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  1. At the moment we have a fixed bed with a one piece mattress. The bed frame doesn't slide in like some of the island beds I've seen. I'm wondering if anyone has changed their base from fixed to sliding to allow us extra space at the end of the bed. We're hoping to do the same, I don't actually mind having my feet hanging off the bed, especially when it's hot!!
  2. Hi 👋, We purchased an Elddis Crusader Mistral 2015 a while ago, and while the transverse Island bed is great, it's a little snug at the bottom when you're in and out of the loo or side wardrobe. We are looking at perhaps seeing if we can purchase the sliding bed frame that would allow for the shorter mattress with bolster in order to add a few more inches of space to walk around. Has anyone done this successfully? Can't seem to find anything online of anyone attempting this or similar. Any advice would be greatly appreciated 😊
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