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  1. Thanks but i have tried that. If I can find the correct material it will bring the price right down. Its a bit of a fiddle but worth the effort.
  2. I am repairing my Heki 2 roof blind but cant find the right material to use. I have tried 2 types of blind fabric but both were not suitable due to sagging. Can anyone tell me what they are made from please.
  3. When I ordered from Prima Leisure each item had a 3 day deliver on it. If they had told me that it would be this long I would have tried to source from a different supplier.
  4. Has anyone had a problem with ordering spares from Prima Leisure. I have ordered several spares and paid for them but after 3 weeks they have not arrived. I have Emailed them twice and have had no reply. I have the proof of purchase and order number. Is this normal ?
  5. So in conclusion to this subject If you buy cheap mirrors and dont fit them properly so they vibrate, you dont have to adhere to the law.
  6. The posts by lost in the wilderness and 8ft wanderer showing the requirements for rear view are correct. I use Milenco Platinum clamp on mirrors. They are easy to fit well made and do not vibrate. Those that dont use extended mirrors are not only breaking the law but are probably the same people that never check the tow hitch weight and tyre pressures.
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