) was only £25.
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