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  1. Hi Jaydug! We absolutely did, you are an inspiration 😊 I have bookmarked your advice and plan to use a lot of it too. Thank you for the advice here too. I really appreciate it. Thanks again, I will have to get it out and have a proper look again (if it ever stops raining here) I hope it's a handy fix so we can enjoy the awning without creeping through tiny doors Oh you had an LX2000? Fantastic. I hope it was a good caravan for you. And I agree, it certainly would be helpful to know it was altered and by how much. It would make my life and many others a lot easier!
  2. That’s a good solution, I’ll have a look to see if there’s anywhere locally that will alter it as it’s fantastic otherwise. Thank you so much for your help (and reassuring my sanity )
  3. There is a tag on the inside that says ‘975’ and the seller told me it was a size 13. Honestly, I’m relieved I am not just losing my mind! Hmmm so would you reckon it’s a better idea to get another size 13? I’m not sure how to go about selling this one
  4. Thank you! I have attached a couple of pictures here - the doors are definitely not supposed to be so low as you’ll see. It’s as though the length on the rail isn’t as long as the fabric? I’m not sure what size I should get to rectify it?! Thanks again 😊
  5. Hi folks, As a total novice caravanner I have done my best to find the answer to this question before posting here. Hopefully someone can help! I have bought a secondhand size 13 Trio family awning - it’s a full A awning - for my 1999 Lunar LX2000 524. However it doesn’t fit properly. Both side doors are way too low (the doors closest to the caravan). According to the manual the awning size required is 965cm (this would be a size 13). I have also measured it and from the ground on one side to the ground on the other it’s 972cm. The awning rail alone is 894cm if that makes any difference. What am I doing wrong?! In theory the size 13 should fit but it definitely doesn’t! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much, Jenny
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