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  1. Hi we have had the caravan from brand new in September 2017 and we don’t let it out so only gets used once or twice a month for about a week . It’s the second time it as done this we bought it brand new in September 2017 and closed it down end of October for the winter season then opened it back up in April and it worked then in may it did the same again the oven lights and then the flame stays low takes 35 minutes to warm a pre cooked Yorkshire pudding up which should take 6 mins but was fixed by abi under warranty and now the same thing as happened again . The gas fitter the site used as changed gas burner and thermostat and neither have solved the problem and now fitter is saying we must have a faulty cooker and need to think about replacing. It’s just odd that the same thing as now happened twice at the similar time of year
  2. Hi can anyone help i have a 2017 abi tereste with a thetford cocina 160 cooker which the oven is not getting up to temperature even though the grill and hob is working. The gas burner as been changed and now thermostat and repair man no saying we need a new cooker as it is still the same . As anyone else had the same problems
  3. I also have a 4 year old thetford gas oven in my caravan that as had a new burner and a new thermostat and still won’t get up to temperature still . Gas engineer is saying now it must be a faulty cooker and need to replace it anybody any ideas
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