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  1. WispMan

    Buyers regret?

    Were you aware of the debt at the time of purchase? Why on a CC as they have a largish interest rate whereas a personal loan should have been cheaper?
  2. WispMan

    Cordless Drill

    Some of us struggle kneeling down and bending down. The drill is easier and quicker and like yours, has never let me down and can be worked one handed.
  3. What about chilver - a female young lamb?
  4. WispMan

    Unicorn II Shower Door Seal

    Prima Leisure is the spares site for Bailey caravans. On the Prima Leisure site there are quite a few shower door seals. Let's hope this link works for you. https://www.primaleisure.com/search/?term=shower+door+seal
  5. WispMan

    Fortrose Bay, Scottish Highlands

    Don't know it but it seems to get good reviews on UKCS
  6. WispMan

    Battery and Fridge

    Quite right but only whilst the car's engine is running - and not just ticking over. And always assuming your car's 13 pin socket has been fully wired up. Some modern German cars are not wired up fully. No - none at all.
  7. WispMan

    No EHU or 240v

    And my 1991 Wisp!
  8. WispMan


    to CT. Hopefully your insurance company will quickly put you back in a position to start caravanning soon.
  9. In general most places in the UK are short of storage so it's a sellers market. We had to travel 23 m to get decent storage. Ours cost £520 per year. It was CASSOA gold but I used my own judgement rather than only seeking CASSOA. But our area is low crime area, so I think good insurance is essential.
  10. WispMan

    To buy or not to buy?

    Just get some euros and enjoy the holiday. The difference may only be a cup of coffee.
  11. WispMan

    I did know that.

    You mean there are some that DON'T?
  12. WispMan

    Hobby 650 2002

    Could you not open the window and measure the wall thickness?
  13. WispMan

    Avante 860 Purchase, export to NZ

    But he says Robinsons price is excluding VAT.
  14. WispMan

    Insurance cover abroad

    Thank you Val - an excellent post.
  15. WispMan

    2018 buccaneer q's

    5m should do