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  1. Mat559


    Just under but not far from it. I spend more time in sales office with complaints than i do actually enjoying the van One of the leaks was caused by the onsite staff removing the ensuite shower unit (it was there when we viewed it first time but not the second) i assume they had a problem somewhere else and gave it to another van. Well when they put the replacement in they cross threaded it, but they won't admit this and blamed manufacturer. So you can understand why i am not best pleased or trust a word they say.
  2. Mat559


    Need some advice please. I bought a new delta caravan in August 2020, it was placed on site in September 2020. In my first week i had a long list faults which most was fixed over time. This included several leaks. In Oct 2020 another (ongoing) leak occured from the toilet cistern in to pan. Onsite maintenance came and told me the rubber seals were split and all the screws were rusty (1 month old van) after what seemed a struggle they managed to replace the seals. Due to lockdown and paranoia about leaks as this was now my 4th one in a month i had been turning the mains water off outside. The site reopened in April and everything was fine, had a few trips to my van however some time in the last week of June 2021 i arrived at my van to find i had been flooded out. The same toilet as above had leaked in the same place as the supposed fixed from back in October. Carpet, doors and vanity unit all ruined, the site replaced the toilet as a good will gesture and said the fault lies with me for not wintering my van properly, even though we did it ourselves and didnt pay the site £250 for the privilege. The site won't help or accept any responsibility. But surely any damage caused over winter would have happened during winter not 4 months later in June? To me it seems that the bodged fixed (silicon everywhere) didn't hold and the rusty screws was still in place connecting the cistern to the toilet pan, i was told they had been replaced back in October 2020. Not sure what to do,
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