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  1. Thank you all. Will try and remove the fitting next time we're on site. Any suggestions on how to remove the fittings will be greatfully received.
  2. Thank you Sonar, home now so will have to look next time we go to site.
  3. Thank you Wildwood this is all I've got. I cant imagine the previous owners changing the fittings. I think I'll just have to phone them as previously suggested.
  4. The switch by the door controls the other cube light but the one in question is permanently on. No switches on the lights themselves unless I'm missing something !
  5. Thank you but it's not the spotlight.
  6. Still no luck with the light. Does anyone have any other suggestions or know how to remove this particular light fitting?
  7. Thank you. Will look again next time we go as its sited.
  8. We have just purchased a 2016 Lunar Quasar 544 and one of the cube lights at the front is permanently on. The other is worked by a switch just inside the door behind the left hand spot light. The only way we could switch off the light was by pulling the fuse which was ok as we still had the main ceiling lights. Just wondered if theres another switch or something else.
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