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  1. Still waiting. Other problems with this fridge (RM10.5xs) so now posting on Dometic page on FB to try to get some action. Anyone else managed to get anywhere?
  2. Dometic seem to have produced a fridge with major problems. The freezer compartment doesn’t keep items frozen towards the door. The interior is unusable except as a bottle store without an additional shelf that is not available, and the controls are so sensitive they are changed by brushing with a tea towel so people have resorted to taping them over. Dometic hides behind the caravan manufacturers - Coachman & Baileys it seems, who hide behind the dealers we have to deal with. My understanding of the legal position is that our resort is to the dealers who sold the vehicle but I’m deeply unhappy about a £25k+ van being sold with a fridge not fit for purpose. Any ideas about how to proceed? How many others with the same problems? Can we work together to get to Dometic and get some action?
  3. We have the same problem with this fridge. The removable freezer compartment is insufficiently insulated. Even with the fridge turned to maximum cooling, items thaw towards the door. But at this temperature items in the fridge like salad freeze! This fridge is not fit for purpose. It also has a missing shelf in the fridge and controls so sensitive that the settings are changed by a tea towel brushing over the controls.
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