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  1. Thank you everyone for your very helpful comments. I am proud to announce I have found the problem. Now the seasoned caravaners amongst you may laugh at what I am about to say but it was a learning point for me! I decided to take the kitchen drawers out and found a void behind them in which was a filter split nearly in half. I was able to remove it as only held in with jubilee clips, ordered a replacement Whale filter from Amazon and should be able to fit it in a couple of days time. Phew!
  2. Found the yellow lever which was horizontal. I turned it vertical and heard a little water run out so turned it horizontal again. Doesn’t seem to make much difference. Inside is dry. It was coming out underneath the van onto my driveway. I’ll see if I can upload a photo
  3. Water is coming out under the van, and the pump runs continuously effectively pumping water from the outside water roll through a pipe and out through a sort of water vent under the van about level with the door.
  4. Hello, we have a 4 berth Bailey Pageant Champagne caravan. It’s rather old (2002) but it’s our introduction to caravanning. It keeps throwing problems at us and so far we have been able to work things out. Until today. We have just shown our grand children and they are very excited to learn we are taking a trip this weekend. But we have a problem. The kitchen tap is dribbling virtually no water because it’s literally pouring out Underneath! I presume a pipe has broken but how on earth can I find it? I can’t see any obvious way to get to the pipe work. Urgent help needed. Can anybody help please?
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