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  1. I think I am right in saying that the charger charges the battery which then supplies the 12V. So it may not be the charger. There is a 12V inline fuse hidden somewhere between the positive terminal on the battery and the charger/leccy box. Find it and check it. Often they are well hidden.
  2. I agree with Durbanite - it is nothing to do with Lunar. You paid the dealer so it is their responsibility.
  3. This thread is 4 years old so I suggest you start a new one. Best of luck.
  4. You are basically right. Car - for towing assuming you have full electric conndction to tge car. Van - Caravan takes power from battery. This is for when you're on site. Middle off - for when you are not using the caravan, Arrive on site and switch pump on so your water will be pumped. Switch lights on so internal lights work. For us the AUX switch gave power to the radio.
  5. With no quote it is difficult to know who you are referring to. Would you care to elaborate?
  6. It's your choice but £70,000! We all have differing opinions but for me, I would not buy it or any static as long as blood still flows in my veins. But don't let me put you off. IMO a £70,000 house or investment will stay at its value or increase a little in time. I can see a £70,000 static losing money fast and on a big scale.
  7. It's your choice and only you can make the decision.
  8. How do you know you are not getting a full reading when running with the car, as you are then driving in the car. I think you are worrying unnecessarily.
  9. No emails please, just use the PM system.
  10. There are many things that forums bring to your mind but the thought of our Borussia1900 married to our GPS Steve is a nightmare of untold visions. Apologies to both if they are already in a relationship
  11. Fred drift here. It would be useful for others now and in the future with regard how you get a wheelchair in a narrow caravan door? Or can you leave the chair in the awning and get into the van on your own?
  12. Am I the only person who goes into a restaurant because I want to eat there? Am I the only person who doesn't negotiate discounts to eat there?
  13. Likewise in all my life I have never experienced what the OP has. I've always had the table we have chosen. Never ever been a oroblem. Per haps I've been lucky?
  14. UCI announced it several hours ago but no decision on awarding Froome with the title has been made yet. IF he is given the title then the first ever British winner of a cycling grand tour moves from Wiggins shoulders to Froomies. On another issue, Adam Yates retains the leaders jersey in the Criterium Dauphine with a 4 second lead. He may well lose it in the mountains tomorrow or Saturday but both Yates twins just continue to impress. Sponsors Mitchelton Scott (Australian) must be well pleased with both of them.
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