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    Recently retired so interests include holidays, walking, gym, gardening, family/grandchildren, soon to be buying a new caravan and returning to this hobby from 16-25 yrs ago. Also collecting our new puppy in September.
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    Renault Koleos
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    Bailey Unicorn Cabrera
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  1. Haha thank goodness we don't all like the same as its been hard enough trying to source a van with all the layouts they have. Can you imagine if they only did the one !
  2. On top of this, you paid a deposit on the understanding that they were delivering a particular type of roof so if they have now changed the 'contract/agreement' then they should repay you ? Its like saying you ordering a particular caravan and then the supplier saying they can't provide it now but can get you a similar one at an additional cost ? They have to refund you on this basis that they have changed what was agreed surely ?
  3. Tbh I'm not overly worried about a wine rack as long as my whisky / gin bottles fit in ! Good feedback and thankyou and pleased you were pleased with it. We have also ordered ahead of seeing it so your comments have given us comfort. I just wish somebody would stock it near us now, they all don't seem to be getting it in until the end of September and thats another 3 weeks haha ! We aren't getting it until Jan/Feb but are just so keen to see it now. Come on Bailey, get these demos out to the retailers !
  4. Thank you and good luck with your new caravan. Enjoy the transition !
  5. Thank you Mr Plod, you have confirmed our thoughts and are very excited about it too. Kind regards
  6. Order is in for the Cabrera and cannot wait to see it in the showroom later this month. Hoping to take delivery Jan/Feb. Returning to caravanning after a 16 year break and we are so excited. Loving the new version Bailey Unicorn and are hoping we have made the right decision - were going back and forth between the Madrid, Cadiz and Cabrera. However bearing in mind it will just be the 2 of us in the main except when the grandchildren come with us or we have friends to stay for a weekend then the Cabrera will be ideal so we don't have to make up beds. Love the way the bedroom is seperate and we can sleep together unlike the Cadiz where the beds will be made up and on display and then the Madrid bunks would be ok for grandchildren but too small for friends. The end of September to see the new model seems ages off even though its only 3 weeks so if anyone knows of a dealer in the NorthWest getting one in before then, please advise. So impatient ! lol Yep Covid is to blame for costs of everything going up I would say !
  7. Hello Bailey users. My wife and I have had a gap of 16 years since we last had a caravan and sold due to the children being older and no longer wishing to come with us. We have now decided to buy another so we can go away and occasionally take our grandchildren with us and we have narrowed down our search to a new 2022 Bailey Unicorn Cabrera. We went to our local dealer to see a 2021 model just to gauge the space inside with having a fixed bed which is a new thing for us and we had a few concerns. Firstly the front panel around the windows was hanging down as though it hadn't been stuck correctly ! Very worrying as I have seen feedback to this effect on another site - has anyone had this problem also ? Then the toilet door when closed towards the toilet had a big gap and on the 2022 model video it doesn't seem to have a gap. The salesman explained that on the video it is often a prototype and therefore when you get the caravan in you often see it isn't the same as on the video ! That is crazy especially if you order before the showroom model arrives in, you are relying on what you see on the video. There is a choice of 2 materials for the furnishings but there's no way of seeing what the difference is of them. I ended up contacting Bailey for a sample or picture showing the 2 - Chiswick or Temple and they haven't responded. So, why would I pay extra for a different material when I don't know what it is like ? On the positive, one of the main selling points for us is the feeling of space with the large front window and I know it is a matter of taste but for us it sells it. From reading reviews I am concerned about the wooden floors and rot but we didn't have any of those problems 16-25 years ago so surely floors must have improved since then - where do they leak ? From the shower / bathroom ? £28k is a lot of money to spend and we just want to make sure and have confidence that we are buying the right caravan. The video certainly sells it well, I just wish we could see one now and get our order in confidently as I am worrying that by the time our local dealer gets one in, the orders will be up to their allocation and we will miss out. I would love to hear some feedback from others who own a Cabrera and how they find it. Thank you all.
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