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  1. Hi can anyone advise me on something I recently rented a caravan from someone however my 1 year old daughter accidently broke the TV bouncing a ball I have been in touch with the owner and apologised he told me it was fine and that he had replaced the TV. He then messaged me again to tell me I needed to pay £475 for the TV which is ridiculous it was a 32 inch tv I googled how much they was and it was not nearly that amount I offered to pay £100 for the access fee on his insurance but that wasn't good enough he told me he wanted £249 still a 32 inch tv new is still not that much, he has sent me pictures of the tv and the damage is far worse than what my daughter accidentally did so he's made the damage worse. He is bombarding me with messages on WhatsApp on my number on Facebook on email and on booking.com saying I have to pay this money or he is taking me to court what can I do? I can't of apologised enough and have been really reasonable with him.
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