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    Smallholder with chickens , ducks and sheep
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    Honda CRV 2006
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  1. I have a Bosal detachable tow bar ,dealer fitted to my 2006 Honda CRV. Although old the towbar has not seen a lot of use, then only towing a small trailer for a few miles at a time. Recently I've noticed that when fitted, the ball end of the bar has quite a lot of both horizontal and vertical movement .. about 5 to 6mm each way. Is this normal, or is it worn and unsafe to use ? Even with this movement, it does seem to be securly locked. Second, the key has snapped of in the lock, leaving half of the key in the lock. It's snapped off in a position where I can still fit and remove the bar. Does anyone know if there is a way to "open" the locking mechanism to get to the broken bit. Luckily I do have two spare keys. Gordon
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