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  1. Thanks all, I disconnected the wiring harness leading from the Sargent alarm to the rear of the road light fuses (closest connector to the near side of caravan) and indeed the road lights went off. Thanks for your help - investigating the alarm will be the next job, the remotes have never worked since purchasing so I’ll take those apart first and replace the battery.
  2. Helo, About a month ago - I was using the caravan on electric hook up, onsite and I noticed that the caravan tail light were on when i woke up in the morning but thought not much of it. Anyway, the problem has persisted. When connected to electric hook up and/or 12v, regardless whether the power is on on the control panel the tail lights remain on. I have done a system shutdown on the sargent system, disconnected and charged the lesuire battrey with little success, the only thing I have not tried is connecting it to the car to see whether it might reset the system or simlar. I have searched online and found few people experiencing this issue - most people struggle with the opposite of no roadlight when towing! Any guidance appreciated.
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