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  1. Hi Brecon, The van is a 2015 and just come back from servicing last week. Andy
  2. Hi People, I’m having trouble with the oven in my 402. Im following instructions as per manual but when I release the knob the flame goes out,same problem with the grill. After many attempts to get it to stay lit I’ve given up on it. Any thoughts? Andy
  3. I’ve taken the van there before and I didn’t get charged as much as this. I will pay it this time but once bitten,twice shy,I won’t be taking it there again. My local independent motor garage services my Renault Captur and my wife’s Kadjar and charges less than £300 notes.
  4. Afternoon, I’ve just taken my Elddis Xplore for a service with a nationwide main dealer and been charged an extortionate (in my opinion) £295 big ones. Have I been ripped off or is this the going rate? Andy
  5. Morning, Basically,I want to be able to have both bottles connected simultaneously,when one is empty,be able to pull a lever and open the second bottle. Ive seen plenty of these setups for sale on the internet but not sure about fitting them. Can anyone advise me on where and who could fit one of these setups for me. Many thanks Andy N
  6. Many thanks for the replies chaps. A hob kettle it is then,probably cheaper to buy. Cheers Andy
  7. Hello, Can anyone recommend a 12 Volt Kettle to use whilst off grid? Many thanks Andy N
  8. Hi Graham, I’ve just done the same procedure as yesterday then left it for 30 mins. Pleased to say that everything is good,plenty of hot water. Cheers friend. Andy
  9. Hello Graham, Many thanks for getting back to me. I think I may not have left the gas heating the water long enough,it’s the first time I have tried running the van on gas. Can I assume there wouldn’t be enough hot water to take a shower,just enough for a decent wash? I will try it again tomorrow and leave it for around 30 mins and see what happens. Thank you. Andy
  10. Hello, I’ve just tried running the pump on gas. Hot water came through for a few seconds but then turned cold. No amount of coaxing,switching on off etc worked and I’m now at a point where I don’t know what to try next. Any ideas boys and girls. All help greatly appreciated. Andy
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