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    Pony riding, walking, swimming, reading, travelling, playing with grandchildren and too many others to mention!
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    Swift Challenger 480
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  1. I'm very sorry if I offended by not replying. We didn't have the confidence to look for a spot in the New Forest and I rang the destination and they said they would be happy for us to arrive early. I think we will be making a separate trip to the New Forest so will research suitablewquiet campsites. In the end we broke the journey at Fleet service station. Lovely shady spot under the trees to cool off. Good job as when we got towards London we got horrendously held up in traffic. Thank God for a comfortable car and interesting podcasts! Thank you for your input and I hope to join in chat in the future. I'm sure I will need you guys as I am a novice! 😀
  2. I am travelling from Poole to Lee Valley tomorrow morning. We can't arrive at Lee Valley early so need to kill some time. I wondered if anyone could advise me whether I can park up in the New Forest for a coupe of hours?
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