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  1. I had a leak that was internal to the caravan and changed the seals to no avail. I ended up replacing the socket yes a bonded in one! Took a while with a thin scraper to gently prise it free, new one is screwed in place, with sealant so this would also need prising off if it comes to it. but one thing I noted was the internal push fit connection had to be pushed down against the flex of the pipe to re-attach it so maybe over time this was distorting the socket enough to cause it to weep?? A bit of replumbing and the connection is now straight. (And so far leak free).
  2. I had to replace my Whale socket. I had done a seal and non return valve change but it still leaked (and the pump was cycling). I noticed that the pipe work was trying to deflect the inlet nozzle of the socket up so may have distorted the sockets internals so I’ve replumbed the pipework so there is no strain. Now no leaks but I can’t set the water master ic!!!
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