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  1. Yes one weekend away - kiln park Tenby is only 30 mins away so that will do to start with
  2. Well I’m hoping a vaux mokka X diesel will do the job ditched the idea of a Seat Arona - but looks like the Mokka will do the job i feel as if I had a bargain so for the money I have had what I have bought is a good deal - tried to post pics but they were too big to upload
  3. Big day Monday - get my first ever caravan - Bailey Pageant Loire - like new inside - fantastic condition - full cover and a lot of servicing’s with year stickers on the tow hitch - I’m like a kid waiting for Christmas.
  4. Yes but thought the Arona would be good fordriving lessons - not to big n too small
  5. Hi guys - all new to caravans but about to purchase a Bailey Pageant Loir now here’s the big dilemma - I’m a driving instructor and soon about to change my current car ( Clio ) for a 1.6 diesel Seat Arona - so ideal for driving lessons but will it pull the caravan - not sure on the legal side of things when it comes to towing - the van is gorgeous with lots of service stamps and stickers - don’t want to miss out as I’ve seen some rubbish for more money - look forward to some advice
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