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  1. What exactly is this 12V USB plug? Is it a mains 240V socket with USB socket or a 12V DC socket with USB socket? I ask as USB sockets are 5V.
  2. Perhaps because the risks are high, the claims frequent and the profitability of these types of insurance, negligible. I hope you have looked into what you are proposing in great detail. And your caravan is 16 years old so any insurance company obliged to replace any parts, will find it nigh impossible to obtain spares.
  3. There have been cases of new caravans stolen off MSA in a matter of minutes. If you were the insurance company paying out in these cases, you would have that exclusion included in the policies. Once bitten, twice shy.
  4. I suggest next time you ask for a price before going ahead, regardless of whether you use these people or another company.
  5. Gas will have to be on to get it working on gas. You haven't got the gas on and it says GAS Out. So all is well, surely?
  6. We always just put it on the duvet of the fixed bed. Never moves.
  7. Make sure you are seated when the price for carpets comes through from a Swift dealer. Or get a local carpet company to do it for you using the existing ones as a template. And go on a good holiday with what you save.
  8. Just a reminder to those that surely know already that swearing disguised or not will be (and has been) removed.
  9. WispMan

    Level system

    It's HERE in the Elddis section
  10. No no no no no no. 12 years is just a blink of an eye in the land of aged forum replies.
  11. Our last van was exactly yours. We didn't want the front chest and for us that was the game changer. For us, making up the front double was no problem given time. It makes a huge bed without the chest. Enormous for me and also for two grandsons there too. The Bordeaux has hoards of cupboard space but we made two shelves for those near the cooker for spices etc. I agree you have to kneel on the bed to reach the rear cupboards. We had a small fold down table bought for a fiver for the front area for drinks books etc. We stored nothing essential under the front seats as it is awkward to lift etc. Having lifted the fixed bed, we always used a prop to keep it up. We added plate holders got off a market so nothing ever moved. As a shaver the mirror is no good. We added a mirror to the sink wall facing the rear. Great improvement. Had to move the toothbrush mug and holder to get the mirror in. We loved the long front bench seats to sit up and stretch out. Sold it someone whose wife said he had to buy a Bordeaux of that year. Best van we ever owned.
  12. Connect batteries in series gives 24V. Connect them in parallel.
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