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  1. Hi all! Thanks so much for all your advice. Changing the caravan may be an option at some point in the next two years, but I think I'd rather get this sorted and move on from there. I'll look into your suggestions for the toilet area leaks, and see how we get on investigating the extent of the damp at the weekend - but I'm thinking I'll take it to the dealer for the roof strap fix and perhaps for all of it depending on what we find. Thanks again!
  2. Hi all, Apologies for my first post being a cry for help, but I'm hoping that some of you might share your thoughts on how I might proceed in my situation. Thanks in advance for any help you can give, it's much appreciated! Background: I have a 2016 Bailey Pursuit 540/5 which I've had from new. Due to some stupidity/forgetfulness/hard times on my part, I managed to miss a service a couple of years back, so it's out of warranty. I've kicked myself a lot about that, trust me. The van has seemed 100% fine until this recent service - the dealers have found damp in the floor at the rear, my nightmare. They say that some is caused by a leaky toilet cassette hatch - there have been very small mould blooms on the vinyl near the loo but I thought that was caused by a damp mat I missed when the basin tap was leaking slightly on a long trip. Another mistake!! I'm struggling to see where that leak is happening, but I've replaced the seal and resealed the join to the caravan wall. The rest they think is caused by the dreaded Bailey roof strap. When I first read about this (I lurk on forums, sorry!) I checked for any signs of ingress and found none. I slathered the strap ends with tons of sealant just as a precaution. I haven't seen any signs of damp, either inside or on the underside of the van. I check it regularly, and use a moisture meter, so I was surprised by the strap news. However, when I went and checked under the vinyl under the bottom bunk yesterday, it's black. I'm gutted. My quote from the dealers is to - replace the roof strap, take out the furnishings at the back end (whole bathroom and bottom bunk), lift the vinyl, dry out and replace the floor, rebuild. My questions to you all are: - The floor is black, but seems solid enough. Do you think the floor really needs replaced? - Would the floor dry out naturally if the ingress is stopped? Or does the vinyl need to be lifted? - How can I effectively check between the floor and the vinyl for damp in future? There has been no smell and no elevated moisture readings (guess the dealers have a better way of checking) - Would you spend the £3K+ getting the dealers to completely redo the backend (as it's out of warranty) or ask them to sort the roof strap only and try to dry out the van yourself? - Or even, would you try and fix the roof strap yourselves? Thanks again for any thoughts/guidance you may have.
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