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  1. I have now discovered, on advice from Kenmore Caravans, that the single stage and three stage BCA chargers are not interchangeable and that it is necessary to replace the initially installed charger must be replaced with the same model.
  2. Thanks for the advice and suggestions: following the tests suggested it is clear that my charger needs replacing. My intention is to replace it with a BCA three stage charger (PS 306-6A-BC). This has the same dimensions as the presently installed BCA charger (PS 276-1-BCSM) and has apparently been used in Pastiche vans. I am assming that it can safely be installewd in my Amara caravan using the same connections as before.
  3. Thanks for your replies to my enquiry. I suspect that my BCA charger may be faulty for the following reason. Having charged a brand new 100 Ah battery of the caravan, achieving a steady voltage of 13.0, I reconnected to the caravan electrics and used the motormover for about five minutes to re-site the van on my drive. The multimeter then indicated a battery voltage of 12.44. After leaving the van on ehu for 24 hours this had fallen to 12.38. With the charger I would have expected some improvement in the battery voltage. I would be grateful for any test which would definitively establish whether or not the charger should be replaced
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