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  1. Thank you for all your help.
  2. Thank you for you replies. Two quick questions. 1. The wiring diagram shows a direct connection between the plug and the lights. Is this correct? 2. Do you know if the wiring loom for the lights runs on the underside of the chassis or is it embedded in the internal fabric?
  3. We are new to caravans and brought a Avondale Avocet to see if caravans were for us. I noticed when we were hitching the caravan that if the car lights were on and therefore the van rear lights that the vans brake lights did not appear to work. Switch the car lights off and the brake lights appear to work. I had the car tow bar electrics checked out and they were ok I appear to have some cross connect between the rear lights and the brake lights does anyone have any suggestions where to start looking!
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