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  1. Without a dash cam you have no proof he was responsible.
  2. Dealers and internet as there is no best place. All our caravans, however, have been bought from a dealer locally as we trust them and can see them in person. Personally I wouldn't buy from the other end of the country but plenty of people do it.
  3. From your experiences, I'd say No!
  4. You had your post removed for breaking the T' s and C's. Not for what you think about car sales people.
  5. Buy from anywhere as long its size fits the cupboard.
  6. How about those hangers with three or four tiny steel nails? They only need to go in about 4mm.
  7. But can you find one cheaper? If not, then that is the market price.
  8. For years I used a Maxview compass and found it every time. Didn't even use a sat finder.
  9. Our members are only trying to help so please be patient with us all.
  10. I think I'm right in saying that static and touring caravans use wallboard which is lighter and not as good as hardboard. However I agree with above two posts.
  11. There should be reference numbers printed on the side of the existing gas struts.
  12. Sit in both and imagine eating, sleeping and relaxing and then you'll know which one suits you. We all have differing tastes.
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