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  1. All great objectives, thanks everyone. I love the idea of solar but I'm not keen on mounting it. My van is a late 2000s Bessacar and I think I'm not looking to start playing with her now even though it's in great condition. Maybe I'll look at the free standing ones. I think in hindsight I was panicking at the thought of going out of my comfort zone and a genny was an easy fix. I am 100% concerned about the people around me and I wouldn't rock up and start one. I can run the fridge on gas and only really need lighting and device charging for the kits. I guess my only worry was being somewhere for 4 days and losing power after two (maybe one) night and then not having much option other than hooking the tuck up or taking it for a run. Solar of some description is the way forward, just not on the roof! (Love the idea of a battery genny/ups, didn’t know you could get them, just not enough charge in them I feel) Tim
  2. I see you can get 300w or more roof panels. What’s the max free standing ones you can get? Good advice which I hadn’t considered. thanks for the heads up
  3. Having watched some YouTube videos I can’t say I’m excited about drilling a hole into the top of the Van. How did you all feel about that?
  4. I can 100% appreciate times etc. I would happily run to charge and then turn off. Fridge can run gas. If I think about it apart from lights I don’t have any requirement and maybe it’s just me worrying about pulling away from apron strings. I never considered solar and will investigate.
  5. Genuine question and I don’t want to get flamed. We always goto sites with eleccy hook up. This year it’s take what you can get. Now if I look on pitch up nothing says gennys not / are allowed. I don’t want annoy anyone I’m just used to having power. Do you assume that all sites are no gennys allowed? what’s the etiquette people? Tim
  6. With regards to the fixing cap, Im wondering if I can find something in this lot. Tape Measure out later: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/113378193072?hash=item1a65ddeeb0:g:rFYAAOSw5NZgQLo3
  7. Hi Can anyone tell me the part / maker of the rear clusters on my Bessacar 635GL. Both are working at the moment but I have found all the other lenses and know how to replace but I cant find these. I also want to get the plugs for the fixings on one side as they were missing when I bought the van. Regards Tim
  8. Hi Can anyone suggest where I can get the fixings that are holding the wheel arches on? Or should I say the plugs that cover the fixings? Although not massivily important the sum total of all the faults with an old van, the more I can sort the happier I am with it. Cheers Tim
  9. Thanks for your replys guys. Maybe bad luck? I will post pictures of the pads and pole when Im near the van. Both times it happened the weather was windy. Not force wind but certainly it made the van rock, maybe just unlucky. I guess doesnt help the awning will be 15 years old now. Cheers Tim
  10. Hi Everyone First post here. I have a Bessacar 635GL with the above awning. Having purchased the van a year before lock downs, I only went away in it twice and annoyingly twice with some wind in the area I had a horizontal poles come down on me and clatter the side of the van. Ive got two lovley dents in it which was heart breaking to the "New to me" Van. We are getting ready to go out in it again Im paranoid about it happening again. Now it could be that Im a half wit and being new to awnings didn't secure it well enough BUT everything in my eyes was fine, poles were extended tight. Awning was tight and not baggy. I read about rear poles but the Pacific 250 doesnt appear to have them. I can see third party / after market poles on amazon and ebay BUT I dont really see how they work, I took a guess looking at the ends that they just insert into the the bottom of the awning pad? Is that right? I also saw on ebay some bracket poles to connect the roof poles together. Any suggestions would be greatful. Cheers Tim
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