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  1. In theory if you are not using the fridge feed for a fridge then yes. The car should provide this as an ignition controlled 20A feed via the 12S supplementary socket,(pin 6). I assume here that you do have two connectors on the van. In a standard arrangement the van might use the constant 12 V feed also available (pin 2) but without ignition controlled switching use of that one could flatten your car battery if you leave the car connected when not running. You MUST use the correct negative return depending on which feed you use, each has their own. You must also have a fuse in the connection at the positive terminal near the battery, many available on eBay etc. Have pasted one of the many online supplementary socket pinout pics below. Edit: Or did you mean can you draw power when not towing? If so then the constant feed offers this, but this will flatten your car battery if used significantly...
  2. It’s a total lash up at the moment. Extended the Whale hose by about half a metre. Interestingly that works nicely when also just using the aquaroll I found, position more flexible. In the final setup I may use a solid dip tube as the feed, have not decided yet. Bungees will be replaced with 2 good straps. Steve
  3. No problems. I think people usually read posts fast and then respond to what they think they heard. Like we were told about when we used to read exam questions at school 😀. An Aquaroll is a thing from hell if for example you had abdominal or back pain issues. A good cart maybe less so. Yes you are right I’m sure , many people struggle with shifting all their stuff and space is key. We came to this with no dogs, no bikes, no kids, and a blank sheet re the choice of towcar which was essentially purpose bought, replacing a Ford Fiesta for obvious reasons 😀. Many aren’t quite so unencumbered. It would be a high bar to try to design something like this that would fit in the toilet compartment like the aquaroll normally does. That’s where people have the space. Though a plastic thing could possibly fit between the lounge sofas in transit. Caravan door size rules apply 😀. I’m seeing something on the lines of that tank but with tubes molded in across it to run the axles through. Wheels could be removeable. No sharp edges is more important than anything, I wouldn’t want that cart inside my van. But yes, maybe such a product is a minority thing and would never be economic to make. Could be made to look quite cute and funky though, Steve
  4. The internet is an interesting medium isn’t it. What causes much of the negative stuff that goes on is people making assumptions that a poster said what they did not actually say at all based on preconceptions, personal politics whatever. To explain extrapolation using a minor example from your response, I never said at any point that the idea was “brilliant”, nor indeed tried to claim that I’d redefined the way caravan water systems should work for all. I just introduced “an idea”. It’s entirely experimental and for me totally a trial. The only comment that I disliked significantly was when a suggestion was made that I’d faked the post, I think that ground has been covered and tidied up fine since. The thing with something new is to try it rather than make assumptions, anyone who had actually pulled the thing even on grass with a mild slope would realise even at 200 kg it’s easier than an aquaroll to move , I did this for the first time a week ago with an open mind, some comments were based on non-informed opinion which is never the way to innovate. I agree fully with your comments about individual situations and people’s water use varying. In a week I will be on an aquaroll for a night during our return trip, my own requirements vary from pitch to pitch. This trip is a moderately long stay on a flat site with water a long way from the van. With regards to water use I don’t control others needs fully, I have a spouse with long hair who wants to use plenty of water and who gets cross if it runs out mid way. A male style squaddie haircut demands less, etc. I think with engineering type solutions an open mind, no preconceptions, is the first qualification needed. Caravans don’t carry water in tanks well, quite unlike my boat experience , that’s where the thought process started. Another example of personal circumstances , my spouse could not pull an aquaroll due to a medical issue, should those people be denied access to caravanning if otherwise capable? So, if we develop this idea having tried it out at the limits maybe it goes somewhere useful and practical for all. Folks here talked about weight being an issue uphill etc, yet firstly there’s no rule that says you have to 100 pc fill any container at the hose and secondly there’s no need for every individual to buy the same sized tank. Imagine a container of say 50 to 80 litres, purpose designed with integral medium sized wheels to reduce its height profile during transport. Why not sell a range of such tanks in different sizes from easy pull to huge. Could not such things things help transform water management for at least the less than able caravanner? Aquarolls aren’t necessarily the end of the evolutionary process here. I agree it’s of value to float such ideas for comment, it was just that for the first few hours after posting it was hard to tell that the forum was going to be open minded here, hence some early frustration, Steve
  5. Interesting read. Even without the rest of the system I can see that solenoid valves in the intake lines appear to work to switch feeds over, wondered how they would perform on the suction side... Two valves and a switch seems to offer an easy way to select which feed is in use if the van has two. Add a warning on the tank(s) and you’d have a simple manual system.
  6. Thanks, very interesting article including the significant use of water level sensors. The guy’s efforts to improve on the original van design and integrate his mods without detracting from the original design are impressive!
  7. Didn’t know auto changeover was available, very hi tech! If I was being picky I’d have a level gauge on my tank, it ran out after 4 days though over that period you tend to forget about water totally 😀. I suppose auto change onto the back up Aquaroll with a warning light would be the ultimate gadget nerd solution here!
  8. I planned the ultimate water reuse strategy but sadly found I couldn’t get both legs through the hole on the top.
  9. TV is hyperlight for size! Attachment is pretty rock like now. Oak Sikaflexed to the shelves both. Yes why I didn't buy a newer van, this one was bought for adaptation essentially. Can't imagine using an off the shelf one myself.
  10. I think a larger aquaroll might just do two showers here. I’m guessing it all depends on shower flow rate. We like ours as it’s got a good flow, but I guess water usage is higher than some maybe. We have a large fairly empty car. That’s exactly the sort of environment targeted. Or perhaps a farm with even less on offer than a CL.
  11. This piece of oak, made from an offcut of flooring board sanded and sized, works well for me. It's bonded to the wall of my Bailey using Sikaflex with no screws. Holds a 32 inch TV no issues. The arm was cheap on ebay. Disclaimer... TV must be dismounted for towing! I loktited small studs into the TV vesa mount holes, then use handwheels to mount/dismount pretty easily as required. Wiring in photo unfinished BTW.
  12. No problem with views. It was the definitive comment that the pic was essentially faked that wasn't really on I thought. I'm using the water supply as we speak 😁
  13. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head, majority view vs minority would appear to apply here 😉.
  14. Some strange responses here at worst having put this up hoping it might create interest. In particular I’m not sure how it’s possible for a distant keyboard warrior seeing the photo to know more than the actual uk manufacturer regarding the construction of the food grade tank. Yes it is hooked up and working fine with a small extension to the Whale hose. Food grade tanks are often white, but would you not specify a custom black example as here for a water tank exposed to sunlight? Was the thing ever intended for use on a significant slope ...no! Was the thing I was testing even ever intended for typical large caravan site use ...no. It’s for a van with some slightly unusual adaptations. Oh well, was not the place to discuss the idea I guess 😀
  15. It's not that hard to handle. Or to chock if needed 😁. Site happy... Yes.
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